Medium Wood Light Base

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You put a lot of thought into personalizing your 3D Photo Crystal. Show it off like the masterpiece it is with our Medium Wood LED Light Base!

  • Why LIghtBase
    • If you’re going to decorate your 3D crystal with a Light Base, these stylish display pieces add 100% charm and elegance to your precious engraving.
      Made of high quality Finnish Wood
      Runs on Battery / AC Adapter / USB Cable
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If you think the 3D photo engraving inside your crystal is stunning, wait until you see it like this! Our Medium Wood LED Light Base puts your crystal on display while bright LED bulbs highlight your unique engraving in brilliant detail. With its simple yet sophisticated design, this elegant accessory transforms any crystal gift into a stunning art piece.

  • White / RGB light colors
  • Modes: smooth & flashing light
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Made of high quality black finish wood
  • Runs on Battery / AC adapter / USB cable

You can power your Medium LED Light Base with the AC/DC adapter included in your order, making it easy to illuminate your crystal anywhere! 

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