november 29, 2023

10 Holly Jolly Christmas Photo Gift Ideas

Do you have chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Is Jack Frost nipping at your nose? If so, you know what that means– Christmas is here! And we know just the thing to help make the season bright: photo gifts. Incorporating a photo element into your Christmas present is the best way to get your loved ones something no one else has– something completely them! 

With so many innovative options abounding like reindeer in the snow, we’re here to help you narrow it down to the very best photo gift ideas for Christmas that are sure to have your loved ones’ eyes all aglow. Get ready to spread some holiday cheer!

Celebrate a First Christmas with Custom Snow Globes 

If you’re looking for a great baby’s first Christmas photo gift idea, there’s no better choice than the custom snow globes at YourSurprise! With a wide selection of designs and photo settings, you can mark your little one’s happy holiday in snowy style.

Sing “Jingle Bells” with a Crystal Ornament Bell

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Save a spot on the tree! Ring in the holiday season with a photo gift for Christmas, perfect for hanging on the tree or staying out year-round with one of our ornament display stands!

Get Personalized Wrapping Paper

With all these picture gift ideas for Christmas, you’re going to need some wrapping paper! With brands like Gift Wrap My Face, you can– well, the name kind of says it all doesn’t it? Just choose a design, upload a pic, and watch as the laughs pour in when your friends and family go to unwrap their gifts.

Pop the Cork with these Crystal Wine Stoppers

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In a season of Christmas and New Year’s parties, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have a few open bottles of wine left over. With our Crystal Wine Stoppers, you can add a touch of sophistication to your bar and reminisce over all the happy memories made over a glass or two of vino.

Spread Some Holiday Cheer with Custom Face Socks


They’ll be ho-ho-ho-ing when they open their gift to see their own face on a pair of socks! Brands like DivvyUP let you upload a picture of anyone’s face– human or pet– for a funny Christmas gift that keeps you laughing.

Set Aside The Fruit Cake and Get a Green Bun Crystal Keepsake

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Looking for something sweet this Christmas? The Green Bun Crystal Keepsake’s unique design and vibrant green color make it an exceptional piece of decor that adds a touch of freshness and sophistication to any space, displaying life’s most beautiful memories.

Print Your Own Festive Photos…

Instax by Fujifilm says it best, “Get physical with your digital memories.” Turn your favorite Christmas photos into darling prints great for scrapbooking, decorating your office, or even keeping them in your purse or wallet! It’s a photo gift for Christmas that keeps on giving.

…And Display Them with the Red Arrow Crystal Photo Holder

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The most creative photo gift ideas for Christmas are those that let you customize it for who you’re gifting it to!  Featuring a stunning crystal arrow created with a combination of optically clear and red, high-grade K9 glass, the Red Arrow Photo Holder allows you to do just that.

Light a Candle for Your Loved Ones with a Blue Ellipse Candle Holder

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Christmas is all about spending time with those you love. But if you’ve recently experienced loss, it can be easy to feel alone during the holidays. The Blue Ellipse Candle Holder lets you honor a loved one and light an organic soy wax candle in celebration of the light and love they left behind. That’s what makes these crystals a great Christmas gift idea for grandparents, too.

Flip to the New Year with a Custom Photo Calendar

Not ready for 2023 to end? Save your fondest memories with a personalizable calendar from Snapfish to display all next year, then do it all again next year!

How’s that for putting the merry in Merry Christmas? Unique Christmas photo gift ideas don’t end here, though! Check out our shop for even more goodies to add to your sleigh. And, although it’s been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you!