Your mom is one of the strongest women you know, but sometimes you still worry about her living alone. Want to brighten her day? Let her know you’ve been thinking of her with a thoughtful present! We’ve come up with some sweet and practical gifts that are perfect for moms who live independently. 

It’s always a good idea to check up on the people you love, but it’s especially important to keep in touch with family members living alone. If your mom is currently on her own, make sure you’re reaching out to her regularly to ask her if there’s anything she needs. Even if there isn’t, she’ll still be happy to hear from you! 

Are you looking for a great way to send your mom some love? In this post, we’re going to give you our top ideas for fun and practical gifts she’ll appreciate. If you missed our last post, you can check it out here. Otherwise, keep reading to discover the most thoughtful items for moms living independently. 

A Photo of Her Kids Engraved in 3D

3D Crystal Rectangle from ArtPix 3D

Having a house or apartment to yourself has its benefits, but loneliness isn’t one of them. For moms who don’t get to visit their kids and other family members as often as they’d like, here’s a sweet way to give them a special reminder of the people they love. At ArtPix 3D, we can transform a beautiful portrait or family photo into a mesmerizing 3D crystal engraving. You can take a look at our unique crystal shapes here!  

A Doorbell That’s Also a Security System

If anyone can take care of themselves, it’s moms. However, it’s still natural to worry about family members living independently. Here’s a thoughtful gift idea that will ease your mind and make your mom feel loved. These high-tech doorbells come with security cameras for her safety! 

A Set of Quality Measuring Cups

Cooking for one may be easier than feeding an entire family, but even single-serving meals require some time and effort. If you’re on the hunt for something thoughtful your mom would appreciate, cooking tools make excellent practical gifts for anyone living independently. Discover some of the best measuring cups on the market in this article.

A Portable Dishwasher for Smaller Loads

Living on your own means fewer dirty dishes in the sink. This sounds like a plus until you realize that filling the dishwasher takes forever! Here’s a useful item moms who live independently will use every day. Check out these mini countertop dishwashers designed for smaller loads. 

A Sustainable Set of Loungewear

One of the best things about living independently is being able to wear whatever you want around the house. If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts to brighten your mom’s day, you can’t go wrong with a cozy loungewear set. Take a look at these sustainable options

Stylish Margarita Glasses to Elevate Happy Hour

After all those years of taking care of you and your siblings, your mother deserves to kick back and relax! Here’s a thoughtful gift idea to make her favorite drinks even more enjoyable. Moms who live independently will love these cute margarita glasses.

A Germ-Killing Laundry Disinfectant 

If you’re unable to visit your loved ones living independently, one of your biggest concerns right now is probably their health. Shopping for practical gifts to help family members prevent the spread of COVID-19? Check out this article to find the best disinfecting laundry detergent and other germ-killing cleaning products moms will love. 

A Software Program to Kickstart Her New Hobby

Living independently can leave you with a lot of extra free time. Here’s a thoughtful gift idea for moms who want a fun hobby to fill their evenings. Help your mother unlock her creative side with this top-rated software program for screenwriters. 

A Luxurious Robe for Relaxing at Home

Me-time is always 100% more enjoyable when you have something soft and comfy to wear. For moms who could use a little extra coziness, take a look at these incredibly indulgent robes anyone living independently would love to receive as a gift. 

A Few Hours of Free Housework

One of the hardest parts of living independently is having to do all the chores yourself. For hardworking moms who need an occasional breather, here’s a thoughtful gesture they’d appreciate. Offer to help out around the house for a few hours if you’re safely able to do so! 

A Hunky Celebrity Scented Candle

Even moms who love living independently still need a little company sometimes. This thoughtful (and slightly cheeky!) gift idea is the perfect cure for long, lonely evenings. Check out these scented candles that smell just like your mom’s favorite celebrity men! 

A Watering Can for Her Indoor Plants

Living alone is so much more fun when you can fill your space with things you love. For moms who enjoy gardening, that means lots of indoor plants! Here’s a thoughtful present to help your mother tend the soil in her living room. These watering cans aren’t just practical gifts; they’re also incredibly elegant! 

A Thoughtful Care Package 

When you were in college, did your mom send you thoughtful care packages from home stuffed with all your favorite treats? If she’s living independently, it’s time to return the favor! Fill up a big box with salty snacks, home-baked goodies, cleaning supplies, and anything else you think would make her smile. 

A Comfy Pair of Sneakers for Everyday Use

For moms living independently, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that help them stay active. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a jog around the neighborhood, these fashionable sneakers are the best options for both comfort and appearance. 

Pastel Crayons to Inspire Creativity

When it comes to cool hobbies for moms living independently, art is always an excellent choice. If you’re shopping for thoughtful gifts your mother will love, check out these pastel crayon sets that are highly recommended for first-time dabblers. 

A Gift Card to a Food Delivery Service

Is there anything better than ordering takeout by yourself? Not only do you get to pick the restaurant with zero complaints, but you also don’t have to worry about anyone eating your leftovers! Help your mom get the most out of this perk of living independently by sending her a gift card to her preferred delivery service. That way, she can easily order from all her favorite eateries!

A Personalized Fingerprint Necklace 

From the first day of school to our first job interview, moms are always there to hold our hands. Now that your mother is living alone, it’s your turn to do the same for her! Send a copy of your fingerprint to ArtPix 3D, and we’ll engrave it inside a gorgeous crystal pendant she can wear all the time! You can view all of our fingerprint accessories here

A Portable Digital Library

One of the biggest problems any bookworm eventually has to face is running out of shelves. Moms who love to read will appreciate this thoughtful item: a digital e-reader that lets them carry the contents of an entire bookcase in a conveniently slim tablet. These space-saving devices make unique and practical gifts for family members who live independently. 

Health-Boosting Supplements 

Do you ever worry that your mother isn’t getting all the nutrients she needs? Here’s a thoughtful wellness gift for moms living independently. Supplements are a fantastic way to make sure your body is performing at its best. You can find great advice on how to shop for vitamins in this article

A Surprise Grocery Delivery

Unloading groceries can be a hassle for moms living independently. If you’re looking for an extra thoughtful gift idea to show your mother you care, surprise her by showing up at her house with a trunk full of fresh produce and tasty snacks. She’ll love being able to skip a trip to the store that week!

We hope you found some thoughtful gifts for moms who live independently in this post. For more inspiration, you can check out the rest of our blog. You can also visit our shop to find personalized crystal keepsakes any of your family members would love to receive.