Back-to-school season is here, and that means it’s time to say farewell to campus-bound college students who have been living at home all summer. Get their fall semester off to a great start with a meaningful gift to let them know you’ll be thinking of them throughout the school year! You can find some extra thoughtful gift ideas in this post that are sure to motivate college students to study hard. 

Whether you’re a parent getting ready to send your kids back to campus or a friend wishing your bestie good luck this semester, back-to-school gifts are a sweet way to make college students feel loved. Surprise them with a sentimental keepsake to remind them of home, or prepare them for a new academic year with school supplies and decorations for their dorm. 

Not sure what are the best gifts to motivate the scholars in your life? This creative back-to-school gift guide should help. Before you continue reading, did you get a chance to view our last blog post? If not, you can go ahead and check it out right here. Otherwise, here are the best gifts for college students to celebrate a new semester!

A Family Photo Engraved in a 3D Crystal 

3D Crystal Rectangle from ArtPix 3D

Starting a new semester of college can be exciting, but it’s never easy to say goodbye to friends and family back home. Here’s a thoughtful back-to-school gift idea that’s sure to cheer up college students who miss their loved ones. Turn a cherished family photo into a realistic 3D engraved crystal keepsake they can display anywhere in their dorm! You can take a look at our unique shapes here

A Space-Efficient Clothing Steamer

While college students can usually get away with wearing sweatpants to class, there will be occasions when they need to look a little more presentable. Make sure they show up to job interviews and networking events wrinkle-free with one of these handheld steamers they can easily use in their dorm room!

A Cute Dorm Room Rug

Living on campus makes it easier to get to class on time, but dorm rooms can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to decor. Here’s a back-to-school gift to make their new place feel more like home! These cute, cost-effective rugs are a great way to add some individual flair to any room.

A Drawer Organizer for Their Bedroom Dresser

Staying organized in college isn’t easy, especially when you’re living in a tiny dorm room! If you’re looking for the perfect back-to-school gift for college students returning to campus, they’d love one of these excellent drawer organizers to keep their belongings neat all through the academic year. 

Instant Coffee for Busy Mornings

Grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to class may be convenient, but it’s not the best choice for college students on a budget. Save them a trip (and a few dollars) in the morning with these delicious instant coffees that are quick and easy to brew at home! 

A Stapler for Neat Assignments 

It’s probably not hard to find a stapler somewhere on campus, but having your own can save you a lot of time and stress when you have a thirty-page essay to turn in! These durable staplers are designed to stand up to thick bundles of paper, making them a perfect back-to-school gift for a college student. 

A Sleek, Dependable Raincoat

There’s nothing worse than having to walk across campus to get to class on a rainy day. Here’s a thoughtful back-to-school gift idea to protect your favorite college student against the elements. These excellent raincoats will keep out the rain in less than stellar walking conditions. 

A Cookbook of Simple Meals for One

Eating healthy in college is tough! If you’re looking for practical back-to-school gifts this fall semester, here’s an idea that will motivate college students to prepare nutritious meals. These cookbooks are full of simple, single-serving recipes that are easy to whip up after a long day of studying.

A Set of Fun Stickers 

Aesthetic school supplies won’t automatically help a college student get better grades, but they can motivate them to study! Here’s a sweet back-to-school gift idea to add some individuality to their notebooks, binders, and laptop. Check out these adorable sticker packs that are sure to get the fall semester off to a positive start! 

A T-Shirt from Their Favorite Band

When you’re late for class, the last thing you want to do is worry about what to wear. Graphic tees are an easy way to add some personality to your outfit in a hurry; plus, they go with almost everything! These cool band t-shirts would make a fantastic back-to-school gift for music lovers this fall semester. 

A Trash Can for Their Dorm

Most college students are still learning the ropes when it comes to living on their own. If you’re looking for a thoughtful back-to-school gift to celebrate the beginning of a new semester, you can’t go wrong with helpful home items. These roomy trash cans are a life-saver for students whose dorm rooms come with small, impractical wastepaper baskets.

A High-Quality Pencil Sharpener

One of the best back-to-school gifts you could give a college student to help motivate them this fall semester would be school supplies! For students that prefer to take notes by hand, one of these pencil sharpeners would be an excellent idea. 

Stylish Custom Stationery

Whether they’re writing a note to a professor or leaving a message for their roommate, a college student could always use a set of high-quality stationery. Get them one of these personalized sets, and they’ll think of you every time they use this thoughtful back-to-school gift! 

An Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

College students don’t always have a lot of extra space to keep all their bath and self-care products in their dorm rooms. Here’s an easy-to-store shampoo option that’s also good for the planet! These shampoo bars can help cut down on your plastic consumption, making them a useful and ethical back-to-school gift idea to kick off the fall semester. 

A Travel Mug with Their Name on It

College students with a busy schedule need a lot of caffeine to keep up their energy levels! If you’re looking for a thoughtful back-to-school gift for a student with a heavy course load, motivate them to get up for class every morning with one of these adorable travel mugs personalized with their name.

A Comfy Pair of Leggings to Wear to Classes

One of the best ways to prepare for an action-packed course schedule is to bring plenty of comfortable clothing. For students heading back to college for the fall semester, this classic activewear must-have would make a fantastic gift. Motivate them to study hard and look great doing it with one of these stylish and convenient pairs of leggings

Extra Fluffy Bath Towels 

It’s not easy to get used to sharing a bathroom with strangers, so here’s a thoughtful back-to-school gift to help college students feel more at home in their dorm rooms. These unbelievably luxurious bath towels are sure to elevate their hygiene routine. 

Dorm-Safe LED Candles 

Lighting a few candles can be a great way to relax after a long day of classes. Unfortunately, many schools have strict rules about open flames in their dorm rooms. For college students who want the soothing glow of candlelight without the hazard, these flameless choices look just like the real thing!

We hope this back-to-school gift guide gave you some excellent ways to motivate the college students in your life this fall semester. Looking for more sweet ideas to celebrate the people you love? Take a look at the rest of our blog here, or check out our shop for unique, personalized gifts that are perfect for any occasion!