august 16, 2023

3D Crystals - The Best Alternative to Picture Frames

It’s been said that photos act as an acknowledgment of the now– the moments we experience that make every day extraordinary. When you look back at your photos, be they digital or print, you can re-experience these moments: the feeling of the sun on your skin, the sparkle of joy in the eyes of your loved ones, even the rush of an instance found in a blurry selfie from a night out. In essence, they bring permanence to time’s fleeting nature.

The pictures that mean most to you become engrained in your mind, melding themselves to the memory of the moment, making the ephemeral tangible again. We long to see those moments, relive those feelings, and share them with others. Social media is an effective way to do that, but at the end of the day, it will always be immaterial and transitory. Framed photos are only slightly more temporal; yes, they display the photo, but they also constrict it. Cheap frames dampen the allure and meaning of the moment, while the more ornate distract from it. To fully engage with a photo, we have to think outside the frame, so to speak. In our next post, we’ll discuss the finest photo display ideas with no frame required, but today, let’s dive deep into what we consider the greatest picture frame alternatives: 3D Photo Crystals!

ArtPix 3D

The Best Alternatives to Picture Frames

While a simple photo can undoubtedly help you recall an instance, nothing quite transports you back to the moment like seeing it in dazzling 3D! That’s where ArtPix 3D comes in. We specialize in transforming life’s most meaningful moments into stunning 3D art encased within flawlessly cut, optically clear K9 crystal.

How’s it done? First, we process a digital image of your cherished memory with state-of-the-art conversion software to transform your 2D picture into a 3D model. The light points of the model become the coordinates for your custom engraving as our expert team of designers optimize the model for the engraving process. The crystal of your choice (more on that later) is then loaded into one of our 3D laser engraving machines outfitted with the latest subsurface laser engraving technology. The lasers bypass the exterior of your crystal to engrave only the specific plotted points, allowing for remarkable precision, depth, and an image so realistic it’s bound to leave you breathless.

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but how do 3D Photo Crystals work as alternative picture frames?” The answer is by breaking free of the frame's borders to create something you can actually engage with. Not only do they protect your photos from damage, but they also turn them into beautiful 3D art, making those precious captured memories last forever in a way framed photos just can’t. But words can only do so much! See for yourself: Here’s a look at nine 3D Photo Crystals and how they can re-frame life’s most meaningful moments.

The 3D Crystal Rectangle

ArtPix 3D


You can’t beat a classic! The 3D Crystal Rectangle is an original, timeless design that takes the shape and versatility of a standard picture frame and turns it into a breathtaking showpiece. Available in both portrait and landscape orientations and ranging in sizes from Small (1-2 figures) to Titan (1-15 figures), no other crystal is better suited for every occasion you can think of– from wedding portraits to pics from your family reunion!

The 3D Crystal Heart

ArtPix 3D

 Speaking of weddings, we here at ArtPix 3D believe that the best wedding gifts come with a lot of heart! Enter: The 3D Crystal Heart. But this thoughtful keepsake is more than just a great wedding gift - it’s a sentimental and caring way to commemorate any loved one! Add on an LED Light Base to really set hearts alight.

The 2D Crystal Pet Paw

ArtPix 3D

We can’t mention loved ones without shouting out our four-legged friends! While, as the name suggests, this is a 2D crystal rather than the 3D we’ve been talking about, our talented team of designers pay just as much attention to detail and quality to ensure your beloved pet looks just as real. Whether you plan to give the 2D Crystal Pet Paw as a gift or memorialize a lost fur friend, you can make it extra special by personalizing the crystal with the pet’s name or another sweet message!

The 3D Crystal Iceberg 

ArtPix 3D

If you’re looking for photo frame alternatives that are truly one-of-a-kind, you won’t find anything like the 3D Crystal Iceberg anywhere else! Featuring a unique design specially crafted to accentuate the individual beauty your precious memory already holds, this awe-inspiring crystal is a crowning achievement that will elevate your home decor game, all the while uplifting everyone’s spirits as they talk and reminisce. Want to see what your picture will look like in the crystal before it’s engraved? The 3D Crystal Iceberg comes with a 3D Preview, now FREE of charge.

The 3D Crystal Blue Capsule Keepsake

ArtPix 3D

Make your home POP with the colorful 3D Crystal Blue Capsule Keepsake! Sporting a dynamic shape and flawless finish, it’s perfect for portraits of 1-2 people, bringing a new level of elegance and life to your treasured memories. Plus, when you illuminate your crystal with an LED Light Base, you can watch the image become a rhapsody in blue. But is blue not for you? No problem! The Capsule design is also available in GreenRed, and Amber.

The 3D Crystal Amber Bun Keepsake

ArtPix 3D

Also great for portraits of 1-2, plus maybe a kiddo, is the 3D Crystal Amber Bun Cake Keepsake! With its adorable shape and warm color, there’s no sweeter way to honor a hallowed memory, making it a perfect gift for anyone from couples to new parents. And, just like the Capsule, when you pair this keepsake with an LED Light Base, it glows radiantly in incandescence. This enchanting Bun Cake design also comes in RedBlue, and Green

The 3D Crystal Heart Necklace 

ArtPix 3D

Sometimes, displaying a picture in your home or office desk isn’t enough, especially if it’s of someone you hold near and dear! The 3D Crystal Heart Necklace reimagines the classic locket as a charming gem that showcases your affection with enthralling depth and realism. That’s right; these mini-keepsakes are custom-engraved with the same attention to detail as our full-sized crystals! They’re just as breathtaking, too, coming in sizes from small to large to fit all your style needs.

The 3D Crystal Keychain Rectangle

ArtPix 3D

On that note, if jewelry’s not your thing, but you still want to keep a loved one close wherever you go, the 3D Crystal Keychain Rectangle features all that sentiment and thoughtfulness in a darling and durable pocket-sized gift for you or anyone you know! Better yet, it’s equipped with bright LED lights to illuminate the image inside (not to mention it’s handy to use in a pinch, like scouring your purse or searching under a car seat). It comes in Small, in case you need to keep your keys light, or Medium and Large, if you need something a little bigger. 

The 3D LED Light Base with Photo Crystal 

ArtPix 3D

If you still prefer the look of a standard picture frame, you can’t go wrong with the 3D LED Light Base with Photo Crystal! It elevates your frame game by pairing a specialized version of our Rectangle Crystal with a matte black base that features an impressive array of 18 white and 21 RGB LED lights with an astounding 27 steady and color-changing light modes and three brightness levels. But wait, there’s more! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). This showstopping keepsake is connectable to up to 8 units and comes with an easy-to-use wall-mounting kit so you can create the photo wall of your dreams. Whether you mount your base to the wall or proudly display it on your desk at work, there’s no better way to honor your fondest memories! 

Creative Ways to Display Photos Without Frames

So there you have it: 3D Photo Crystals are more than just a way to display your photos. They make your memories into art. They give you something to hold onto, just as contemporary photo practices become increasingly evanescent. They allow you to re-experience the way it felt to be in that moment, embracing all the emotion from every angle, from every instance. That’s what makes 3D Photo Crystals the best alternative to picture frames. But there are many other great ways to display your photos, too! Don’t believe us? Stay tuned for our post with unique photo display ideas, or head to our shop to see for yourself.