When times are rough, it helps to have friends to lean on. Social distancing regulations made it difficult to connect with our besties last year, but many of us were still able to offer each other friendship and support from home. Now that things are (slowly) going back to normal, it’s time to thank the incredible people who were there for you when you needed them most. 

While fast-food delivery and streaming services helped, we never would have made it through quarantine without video calls and group chats with our besties! Want to let your incredible friends know how much you appreciate them? We’ve come up with some extra thoughtful “thank you” gifts we think they’ll love! 

We know you’re probably dying to find out what’s in this fabulous gift guide, but you might want to check out our previous blog post first. Don’t worry; we’ll wait. All set? Keep reading to discover some of the best friendship gifts for all your BFFs!

A Personalized Keychain Light

Have you been wracking your brain to come up with unique thank you gifts to show your besties how much you appreciate their friendship? For the BFFs that are always there to encourage you when you need it, here’s a sentimental present they’ll love. Turn a sweet picture of you and your best friends into a custom engraved keyring accessory they’ll take with them everywhere! You can check out our personalized photo keychains here

Sun-Blocking Chapstick

Summer is almost here, and with it comes blue skies, warm weather, and skin-damaging UV rays! If you love your besties, the most thoughtful present you could give them would be skincare products with SPF. These lip balms make excellent friendship gifts to show your BFFs how much you care about them. 

A Potted Plant that Waters Itself 

Potted plants make lovely friendship gifts, except for one thing: they require a lot of care! If your bestie is not blessed with a green thumb, they’d probably appreciate one of these innovative planters that can actually water themselves. 

A Cute Case to Carry Their Vaccine Card

Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, many of us have finally been reunited with our loved ones after a year-long separation. If your group of friends is fully vaccinated, you’ll want to hold onto your vaccine cards in case you need to provide proof for certain activities. These chic cases and card holders would make sweet friendship gifts for your besties! 

A Delicious Summer Wine

When it comes to thank you gifts, you usually can’t go wrong with an excellent bottle of wine. Treat your besties to these light, summer libations great for enjoying on a warm evening. We even have the perfect toast for you: “To Friendship!”

This Season’s Trendiest Hat

Are you getting ready to enjoy a fantastic summer with your besties? Before hitting the pool, help your friends shield themselves from the sun with one of the coolest accessory trends out there. These stylish hats would make extra thoughtful friendship gifts! 

A Gentle Scrub Brush for Better Facials

One of the sweetest ways to thank an incredible BFF is to surprise them with a thoughtful self-care item. Show some appreciation for the besties who are always there for you with these silicone facial brushes that are guaranteed to upgrade their before-bed routine. 

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Enough time has passed that we can laugh about the 2020 toilet paper crisis, right? There’s no better way to say “thank you” to the besties who got you through quarantine than with a generous supply of environmentally sustainable bathroom tissue. Check out a fantastic alternative to ordinary toilet paper in this article

A Bug-Repelling Outdoor Candle

Are you looking forward to summer cookouts, bonfires, and other fun outdoor activities with your besties? Here’s a thoughtful friendship gift to thank the BFFs who’ll be hosting these get-togethers. Help them deter annoying insects with these bug-repellent citronella candles

Allergy-Friendly Treats 

Is one of your besties constantly having to work around their dietary restrictions every time you go out to eat? Here’s a thoughtful friendship gift they’ll appreciate! These delicious packaged snacks are specifically made for people with a long list of food allergies so that they can enjoy their favorite treats worry-free.

Host a Beginning of Summer Party 

Looking for a fun way to show your besties how much their friendship has meant to you during quarantine? Invite them over for a beginning of summer party in your backyard and celebrate finally being able to hang out in person again! 

Refreshing Summer Skin Care

Do you really need season-specific skincare products? Temperature changes can affect your skin, so switching up your moisturizers based on the weather can be a good idea! Update your bestie’s facial routine for the summer with these refreshing, hydrating gels.

A Pint of Gourmet Ice Cream

How do you know who your BFFs are? That’s easy; they’re the people you’d willingly share your ice cream with! If you want to show your besties how much you value their friendship, why not send them a pint from one of these unique gourmet brands?

A Subscription Box that Promotes Creativity

One of the loveliest ways to show your besties that you appreciate their friendship is to support their interests. If any of your BFFs are on the artistic side, here’s a sweet gift idea they’ll love! These creative subscription boxes will send all the supplies they need to start a cool new project!

A Convenient Wine Opener

Did you and your besties get together for virtual happy hours during quarantine? Here’s a sweet thank you gift to let them know that their friendship is what got you through 2020! Check out these corkscrews that will make opening up a bottle of wine so much easier. 

A Custom Engraved Wine Stopper

Of course, once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, it’s not so easy to seal it up again. If you’re looking for more thoughtful friendship gifts for wine lovers, they might appreciate a custom engraved crystal wine stopper to save their unfinished bottles for later! Choose one of our elegant shapes and upload a sweet photo of you and your besties to start personalizing this unique bar tool. 

Tension-Relieving Fidget Jewelry

Who always listens to your problems and calms you down when you’re stressed? Tell your besties, “Thanks for being there!” with a tension-relieving gadget they’ll use daily. Take a look at these clever fidget rings that make fantastic friendship gifts.  

We hope these unique friendship gifts inspire you to thank your besties for everything they do! If you’re on the lookout for more excellent gift guides and creative ideas, you should check out the rest of our blog here! Want to give your loved ones a personalized gift they’ll never forget? Take a look at our shop to find gorgeous crystal keepsakes you can have custom engraved with your own special photos!