If you’re attending a baby shower anytime soon, you might want to consider some of the best baby shower gifts in 2018. Whether you’re celebrating the soon-to-arrive little one of a friend, co-worker, sister or daughter, a baby shower is a wonderful and joyful time — especially when you bring a gift that the expectant mom loves.

When you’re looking for the kind of practical baby shower gifts that new moms truly need, here are 17 terrific ideas:

  1. Crib: When it comes to baby shower gift ideas for mom, the crib is a classic choice. It’s a must, but it’s also a bit of an investment. This makes it a great option for grandparents or close friends who want to help.
  2. Changing table and pad: Another must-have for new moms is a changing table and changing pad — providing a place to clean little ones. Find out if the expecting mom has a certain style or piece in mind and treat her to one of those practical baby shower gifts she’ll use every day.
  3. Rocking chair or glider: All the nights and mornings nursing and cuddling an infant are a little sweeter in a comfortable chair for the baby’s room. Whether you choose a traditional rocking chair or an upholstered glider, it’s always an appreciated gift.
  4. Car seat: This is essential for every new mom (at least if she’s going to take her baby home from the hospital in a vehicle). Because most new moms will have a certain car seat model in mind, check her registry or ask around to see what she wants.
  5. Stroller: Strollers are also vital, at least for parents who want to bring a baby out and about. Give the mom a way to get out with the baby, whether it’s to a shopping mall or around the block on a warm day.
  6. Books: Invest in the future baby’s love of reading by giving the soon-to-be mom a basket of classic or modern children’s books. You can make this gift more personal by collecting a group of all your favorite titles.
  7. Baby monitor: Give the mom a convenient way to watch her little one from a room away by purchasing a quality baby monitor.
  8. Baby book or memory book: For a sentimental gift, consider a memory book or baby book, perfect for recording all those firsts.
  9. Custom 3D photo crystal:Y ou could also immortalize this special time in the expecting mom’s life by getting a custom 3D photo crystal and light base made from ArtPix 3D. Even better, get an ArtPix 3D gift card for her, so she can have a crystal made after she’s taken beautiful photos of her newborn.
  10. Personalized jewelry: A personalized necklace or locket is another wonderful way to commemorate a new child. ArtPix 3D even makes 3D crystal necklaces that can display a treasured baby picture.
  11. Diapers or a diaper cake: There are few things new parents need more of than diapers. You can make this gift special enough for a shower by arranging diapers into the shape of a multi-tiered cake that’s as fun and pretty as it is useful.
  12. Diaper bag: Every mom can benefit from a big bag with lots of slots and pockets for holding baby goods. A quality diaper bag, in the style she likes, is always a winner.
  13. Home-cooked meals: The first few weeks with a newborn are challenging for moms, especially when it comes to staying fed. Order a week of home-cooked meals that will be delivered to her door, or batch-prep a bunch of frozen meals she can keep on hand to use.
  14. Professional cleaning service: Here’s one of those baby shower gift ideas for mom with mass appeal. What tired mother wouldn’t love having a professional cleaning service deep-clean her house in the weeks after her baby is born? Consider buying a one-time service or weekly cleanings for a month to ease your friend’s burden.
  15. Photo shoot:Any mom would love a professional photo shoot for after the baby is born, providing the perfect way to capture the beauty of her infant.
  16. Pampering session: You could also go the pampering route by treating her to a gift certificate for a manicure, massage, spa day or something similar. In the weeks and months after the baby arrives, this gift will feel like heaven on earth.
  17. Date night: Many new parents struggle to find a way to get out without their kids, so consider offering babysitting services for a date night in the first year of their child’s life.

When it comes to practical baby shower gifts, you can’t go wrong by thinking about what the expecting mom needs or likes — but to get inspired, use the list above! Any way you can help new parents is sure to be appreciated. For more great ideas, explore our products at ArtPix3D!