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The 3D Crystal Photo Cube

Upload your favorite clear, high-resolution photo, enhance and set it to your liking with our convenient design tools, and watch the photo come to life in the 3D Crystal Diamond– expertly crafted with high-quality K9 Crystal and state-of-the-art subsurface laser engraving technology. You’ll see a still 3D photo replica on the front side of your personalized crystal cube and the 3D “following” effect in the back.

To best take advantage of the space in your 3D Crystal Picture Cube, we recommend a close-up portrait of the figures you wish to appear.

Light up your picture cube with a Plastic LED Light Base, or go all out with a Rotating or Wood LED Light Base with Color-Changing Lights; that way, the engravings in your 3D glass cube portrait stand out!

Personalize your laser-etched glass photo even further by adding a name, date, or another sweet message for FREE!

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1 - 5

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We hope products will not leave you indifferent and you will fall in love with personalized 3D crystal.

Proudly Made In USA

3D crystal products are made in USA, Illinois. That's the very reason why the quality of our products is the most leading

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Father's Day 2024 0200:16

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Upload photo

Free 3D Preview: See Your Photo in 3D Crystal Before You Buy

A 3D Preview shows you what your photo will look like in 3D before you order your crystal

How Does It Work?

step 1. upload

Upload your photo, enhance it, and get a 3D Model

Our designers will remove the background of your photo and prepare a digital 3D Model before we start engraving. If you’re in a hurry to receive your crystal, you can opt out of the 3D Preview feature during checkout

step 2. personalize

Make your item uniquely you

Add a Custom Engraving, Gift Wrapping, a thoughtful 3D Greeting Card, or even a Crystal Accessory with the same photo to make your item just as wonderful and unique as you are!

step 3. approve

Confirm that you’re happy with your 3D Preview

You’ll receive your 3D Preview by email or text message. Approve your model to allow us to move forward with your engraving or request a rework if you feel it needs improvement

step 4. engrave

We’ll engrave your item and ship it within 1 - 2 days

Our production specialists will engrave your 3D image inside the crystal using subsurface engraving technology. We make sure every product is perfect before we ship!

Add Ons

Stylish Packaging

Each one of our custom engraved products comes in a sleek, black gift box. Not only does it help to protect your product in transit, but it also looks effortlessly elegant!

Gift Wrapping service

Are you ordering a gift for someone special? Let ArtPix 3D wrap your present for you! We have a variety of festive patterns for you to choose from while customizing your item

3D Greeting Cards

Looking for the perfect card to go with your amazing gift from ArtPix 3D? Add a 3D Greeting Card to your order! Each one opens to reveal a beautiful pop-up surprise

Light Bases
  • Plastic Light Base - affordable option
  • Rotating Light Base - rotating feature
  • Wood Light Base - premium wood & multicolor modes

Our Light Bases are designed to make your engraving stand out anywhere in your home or office.

Personalized Accessories

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How We Create a Picture Etched in a Glass Cube

There’s a meticulous, creative process that goes into every 3D glass photo cube we make. When you upload an image to our website, our expert design team carefully screens it for anything that could potentially cause a flaw in the crystal engraving, like blurriness or poor lighting. Once approved, they then begin optimizing it for our photo glass etching process with state-of-the-art conversion software that transforms your 2D picture into a 3D model. The light points in your 3D model become the coordinates for the custom engraving of your pictures engraved in glass!

Better yet? You can see what your glass photo cube gift will look like BEFORE we engrave your crystal with a FREE 3D Preview. Once you’ve uploaded a pic and placed the order for your glass cube with a picture inside, we’ll send you the 3D model for your approval. You can request as many alterations for your glass hologram cube as you need, working with our team to ensure the 3D photo engraved in your diamond cube crystal is perfect.

The Custom 3D Crystal Cube: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Customers have used the glass cube with a 3D image as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and more! Plus, the low 3D crystal photo cube price, paired with our fast and free shipping options, make it super affordable! 

Whether you’re looking for a small glass photo cube or large, we’ve got the perfect 3D laser-engraved crystal cube for you. If you’re picture features 1-2 figures, go small; 1-3, go medium; 1-5, large.

Looking for a 3D picture cube with a light? We recommend pairing your 3D photo glass cube with a lighted base! Choose the perfect one during customization.

Why Choose the 3D Picture Cube from ArtPix 3D?

These are no mere acrylic 3D photo cubes; Our 3D laser-etched crystal cubes are as incredible as they are all thanks to our talented Chicago-based team and their dedication to delivering the highest quality products & service, ensuring your experience with us honors you and the memories you hold dear.

Looking for more glass-engraved photo designs? Check out our shop!

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