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Put Your 3D Photo Crystal in the Spotlight - The LED Light Base for 3D Crystals

Your custom-engraved glass 3D Photo Crystal is more than just a conversation piece. It’s designed to recreate a special moment in your life in stunning detail. Make your most treasured memories stand out in any room by displaying it with an LED Light Base.

When you illuminate your unique photo engraving, the result is breathtaking. Our light bases are equipped with bright LEDs that showcase your 3D image, transforming it into an eye-catching masterpiece that shines brilliantly at any time of day or night.

Make Your 3D Gift Unforgettable with a Lighted Display Base for Etched Glass

Want to wow someone special with a breathtaking custom gift? A personalized engraving of their favorite photo is sure to impress. Want to make it even even better? A light-up base for their crystal cube can turn their 3D image into the center of attention. When your loved ones see their memories gleaming in spectacular detail, they won’t be able to resist showing it off to everyone they know!

Let Your Memories Light the Way

When you have to get up in the middle of the night, a little illumination can be a great comfort. Night lights are handy, but what if you could wake up to a beautiful 3D image of a beloved memory shining through the darkness? Our stunning 3D crystals make the perfect LED night lights when paired with our sleek light bases for crystals. You’ll sleep peacefully every night with a realistic photo engraving of your loved ones smiling over you.  

Why Buy Your Illumination Base from ArtPix 3D?

When you purchase an LED light display base from ArtPix 3D, you know it’s the perfect match for your custom crystal. Our illuminated stands are made to complement and enhance each one of our unique shapes. From our sleek stationary models to our mesmerizing rotating platforms, these stylish display pieces add elegance and energy to your personalized engraving.  

We make choosing the right light stand for your crystal simple. Whether you need a light base for a large crystal or small, when you select a shape and size for your order, our website automatically recommends the most compatible presentation options. This ensures that you receive the perfect display lights for your crystal to transform it into a spectacular showpiece. 

Ready to get started? Select an LED Display Base above, or visit our shop to customize your 3D Photo Crystal. 

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