3D Preview
From any of your photos we create a 3D model

2D to 3D

A 3D Preview shows you what your photo will look like in 3D before you order your crystal.

What Is a 3D Preview?

Before we can engrave your photo inside the crystal shape of your choice, we first need to build a digital 3D model.

This allows us to create and perfect a three dimensional version of your photo that looks amazing from every angle!

With a 3D Preview, you can sneak a peek at your 3D model to make sure you’re happy with it before you order your 3D Photo Crystal.

How Long Does It Take?

Usually, it takes 4-16 hours to build your 3D model, depending on the time of day you place your order.

(In some cases, it only takes one hour)

In order to create a high-quality digital model from your photo, our designers carefully review your image, retouch it, and manually replicate it in 3D. While this process can take time, it ensures that your final product looks incredible!

Order before2 PM (CST)
Order after2 PM (CST)
2 - 6h
4 - 16h
processing time

Why Do We Charge a Fee?

Building a custom 3D model is a time-consuming process that involves several design specialists.

In order to provide a 3D Preview, we charge a small fee to help cover the cost of the work that went into it. Once you order your crystal, your 3D Preview fee will be applied toward your total.

3D Preview cost:$9.99

This $9.99 will be applied toward your purchase when you order your 3D Crystal.

We Need Your Feedback!

Once you view your 3D model, give it a rating to let us know if we need to make any changes.