Large Wood Light Base

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Our laser engraving technology turns your photos into stunning 3D images, but the right illumination can make them look almost real! Choose the Large Wood LED Light Base for a breathtaking 3D experience. 

  • Why LIghtBase
    • If you’re going to decorate your 3D crystal with a Light Base, these stylish display pieces add 100% charm and elegance to your precious engraving.
      Made of high quality Finnish Wood
      AC Adapter / USB Cable
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At the core of every 3D photo crystal is an image that captures a special moment in time. Bring that memory to life with an LED light base designed to enhance the unique beauty of your custom crystal. Our Large Wood LED Light Base is equipped with white and color-changing bulbs that shine through the center of larger crystal gifts, illuminating every breathtaking detail of your 3D engraving.

Only our wood light bases come with color-changing lights.

  • 6.5” x 3.5” x 1”
  • A high-quality wood base with a black finish
  • White and color LEDs (RGB)
  • Steady and color-changing light modes
  • Comes with AC/DC Adapter

You can power your Large LED Light Base with the AC/DC adapter included, making it easy to illuminate your crystal anywhere! 

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