may 31, 2024

Quiz: Answer These 4 Questions to Discover Your Dad's Personality Type and the Perfect Father's Day Gift to Match

Finding the best gift to get your dad for Father’s Day can be hard! You have to consider not only his unique preferences and personality traits but also what truly brings him joy and, even then, it can be hard to pick the perfect one. That’s where we come in. This quick Father’s Day quiz is designed to help you decipher your dad’s personality type and pick out the perfect present to match!

How It Works

Taking this quiz is easy! As you read each question, take a moment to think about your dad’s tastes, preferences, and how he spends his leisure time. Choose the answer that most aligns with your observations and instincts about him and, at the end of the quiz, we’ll let you know exactly what personality type your dad is and tailored gift suggestions for that type. 

Ready to go? Let’s do it!

Question 1: Your dad’s got a free afternoon. What’s he most likely to do?

A. More work! He brings the office home with him

B. Take a hike with his dog

C. Meet up with friends to catch up

D. Work on his latest DIY project

Question 2: Vacation time! Where’s Dad heading?

A. A workshop or retreat where he can learn something new

B. A cozy cabin or somewhere where he can immerse himself in nature with animals

C. A vineyard! There’s nothing dad loves more than fine wine

D. An adventure trip complete with camping, kayaking, and mountain biking

Question 3: What’s your dad’s favorite movie genre?

A. Documentaries or anything that sparks new interests

B. Light-hearted comedies. Bonus points for talking animals

C. Action/thriller team-ups and superhero films

D. Survival/Horror. Anything where the protagonist has to get inventive

Question 4: How’s Dad celebrating his birthday?

A. A quiet evening with close family

B. Doing something active or outdoors

C. A huge party with family, friends, and acquaintances

D. Trying out a new skill or hobby


Mostly As: The Workaholic

ArtPix 3D

Your dad is a driven provider who prioritizes his career and personal success to ensure your family’s financial security.
Gift Suggestion: A custom USB Flash Drive filled with his favorite family photos or other photo gifts he can keep on his desk to always remind him what matters most.

Mostly Bs: The Adventurer (or Dog Dad)

ArtPix 3D

Your dad loves nature and animals, considering your pets to be integral family members as he values all the compassion, empathy, and joy a pet can bring to family life.
Gift Suggestion: A custom Crystal Keychain with a photo of his precious pet brought to life in breathtaking 3D so he can go on any adventure he wants with his doggo in tow.

Mostly Cs: The Socialite

ArtPix 3D

Your dad is a social connoisseur. He enjoys fine wine, always hosts gatherings, and creates memorable experiences with everyone he’s around.
Gift Suggestion: A personalized Wine Stopper featuring Dad’s favorite photo or a pre-made crystal he can show off to all his friends.

Mostly Ds: The DIY Dad

ArtPix 3D

Your dad’s a hands-on craftsman, skilled in woodworking and home improvement. Ever resourceful and creative.
Gift Suggestion:  The photo wall of his dreams. Our connectable collection of 2D & 3D Crystals + Light Bases are easy to mount on the wall and include a variety of colors and light modes!