Keychain Heart 3D Small


Made in USA
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Keep a loved one’s smiling face nearby with a Custom 3D Keychain Heart that easily attaches to your set of keys! This light-up accessory is the perfect way to preserve a favorite photo. Unlike 2D engraving where the image is flat, in 3D engraving the image will be with realistic depth. For best engraving results, select a close-up portrait for your photo.


Do you wish you had a special memento of your spouse or significant other to bring with you everywhere you go? Do you want to give your romantic partner a personalized keepsake that will make them think of you as they go about their day? Our 3D Keychain Heart crystal engraved with a special photo lets you carry your loved ones with you every time you leave the house. This custom crystal keychain makes an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day. It’s also a wonderful spontaneous gift to let your partner know how much you care. Express your love with a unique crystal gift that celebrates your precious memories.

This item comes in Small, Medium, and Large.