june 17, 2021
Here Are the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dad’s Zodiac Sign

It’s almost summer, and that means Father’s Day isn’t far behind! Before you fire up the grill, did you remember to get your dad a gift? Don’t worry; you still have some time to find an unforgettable present. If you’re looking for a little shopping inspiration, this astrology gift guide will help you pick out the perfect gift for his zodiac sign. 

A happy dad receives a thoughtful gift from his family on Father’s Day.

Can you really choose a thoughtful gift for someone based on their star sign? Well, while a person’s astrological placements don’t tell you everything about them, they can sometimes give you a better understanding of their key personality traits. In this post, we’re going to highlight the qualities that make every zodiac sign unique. We’ll also share our top gift ideas for dads based on each one! 

Whether your dad is a bold Aries, a sensitive Cancer, or a hardworking Capricorn, we’re confident that he’ll love the thoughtful presents in this astrology gift guide as much as we do. Before you check them out, though, did you get a chance to view our last blog post? If not, you can do that here.

Ready to discover the best Father’s Day presents for every star sign? These zodiac-inspired gift ideas are guaranteed to make dads feel extra special! 

Aries: A Smartphone Camera Lens 

An Aries man uses his smartphone to film a video for social media.

Aries is the leader of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise that they prefer to create their own path rather than follow others. These courageous self-starters are confident both in their ideas and their abilities. Here’s where you can read more about this dynamic fire sign

If you grew up with an Aries parent, you already know that life with these signs is never boring! This Father’s Day, give your dad a tech gift that will make it easy for him to record all of his cool projects and adventures. He’ll love the high-quality camera lens in this article that conveniently attaches to his smartphone.

Taurus: A Cozy Pair of House Slippers

A Taurus dad gets comfy in the new slippers he received for Father’s Day.

If self-care is an art form, then Taurus is the maestro! According to this article, these earth signs know how to kick back, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful sensory experiences life has to offer. Taurus dads usually appreciate a perfectly cooked meal, an excellent glass of wine, and a spectacular sunset. 

Here’s a thoughtful Father’s Day gift to upgrade your dad’s leisure hours for maximum style and comfort. Check out the best house slippers for refined lounging. 

Gemini: Voice-Activated Home Tech Accessories 

A tech-savvy dad uses voice commands on his smartphone.

When it comes to verbal communication, no sign in the zodiac is quite as gifted as Gemini. These brilliant wordsmiths love to talk— sometimes, more than they like to listen, as this Gemini writer tells us. 

As dads, these sharp air signs are a lot of fun to be around, if a little challenging to keep up with. This Father’s Day, show your Gemini dad that you appreciate his nimble mind with a voice-activated tech gift to upgrade his home appliances. He’ll love these smart gadgets that respond to verbal commands!

Cancer: A Personalized 3D Photo Crystal 

A personalized crystal gift for Father’s Day with a photo of a dad and daughter inside.

3D Crystal Square from ArtPix 3D

Caring, sensitive, and loyal, Cancer is one of the most family-oriented signs in the zodiac. Because they feel deep emotional connections to the people they love, their relationships with others tend to be intense! Check out these fun facts about this moon-ruled water sign

Every moment of parenthood is precious to Cancer dads. This Father’s Day, bring his favorite memories to life in realistic 3D! Order a custom engraved crystal from ArtPix 3D, and we’ll transform a sentimental photo into a beautiful keepsake he’ll always treasure.

Leo: An Edgy Men’s Bracelet

A stylish dad wears the bracelet his kids gave him as a Father’s Day gift.

Out of all the star signs in the zodiac, Leos have the most unmistakable sparkle. With their flair for the dramatic and their unique gift for being unapologetically themselves, it’s no wonder that this article ranks them in the top three most self-confident signs. 

Although Leo dads are more than happy to make room in the limelight for their kids, they still enjoy standing apart from the crowd. On Father’s Day, one of these statement bracelets for men would make a fantastic gift. After all, who can pull off a daring accessory better than a Leo? 

Virgo: A Coffee Maker that Brews Iced Beverages

A tall glass of iced coffee to brighten a busy dad’s morning.

Virgo may be the most statistically common astrological sign, but the way they always seem to have it together is nothing short of extraordinary. These reliable earth signs know how to plan ahead, and they’re always willing to share their amazing life advice with the people they love. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also make excellent dads!

Being a Virgo isn’t easy; it takes a lot of energy to be right all the time! Caffeine is essential for this zodiac sign, so a quick-brewing iced coffee maker would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Check out some of the best ones on the market right now. 

Libra: A Stylish New Pair of Jeans

A young dad shows off his new pair of jeans.

Where would the world be without Libras to keep the peace? These mediators of the zodiac are always happiest when the people around them are getting along, which is why this article compares them to a sweet, crowd-pleasing apple crisp. 

Libra dads like to put their best foot forward, whether they’re at work, out with friends, or on a romantic date with their spouse. If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for one of these people-pleasing air signs, a great new pair of jeans is sure to be a big hit! Take a look at these trendy jeans for men.

Scorpio: An Obscure Cologne with an Intriguing Scent

A Scorpio man applies cologne that matches his zodiac sign.

Deep, intense, and mysterious, Scorpios are one of the most intriguing placements in the zodiac. They have a reputation for leaning into their dark sides, which is why this article came up with a list of thrillers and morbid comedies just for them.

You may have already noticed that Scorpio dads aren’t the easiest people to shop for. If you’re trying to find an incredible Father’s Day gift for one of these enigmatic water signs, he’d appreciate a bottle of cologne that’s (almost) as interesting as he is. These vintage scents are an excellent starting point!

Sagittarius: A Passport-Protecting Travel Wallet

A well-traveled Sagittarius man waits to board his next flight.

Is your dad a go-with-the-flow adventurer who loves to learn, travel, and try new things? Then there’s a pretty good chance that he’s a Sagittarius! These fire signs are vibrant, fun, and passionate about a wide range of interests. 

If you’re on the hunt for a Father’s Day gift that Sagittarius dads will love, anything they can use on their next trip would be an excellent idea. Take a look at these chic travel wallets that keep passports, ID cards, and tickets organized.

Capricorn: A Ball Chair for His Desk

A working dad uses a ball chair to support his back at the office.

No one works harder than a Capricorn. These overachieving earth signs are constantly giving 110%, which is why this article places them among the top three most stressed-out signs in the zodiac. 

As dads, Capricorns are excellent providers, but it can be difficult to get them to relax. If you’re worried about your father spending too much time in his office, here’s a sweet gift to help him relieve tension at work. These ball chairs make the daily grind less of a pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. 

Aquarius: Retro Audio Equipment

A young dad is excited to use the retro cassette player he got as a Father’s Day gift.

Aquarius is the loveable weirdo of the zodiac. In fact, according to this article, if this air sign was a pizza topping, it would be a fried egg! Aquarians like to do things a little differently, and anyone who has the privilege of knowing one knows that this is often a good thing! 

Aquarius dads prefer to go against the grain when it comes to what’s trendy, which is why retro technology makes an excellent Father’s Day gift. While everyone else is streaming music on their phones, your dad can listen to his favorite albums on one of these cassette, record, or CD players

Pisces: A DIY Paint-Pouring Kit

A Pisces man pours paint onto a canvas to create art that reflects his zodiac sign.

The last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is a gentle soul with a fantastic imagination. These insightful, artistic water signs have a way of making their loved ones feel understood, which makes them wonderful dads. 

If you want to surprise your Pisces dad with a Father’s Day gift he’ll love, your best option is to get him something that lets him express his creative side. These paint pouring kits are sure to produce a work of art as unique and multifaceted as he is. 

We hope this astrology gift guide gave you some thoughtful Father’s Day ideas for your dad’s zodiac sign. If you need more inspiration, visit the rest of our blog here! You can also take a look at the personalized photo gifts in our shop guaranteed to make dads feel extra special.