So you just got invited to a friend’s baby shower. You’re excited to celebrate with them, but there’s one small problem. The party listed on the invite isn’t a traditional celebration; instead, your friend is planning an alternative bash.

It sounds like fun, but you’re not sure what to expect or, more importantly, what kind of gift to bring. How do you shop for a baby shower with a theme you don’t recognize? 

Traditional baby showers can be a lot of fun, but they’re not for everyone. Luckily, there’s more than one way to welcome a new little human into the world. Whether your friend is ditching brunch for a barbecue or (gasp!) inviting the boys to take part, remember: it’s their special day, so roll with the punches! 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to a few baby shower alternatives you might be invited to attend. We’re also going to suggest some adorable gift ideas that the parents-to-be will love. If you missed our last blog post, here’s where you can check it out. Keep reading to find the best gifts to give new parents at any type of shower. 

Baby-Q: A Snot Remover

Baby showers are often a “no boys allowed” zone, but that’s beginning to change. Many new parents encourage male friends and family members to join in the fun by throwing a Baby-Q. This low-key, co-ed event is usually held outdoors and features classic barbecue fare. Check out this blog post to see an excellent example of one.  

Although a Baby-Q may not be a conventional shower, there’s one traditional element you should still be ready for. Unless your invitation states otherwise, you should bring a gift. Here’s an excellent gift idea for a co-ed gathering that any parent would appreciate. This nasal aspirator (aka Snotsucker) will be a life-saver.

Sip and See: A Personalized 3D Photo Crystal  

Baby showers allow first-time parents to share their excitement with their loved ones. The downside is that guests won’t get to meet the child until later. That’s where a sip and see comes in. According to this article, it’s a Southern tradition that offers friends and family a casual opportunity to stop by, greet the newborn, and enjoy light refreshments. 

Another perk of sip and sees is that they take some of the guesswork out of gift shopping. It’s much easier to pick out presents for someone after they’re born. 

You also have the option to choose a sentimental gift instead of a practical one. A 3D Photo Crystal from ArtPix 3D engraved with a sweet picture would be a touching way to celebrate the newborn’s arrival. It shouldn’t be too hard to get your friend to send you a photo beforehand! 

Baby Sprinkle: An Adorable Bath Mat 

Even if you already attended a party for your friend’s first child, don’t be surprised to receive another invite for baby number two. It’s not uncommon for parents with a second child on the way to throw a smaller party aptly called a baby sprinkle. 

Southern Living reminds us that a second child will inherit plenty of nursery items from their older sibling. This allows you to get creative with your sprinkle gift instead of focusing on practical must-haves. Check out these cute and colorful bath mats that make bathtime a lot safer and way more fun! 

Adoption Shower: A Baby Thermometer 

Adoptive parents need just as much love and support from their friends and family before welcoming a new child. Sadly, this blogger tells us that they’re often forgotten during the adoption process. An adoption shower is a sweet way to provide the parents-to-be with everything they need. 

Here’s a thoughtful gift to help ease a new parent’s anxieties about their little one’s health. These innovative thermometers make it easier than ever to keep an eye on a newborn’s temperature. 

Diaper Party: A Changing Mat

A diaper party is pretty much what it sounds like, except for one additional detail: this baby shower is just for the dads. According to this post, it’s an occasion for friends and family of the father-to-be to celebrate over drinks and provide him with an unlimited supply of diapers. 

If you’re invited to one of these laid-back celebrations, you’ll be expected to add a package or two of diapers to the collection. Why not make your offering stand out by including a fun, practical extra? Any dad changing diapers on the go will want to have a portable changing pad on hand. You can check out some of the most creative (and useful) ones here

Mom-Focused Shower: Vegan Nail Polish

The purpose of a shower doesn’t always have to be about supplying the nursery. This article tells us that some moms prefer to make the event about spending time with their friends.

A mom-focused get-together calls for a mom-focused gift. Be sure to choose something you know she can use during the first few months after giving birth. Country Living recommends this vegan nail polish that’s safe for new moms to wear. 

We hope this gift guide gives you some great ideas for any alternative baby shower you might attend. For more creative inspiration, take a look at the rest of our blog. If you’re looking for custom made gifts guaranteed to impress on any occasion, you can browse engraved crystals and crystal accessories in our shop.