Some people look forward to shopping for back to school outfits and supplies all year long. In 2020, this end of summer ritual might feel a little different. Controversies surrounding how and if schools should reopen make it a little harder to get excited for this academic year.

If you have children or friends who are students, why not make back to school special for them with a sweet gift? 

Although many may be anxious for classrooms to reopen full-time, COVID-19 isn’t sufficiently under control for most schools in the U.S. to do so safely. To protect their students, teachers, and communities, schools will need to approach the coming year with caution. 

According to this article, many educational institutions are offering both in-person and online classes, limiting the number of students inside the building at once. Colleges and universities across the country are rethinking their plans to reopen for fall 2020 as infection rates fail to drop.

While these safety measures are necessary, students looking forward to a new school year might be feeling let down. In this blog post, we’re going to give you some incredible gift ideas to make back to school special anyway. If you missed our previous post, you can check it out here. Keep reading to find the best gifts for students this fall!

A New Backpack

One of the most fun parts of starting a new academic year is picking out a new backpack. Online classes are no reason to skip that beloved autumn tradition. Here are some of the top-rated back to school backpacks of 2020.

A Personalized Fingerprint Necklace

Students returning to the classroom might be feeling overwhelmed by new safety protocols. If you can’t hold their hand every step of the way, this custom gift will let them know they’re in your thoughts. Let ArtPix 3D engrave your fingerprint in a crystal pendant they can wear every day.

An Adorable Pencil Sharpener 

A lot of homework has moved online, but some students still prefer taking notes with a pencil and paper. Here’s a small gift that will keep their writing utensils almost as sharp as their minds. These adorable pencil sharpeners are sure to brighten up any desk.

Autumn Scented Hand Soap

Students attending classes this fall should wash their hands as soon as they get home. Get them an autumn-scented bath product they’ll be excited to use. This Pumpkin Cupcake Foaming Hand Soap makes an excellent back to school gift.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

No late-night study session would be complete without the perfect playlist. Headphones that shut out unwanted noise would be an ideal gift for students with a lot of reading. Here are the best ones on the market

A Three-Ring Binder

Organization is essential for both students taking classes in person and those learning remotely. A three-ring binder is a great gift to help them keep their homework assignments in order. You can take a look at some of the best-rated ones here.

A Pair of Back to School Shoes

When it comes to back to school outfits, new shoes are essential. Anyone walking to classes this year would appreciate some stylish fall footwear. Check out these sustainable shoe brands where you can find excellent gifts for students. 

A Cute Lunch Box

A lunch packed with love can make your whole day better. Skip the brown bags, though, because these adorable lunch boxes make excellent gifts for students of all ages. 

A Chic Beret

In fall 2020, berets are making a comeback. According to Marie Claire, this preppy staple is getting the glamor treatment à la Blaire Waldorf. It’s the perfect style gift to make back to school outfits effortlessly elegant. 

Pumpkin Flavored Coffee

Back to school shopping isn’t the only thing to look forward to this fall. We’re also anticipating the return of everything pumpkin-flavored! Here are some of the best pumpkin spice coffees for students who crave caffeine.

An Instant Photo Printer for Their Smartphone 

Just because most students won’t be returning to the classroom full time doesn’t mean they won’t be making amazing memories this fall! This fantastic smartphone printer will let them turn snapshots of socially-distanced hangouts and noteworthy back to school outfits into instant photos they can hang on their walls. 

A Souvenir from Their Favorite T.V. Show

When homework has you stressed, revisiting your favorite comfort T.V. can be a great way to unwind. Anyone bingeing Gilmore Girls this fall will love these gift ideas for fans of the show. 

A Chalkboard for Their Bedroom

Students learning remotely this fall may be disappointed to miss out on the feeling of walking into a new classroom. Here’s a fun gift to bring a little piece of school into their home. These fantastic chalkboards are perfect for math problems, personal reminders, or doodles!

An Oversized Hoodie

There’s nothing like getting cozy with a warm, oversized sweater on a chilly autumn day. Whether they’re hiking through the woods or curling up with a good book, here are the comfy hoodies that make the best gifts for students. 

A Face Mask

For students returning to the classroom this fall, masks are a non-negotiable necessity. Keep the people you care about safe by providing them with face coverings they can wear to school. Here are some cute options they’ll be excited to put on. 

We hope these fantastic back to school gifts for students inspired you to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year. If you’re looking for more personalized gifts to make fall 2020 memorable, you can peruse our blog archives or visit our shop