august 16, 2023

14 Best Photo Display Ideas - No Frame Required

It’s been said that photos act as an acknowledgment of the now– the moments we experience that make every day extraordinary. When you look back at your photos, be they digital or print, you can re-experience these moments: the feeling of the sun on your skin, the sparkle of joy in the eyes of your loved ones, even the rush of an instance found in a blurry selfie from a night out. In essence, they bring permanence to time’s fleeting nature.

The pictures that mean most to you become engrained in your mind, melding themselves to the memory of the moment, making the ephemeral tangible again. We long to see those moments, relive those feelings, and share them with others. Social media is an effective way to do that, but at the end of the day, it will always be immaterial and transitory. Framed photos are only slightly more temporal; yes, they display the photo, but they also constrict it. Cheap frames dampen the allure and meaning of the moment, while the more ornate distract from it. To fully engage with a photo, we have to think outside the frame, so to speak. In our last post, we discussed the best alternatives to picture frames. Now, let’s dive deeper with 14 unique ways to display photos, no frame required.

Photo by Raj Rana on Unsplash

14 Creative Photo Display Ideas

When it comes to the best way to display pictures, we here at ArtPix 3D believe form follows function. We ask ourselves, “How can the way we display pictures embody the subject, meaning, and uniqueness of the memory presented?” That answer is going to look different for everyone, so it’s important to keep in mind what works best for you and matches your style– be it minimalist, luxurious, or somewhere in between. Each of these ideas were made with that unique singularity in mind.

Repurpose your Binder Clips

Artifact Uprising

Have extra binder clips hanging around the office or cluttering your drawers? One cute way to display photos is to repurpose them into little picture holders! The flat side of the clip is the perfect size to hold 5 x 7”s  and smaller prints without tipping over, and they make a great way to tie a photo series together– like the pics you took on your most recent vacation. Use clips with a metallic finish to maximize the style and match any other decor you may have!

Bring Memories to life with a 3D Crystal Diamond

ArtPix 3D

Photographs– even memories– may fade, but diamonds are forever. While looking at a simple print can undoubtedly help you recall a moment, nothing quite transports you back like seeing it in stunning 3D! Made with the highest quality K9 crystal and the latest in subsurface laser engraving technology, all you have to do is upload a digital image of your cherished memory and watch it come to life with breathtaking realism. Plus, the 3D Crystal Diamond comes in three sizes, so you can fit as many figures as you need!

Take It (Photo) Easel

Artifact Uprising

Perfect for desks, side tables, and nightstands, the Brass Easel from Artifact Uprising is made for those looking to add a timeless elegance to their photos. Comprised of solid brass, the piece does develop a natural patina over time, but can be kept shiny and bright with standard brass polish. Better yet? It’s a combo, coming with your choice of 12 bordered or full bleed 5 x 7” prints on matte Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper at 120lb (similar to cardstock).

Keep Memories Close with a 3D Crystal Heart Necklace

ArtPix 3D

Sometimes, displaying a picture in your home or on your desk just isn’t enough, especially if the photo’s subject is someone you hold near and dear! Enter: the locket. Evolving from ancient amulets to mementos and growing increasingly prominent by the 19th century, lockets have historically signified love, honor, allegiance, mourning, commitment, and of course, a window to the past. Today, ArtPix 3D has revolutionized the locket with the 3D Crystal Heart Necklace!  Made with the same quality materials and attention to detail as our full-sized crystals, you can keep your loved one close to your heart with the kind of awe-inspiring realism you can’t get in the little photo cutouts you have to put in a locket. What better way to illustrate your love?

Setting the Table

Artifact Uprising

Imagine it: Your birthday is today, and you had no idea your friends and family were throwing you a surprise dinner. You walk into the room and– POP– confetti canons explode in a multicolored array. You see streamers and ribbons hanging every which way as the lights come on and everyone yells, “SUPRISE!” The table’s already set and you notice that each setting is elegantly decorated with little wildflowers, the usual linens, and, what’s this? A photo print. Each one is a picture of you and the loved one the seat is meant for, bringing tears to your eyes as the memories and emotions come in full force. If you’re looking for an easy tabletop photo display idea that can mean a lot, simply take your prints and use them as table settings! Perfect for any special occasion, be they birthday parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, or holiday meals. 

Get Scent-imental with a 3D Crystal Candle Holder

ArtPix 3D

Did you know that the areas of the brain best known for processing emotions, learning, and memory also process odors? That’s why we’re oftentimes hit with waves of nostalgia when we smell a scent familiar to us– like rain, an old book, your grandmother’s baking, or the perfume of a loved one now passed. With our 3D Crystal Candle Holder, you can bring your fondest memories to life in breathtaking 3D and combine them with a candle from our signature collection of soy candles for the ultimate trip down memory lane.

Have a Drink with Photo Coasters

POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Lipoff

If you’re looking for a cool way to display photos that will have all your friends and family talking, try out photo coasters! Feeling crafty? All you’ll need is 4x4 inch white tile (wood and canvas work well, too), scissors, some Mod Podge, a foam brush, felt, a hot glue gun, and clear spray sealant to protect your pics. Follow PopSugar’s easy-to-follow guide here to see how it’s done. If the sound of taking on a DIY project is a little too daunting, you can also order affordable Custom Photo Coasters from Shutterfly!

Take Your Photos on the Road with a 3D Crystal Keychain

ArtPix 3D

Never leave home without your favorite photo again! But, like the Crystal Heart Necklace and Diamond that came before, you get more than just a photo with the 3D Crystal Keychain. You get the kind of depth only rivaled by having the actual person, pet, or figure in front of you! Better still, each one is equipped with bright LEDs to illuminate the image inside and use as a handy flashlight in a pinch. For the best results, we recommend selecting a close-up portrait for your photo.

Keep it Budget-Friendly with DIY Photo Holders…

A Beautiful Mess

Your photo display doesn’t have to break the bank! For the more craft-inclined, you can make your very own photo holders using anything from everyday household objects like coasters, rocks, and bottles to easy finds like gemstones, seashells, wood blocks, and more. You’ll just need some metallic wire, needlenose pliers, and a little dash of creativity. Check out this blog post from A Beautiful Mess to learn how to DIY!

…Or Call on Cupid for the Red Arrow Crystal Photo Holder

ArtPix 3D

Not feeling up to DIY? We’ve got you covered! The Red Arrow Crystal Photo Holder comes straight from Cupid’s quiver (read: the fabulous minds of our expert designers), and lands right in the heart. Featuring a stunning crystal arrow created with a combination of optically clear and red, high-grade K9 glass, this dashing crystal keepsake can hold your favorite instant photos, polaroids, or prints. Plus, it makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or for someone you love! So pull back the bow and let your love fly.

Consider a Photo Display Bar

PB Teen

Looking for something a little more multi-purpose? PB Teen’s No Nails Photo Rail is made to display everything from photos, cards, inspirational quotes, and anything else you can fit in its 0.25” thick tray. Made from medium-density fiberboard, it’s light enough to be mounted to the wall with 3M adhesive strips (included), but sturdy enough to stand up on its own if you’d rather display it on a desk, console table, or shelf. Available in black or white, 24” or 36” inches, and individually or in a set of two, the No Nails Photo Rail fits perfectly with any style or setting.

Stop and Smell the Flowers with the 3D Tricolor Crystal Vase

ArtPix 3D

Nothing lights up a room like a beautiful bouquet. But what if the vase that held it was just as showstopping? That’s precisely what our skillful designers had in mind when they created the 3D Tricolor Crystal Vase! Comprised of a combination of optically clear, red, and pink K9 Crystal, this striking showpiece doesn’t just accent glowing floral arrangements, but your most meaningful memories, too– all in 3D! It even comes with a personalized text engraving of up to 150 characters for a message of your choice.

Go Cottagecore with It

La Redoute

For a cottagecore picture display idea that veers a little more rustic, we recommend using fencing as your blank canvas! Just head to your local hardware store and pick up simple galvanized steel fencing, perhaps a little gold spray paint to elevate the look, and simple fasteners, like clips or clothespins, and you’ll be all set. Sound like to much work? La Redoute has you covered with the Oror Wired Metal Collage Frame!

Re-frame Your Memories with the 2D Lighted Crystal Frame

ArtPix 3D

Still prefer the look of a picture frame after all those ideas? Then elevate your frame game with the 2D Lighted Crystal Frame! Rather than using a standard print, just upload a digital image and watch it transform into an unbelievable, laser-engraved art piece. Mount this remarkable work of art on your wall or display it on a shelf or mantlepiece. With 3 brightness modes and a staggering 27 color settings, you can connect up to five units at once to create the photo wall of your dreams.

So, how will you display your photos? Something simple, like a photo easel? Classy, like table settings? Lavish, like the 3D Crystal Diamond? Or maybe you’ll DIY! After all, these innovative ideas for showing photos are just the start. Find your own photo display ideas at our shop! Whatever you choose, just remember one thing: the most important part of a picture is not the photo itself, but the memory it displays– and what that memory means to you.