18 Cute Gift Ideas for Your S.O. on National Boyfriend Day
september 22, 2021
18 Cute Gift Ideas for Your S.O. on National Boyfriend Day


    We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas we think he’ll love.

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    You don’t need a designated holiday to shower your significant other with affection, but why pass up an opportunity to let him know you love him? National Boyfriend Day is an excellent occasion to do something special for your partner, like cooking him a romantic dinner or planning an exciting date night! 

    If you’re looking for surprise gift ideas that are sure to make your S.O. feel loved and appreciated, look no further. In this post, we’re going to give you our best tips for making this National Boyfriend Day one to remember! 

    Want to discover more unique gifts to surprise the most incredible boyfriend in the world? Take a look at this post. Otherwise, check out these super cute things you can do for your partner on National Boyfriend Day!

    A Custom Engraved 3D Photo Crystal 

    A Custom Engraved 3D Photo Crystal

    3D Crystal Square from ArtPix 3D

    National Boyfriend Day is about celebrating the things you love about your partner, so here’s a cute gift idea to show him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Turn a favorite photo of you and your S.O. into a 3D crystal masterpiece he’ll be excited to display on his bookshelf or mantel! You can check out our collection of customizable crystal shapes here

    A Cool, Protective Phone Case 

    Phone Case

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    How many times has your boyfriend dropped his phone this year? If the answer is more than a couple, you should get him one of these sturdy phone cases as a surprise gift. Not only will they keep his device safe, but they also come in all kinds of cute colors and styles he’ll love! 

    A Convenient Coffee Grinder 

    Coffee Grinder

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    Are you dating a caffeine addict? If your significant other can’t start the day without his morning coffee, he could probably use a high-quality grinder to bring out the flavors of his favorite roast! These excellent grinders would make lovely and unique gifts to surprise your partner on National Boyfriend Day.

    A Clever Graphic Tee

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    Has your S.O. been wearing the same pajamas to his home office lately? It might be time to give his work-from-home wardrobe an upgrade! Graphic t-shirts are a fantastic way to add a little personality to any outfit without sacrificing comfort. These cute and creative tees would be thoughtful surprise gifts to show your boyfriend you love him!  

    A High-Tech Sleep Tracker 

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    Does your boyfriend often complain that he’s tired? This may not be just a cute quirk; it could be a sign that he’s not sleeping well. Here’s a thoughtful self-care gift that may help him get to the bottom of his fatigue. Take a look at this article to determine if a sleep tracker would be a good choice for his lifestyle and needs. 

    A Charming Tea Subscription


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    If your S.O. loves drinking tea, here’s a cute gift idea for National Boyfriend Day that will bring him a new surprise every month. Sign him up for a tea subscription that lets him try several loose leaf teas in each box! You can find a highly-rated option in this article, along with other creative tea accessories and unique gifts. 

    A Mini Fridge That Fits on His Desk

    Mini Fridge

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    Want to help your boyfriend make his workspace his own? Here’s a surprise gift idea he’ll love. These cute mini-refrigerators make it easy for him to stash his favorite cold drinks and perishable snacks at his desk. They also give him a less risky place to store his leftovers at the office! 

    A Pair of the Latest Sneakers


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    Busy boyfriends need shoes that can keep up with their routine. If you’re looking for surprise gift ideas that are both cute and useful, you can’t go wrong with a brand new pair of sneakers! Want to do a little research before you go shopping? Get some shoe inspiration from these top footwear trends

    A Cookbook Full of Recipes from His Favorite Films


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    If you’re on the hunt for unique gifts your partner won’t see coming, here’s an idea that’s sure to surprise him on National Boyfriend Day. These aren’t your ordinary cookbooks— they’re written for movie buffs! Whether your significant other wants to try making the recipes from his favorite films or sip cocktails inspired by them, he’ll love this cute and creative present.

    A Rejuvenating Face Massager


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    Sometimes, the best present of all is a little me-time to relax and wind down. Here’s a cute self-care gift idea that’s sure to make your partner feel loved on National Boyfriend Day. Check out the highly-rated face massager and other excellent facial tools in this skincare guide

    An Electric Razor for a Fuzz-Free Shave

    Fuzz-Free Shave

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    Is your S.O. obsessed with getting a clean shave? Here’s a handy device that would make an excellent surprise for National Boyfriend Day. These electric razors are some of the quickest, easiest tools for achieving the perfect shave, making them a thoughtful gift idea for the discerning groomer in your life. 

    A Quick-Boiling Electric Tea Kettle



    No matter how much sleep you get, the mid-afternoon slump comes for us all. Help your partner stay awake at his job by equipping his workspace with this surprise gift idea: an electric kettle! This cute and useful kitchen item is perfect for brewing a quick cup of coffee or tea. Take a look at some of the best models out there! 

    A Custom Engraved Photo Keychain


    Personalized Keychain Squares from ArtPix 3D

    Are you looking for surprise gift ideas for National Boyfriend Day that are both cute and meaningful? Our Personalized Photo Keychains let you preserve a lovely photo of you and your partner in a custom crystal charm that lights up at the touch of a button! Take a look at the sweet keyring accessories in our shop.

    A Bottle of His Favorite Spirit



    National Boyfriend Day is a perfect opportunity to toast your S.O. Mix him a cocktail or pour him a glass of his preferred wine, then drink to your relationship! Wondering where you can order your partner’s alcoholic beverage of choice online? Take a look at these retailers that can ship the drinks you love right to your front porch!

    An Extra Portable Mini Keyboard

    Mini Keyboard


    For the boyfriend who brings his job with him everywhere, here’s a cute gift idea that will make it easy for him to work from any location. Surprise him with a travel-size keyboard he’ll love using on the go! Check out the foldable model in this article, along with a variety of other adorable mini devices.

    A Stylish Rug That’s Easy to Clean 

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    Rugs can be a cute and simple way to add some color and personality to your home decor, but they can be a pain to vacuum. If you’re looking for unique gifts to surprise your S.O. on National Boyfriend Day, he’ll love these rugs he can easily toss in the washing machine with the rest of his laundry!

    A Travel Mug That Stands Out from the Crowd 



    Did you know that the right beverage thermos can improve your morning commute by 100%? Ok, we may not have the exact statistics, but we’re pretty sure your boyfriend would love a cute travel mug to take with him to work! Any of these inventive models would make a sweet surprise gift.

    An All-Natural Cologne That Smells Amazing

    Amazing smell


    Wearing cologne doesn’t mean you have to expose your body to strong chemicals. If you’re looking for an all-natural fragrance alternative your significant other will love, these gentle scents would make unique gifts to surprise him on National Boyfriend Day. 

    We hope you got inspired by this list of cute things to do for your partner on National Boyfriend Day! For more excellent gift guides, check out the rest of our blog here. You can also look through our shop to find gorgeous, personalized gifts to surprise your loved ones!