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When you want to celebrate your most precious memories in a unique way, consider an engraved picture necklace you can wear every day. Just one of the many engraved crystal products we offer at ArtPix 3D, a personalized photo-engraved necklace is a piece of jewelry customized with a treasured image that brings joy to you or someone you love. Create a personalized necklace featuring a photo of your children or make one to honor the memory of someone who’s gone. At ArtPix 3D, each custom photo-engraved necklace features the highest grade of optical crystal, free of any impurities.

The Lasting Appeal of a Laser-Engraved Photo Necklace

Carry special memories close to your heart with a 2D crystal necklace engraved with a favorite photo. Made of pristine, sparkling crystal, each one is a beautiful memento to treasure for generations. Consider the satisfaction that will come from owning a photo necklace or giving a one as a special gift.

  • A memento that can last forever — There’s nothing like a photo to mark a memory, but a crystal photo marks it forever. Unlike paper photos that can curl or fade, crystal photos are virtually indestructible. Your engraved picture necklace is custom-made to last indefinitely.
  • An unforgettable gift — Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or something else, a crystal photo necklace is the kind of gift that won’t be soon forgotten. A photo necklace lets you showcase the memories that are most meaningful in a stunning, eye-catching piece of jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear.
  • A way to commemorate a special event or celebration — Whether you chose a treasured wedding portrait or a favorite snapshot for your necklace, you’ll love being able to wear a timeless memory. A laser-etched photo necklace could feature your kids, grandkids, pet, significant other or whatever you choose.

Come to ArtPix 3D for Unique, Heartfelt Gifts

When you’re looking for a custom crystal photo gift such as a personalized engraved photo necklace, ArtPix 3D is the place to go. We use unique software and laser-etching tools to turn photos into mesmerizing crystal pieces that can last forever. We use only the best and highest grade of optical crystal for all our products. Totally free of impurities, it sparkles brilliantly when polished. Our crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and may also be customized to suit your home or office décor.

Whether you’re hunting for a meaningful way to commemorate a special occasion or are interested in surprising someone you love with an unforgettable memento, ArtPix 3D has the answer. Come to us for the best in crystal photo necklaces and other crystal gifts.

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