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LED Bases To Accentuate Your Engraved Crystal Pieces

Looking for an elegant, one-of-a-kind gift that captures the beauty of a moment, yet can last forever? ArtPix 3D takes your image and uses technology to produce a wide variety of three-dimensional and two-dimensional crystal keepsakes ranging from display pieces to accessories you can wear or carry every day.

Crystals can be ordered in 2D or 3D in the following shapes:

  • Diamond/cube
  • Heart
  • Iceberg
  • Rectangle
  • Square

We also offer 2D crystal key chains and 2D crystal necklaces.

While it may be difficult to imagine how to improve on the beauty of our crystals, we have the answer: an LED light base. An LED light base sets off your crystal piece and helps ensure that it’s the focal point of any room. When you buy an LED light base for crystal for a friend or loved one, you take the extra step of making it easy for the recipient to display his or her piece of crystal in a unique, eye-catching way.

If you’ve seen an LED light base for glass, you know how the light makes the glass gleam. The effect is even more pronounced when you use the light to display a crystal piece.

The 3D and 2D Crystal Process

How do we make these unique gifts? First, you choose a photograph that is special or significant to you. It may be a wedding portrait, a child’s picture or a shot of you with someone you love. We then select a piece of high-grade optical crystal that is free from impurities in the shape you desire.

Using a special laser, we focus its beams to precise points below the crystal’s surface. Each point corresponds to a point on the photograph you provided. The laser etches enough points to recreate the photo deep within the crystal. You can choose either a 2D or 3D crystal for the image.

A Timeless Gift: A 3D Crystal With a 3D Crystal Light Base

A 3D or 2D crystal captures a moment in time that you want to remember forever. These crystals also make lovely gifts for special occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries and special achievements.

When you give someone a crystal gift with a crystal light base, the person receiving it knows immediately how much thought and care went into your present. It’s the opposite of a cookie-cutter gift and something that cannot be found in any store or mall. Make your next gift for someone you love heartfelt, personal and unique with one of our 3D or 2D crystals.

Why Choose ArtPix 3D?

ArtPix 3D specializes in customized 2D and 3D products. You choose the crystal and its design, which makes each piece unique.

Whether you’re looking to buy an LED light base for a piece of crystal you own already or to accompany a new 3D crystal, click here to begin the process of ordering your unique piece of art today.


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