february 27, 2024

10 Memorial Photo Gifts to Remember a Loved One

What is grief? Is it anguish? Woe? Sorrow? Regret, even? Perhaps it’s none of the above. Something nigh inexpressible in word or thought. Absence - a sharp pain in the heart, a sick feeling in the gut. A brokenness. Waves of emotion that can feel, at times, insurmountable. But there are little things we can do to cope with the loss of a loved one. For instance, there’s comfort in knowing we’re not alone; everyone has experienced loss of some kind or another. We have other loved ones we can reach out to, routines we can focus on to help us feel more grounded and in control, and we can work to accept where we are, knowing that it’s valid. And, when we’re ready, we can honor the one we lost.

In Japan, there exists a worldview known as wabi-sabi. It asks us to find beauty in imperfection, in the incomplete, and in the impermanent: an acceptance of transience. And in that concept lies the art of kintsugi. Its craftsmen repair broken pottery by mending the breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. This treats the breakage and repair with reverence, as part of the history of the object. Grief and loss are similar. Though we feel broken, though the pain will never completely go away, we continue on with the lessons our loved one taught us and the experiences we shared. Honoring a loved one's memory can feel like filling our wounds with gold. The wounds are still present - you still see and feel them - but the beauty of your relationship with your lost loved one remains and will never go away. And the hurt you feel? It is, indeed, a part of who you are now. But there’s a kind of beauty in that too - an experience gained, a new lesson learned in how to cope.

There are many meaningful ways to honor a loved one, be it through past traditions, rituals, or even shared memories. Think about what makes the connection you shared special and honor them in a way that speaks to that irreplaceable bond. Remember that, though they are no longer around physically, what you shared will always be with you, and the way you honor them can still be tangible. You can think of it as a gift. Whether the gift is for yourself or someone you know that’s grieving, how you honor your loved one can lift your spirits in the same way a gift does: from enjoying a favorite drink or song of theirs on a day special to the both of you or keeping a photo of them close - perhaps on an altar, where you can light a candle for them or leave them flowers or other gifts and mementos.

Keeping a photo of someone as a special memento is one of the easiest ways to honor them, and depending on where you are in your healing process, that may be all you can do right now. And that’s okay. Because we know just how hard it can be to go through this process, we’ve compiled a list of 10 memorial photo ideas that can help you or someone you know honor a loved one’s memory.

Hold Them Close With a Memorial Pillow


When you’ve lost a loved one, not being able to hold them is one of the hardest things to cope with. With a personalized memorial photo pillow, you can hold them close whenever you’re missing them. Plus, it makes for the perfect memorial accent if your loved one had a favorite chair or other piece of furniture. Check out sites like Zazzle to get you started. 

Light a Remembrance Candle for Them

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The ritual of lighting a candle in remembrance and to pay tribute to the life of a loved one has long been part of world culture. The candle can be lit each day with the flame being a source of guiding light in a place of darkness, representing hope or even a reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the continuation of the life of the deceased in spirit, serving as a reminder that the memory of the loved one will live on. Our Clear Leaf Candle Holders are photo memorial gifts that combine this sentiment with a sentimental picture of your loved one, making for a powerful altar votive.

See Them Every Day with a Memorial Button Magnet

If you’ve recently lost someone and are wondering what to give out as funeral favors, you can’t go wrong with personalized memorial button magnets. They’re thoughtful, but budget-friendly memorial picture gifts that people can keep on their fridge, filing cabinets, or any other metal surface. At sites like In The Light Urns, you can purchase a full pack of magnets at a low price, making it easy for you in this trying time.

Leave Them Fresh Flowers in a Custom Remembrance Vase

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Whether left at a grave or an altar, leaving flowers for a loved one is a great way to show reverence and respect to the deceased. Symbols of beauty and tenderness, flowers bring comfort to those who are grieving, bringing back positive memories or expressing an emotion one cannot put into words. For some, it’s even a way of keeping their loved one’s spirit alive– through the flowers left for them. The Tricolor Crystal Vase was made to honor the memory of a loved one in breathtaking 3D with the perfect spot to leave a beautiful bouquet. 

Think of Them Every Time You Hear This Memorial Wind Chime


Another hard thing to cope with in losing a loved one is knowing that– outside of recordings you may have– you’ll never hear their voice again. Remembrance wind chimes tap into that auditory element like a song sent from your loved one through the wind itself. Each tinkle, a different note of their voice ringing out. Through different Etsy sellers, you can upload an in loving memory photo to create your own personalized wind chime. You’ll think of your loved one every time you hear it ring.

Honor Their Heritage with a 3D Photo Crystal

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Our exclusive line of Heritage Series crystals were made to honor where you came from, making them perfect for custom memorial picture gifts. Made from high-quality K9 crystal, your favorite memories with your loved one are granted new life in mesmerizing 3D in the Bun Cake Keepsake colored by a poignant blue accent that fills the whole crystal when paired with one of our LED Light bases.

Celebrate Their Life with a Photo Cremation Urn

Selecting a cremation urn can be a daunting task– particularly in the wake of a recent loss. First, we recommend selecting the material that best reflects your preferences and building out from there what shape, design, and size you’d like. If you’re looking for where to buy urns for ashes, Perfect Memorials has a wide variety of burial urns to choose from, especially if you’re looking to include a photo with your urn.

Remember A Beloved Pet with a 3D Pet Paw Photo Crystal

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It’s never easy losing a beloved pet– they’re family, too, after all! But, just like people, it’s what we do with their memory that matters. The lessons they taught us, the way they made us laugh, the experiences we had together– that’s what sticks with us. While, like the best personalized memorial gifts with photos, our 3D Crystal Paw helps you honor all of what made your furry family member so special, it’s your unique bond that will really make it shine. 

Treasure Their Legacy with an Everlasting Painting

Memorial gifts with pictures don’t just have to display a photograph. If you want something truly touching, Paint Your Life provides heart-warming portraits hand-painted by real, professional artists. First, you select a subject and format, then a medium, such as oil, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, or even pastel. Then you upload a photo– or several– you’d like the artist to reference, and then it’s just a matter of choosing the size you want! Better yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg: you can also get a video of the artist painting your piece, get duplicates at discounted prices, and more.

Bring Comfort to Someone Else Who Lost a Loved One

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If you’re looking for a unique way to provide memorial photos for loved ones, a Crystal Photo Ornament Square celebrates their life during the holidays in expertly crafted K9 crystal adorned with a darling red ribbon. Keep it out year-round with our new exclusive display stands! Plus, we offer 50% off for every copy that uses the same photo so you can get one for every member of your family.

While these memorial photo gifts serve to honor a loved one, it’s important to keep in mind what you can do to support yourself in this trying time. Your grief journey– and how you recognize that special place your loved one had in your life– is unique to you.

“In the tapestry of life, loss weaves its thread, / A part of the story, where tears are shed. / But in the end, it’s love that will endure, / A timeless flame, forever bright and pure. / So, though we grieve and though we may despair, / Love’s presence lingers in the very air. / In loss, we find a bittersweet relief, / That love transcends the bounds of joy and grief.” –Katya Danova

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