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Keep Your Loved Ones Close in a Personalized Necklace

One of the most powerful ways you can show affection is physical touch. Holding your spouse’s hand, hugging your best friend, or pinching your grandchild’s cheeks can help you feel connected to them without saying a word. 

There’s no substitute for physical touch. When you’re separated from someone you love, you can still see their face in photos or hear their voice over the phone, but there’s no way to replicate hugging them or squeezing their hand. 

If you can’t be close to the people you care about, here’s a way you can carry a special reminder of their touch everywhere you go. Our Personalized Fingerprint Necklaces let you engrave the fingerprint of a loved one inside a durable crystal necklace that you can wear close to your heart. 

How Fingerprint Jewelry Works

Our process is simple. The first thing you’ll need is a high-quality photo or scan of a fingerprint. Next, you’ll choose a shape and size for your crystal necklace and upload your image to our website. 

As soon as you place your order, our designers will start creating your custom necklace using high-tech editing software and innovative laser engraving technology. The unique pattern of your loved one’s fingerprint will be etched beneath the surface of your crystal pendant, turning it into a wearable keepsake that will last for over a lifetime.

Custom Engraved Gifts They’ll Love

Our Personalized Fingerprint Necklaces make wonderful gifts to commemorate birthdays, baptisms, or graduations. They can also be a touching memorial to honor the life of a deceased friend or family member. Whatever the occasion, these custom crystal pendants are sure to make an impression that lasts as long as the unique fingerprint engraving inside.

Why Choose ArtPix 3D?

We’re so glad you asked. When you work with ArtPix 3D, you get the assurance that your product is made from high quality, optically clear crystal. That means no impurities or imperfections that could obscure your custom engraving. Our talented designers and production specialists create your personalized crystal using state-of-the-art laser technology, ensuring that you get the best possible product in the shortest amount of time. Plus, our friendly customer service team is here for you throughout every step of the ordering process! 

Ready to get started? Choose a shape above, or visit our main shop to see more amazing crystal products.