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Keep your beloved ones close to your heart with a custom made crystal necklace engraved with their unique fingerprint. 

  • How to make fingerprints?
    • There are three simple ways you can get someone’s fingerprints.
      • 1. Personal Records
        Many hospitals and funeral homes collect fingerprints for their records, which you may be able to request. If you or your loved one has served in the military, they may have a set of fingerprints on file, as well.
      • 2. At-Home Fingerprint Kit
        You can easily order an at-home fingerprint kit to collect your or your loved one’s fingerprints. You can also purchase fingerprint ink and cards separately.
      • 3. DIY Fingerprinting
        Learn how to take a fingerprint in 30 seconds:
        You’ll need:

        • A pencil
        • Clear tape
        • Paper
  • How to make a fingerprint in 60 seconds?
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A fingerprint is like an original barcode imprinted on your skin from birth. No two are alike, but the fingerprint of a spouse or significant other is especially meaningful. It’s not only a unique individual trait but a symbol of the hand you hold in yours. Our personalized, heart-shaped fingerprint necklace is the best way to memorialize the hands that mean so much to you in a beautiful crystal keepsake you can wear. You can easily customize this elegant pendant for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. 

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