We’ve been social distancing, staying home, and self-isolating for over a month now. Most of us have settled into new routines, finding creative ways to work, shop, and entertain ourselves without leaving the house. Unfortunately, there are some things that no amount of ingenuity can simulate, and the loss of them becomes more difficult the longer shelter in place orders continue.

One of the hardest things to get used to is the prolonged separation from friends and family. Since we’re unable to go out with or even visit others under current conditions, almost all our relationships have become long-distance ones. While texts and video calls can help us feel more connected to the people we care about, nothing really replaces their physical presence. 

When digital interactions just won’t cut it, there are other ways to send your love. Having a thoughtful gift delivered to someone’s home is a wonderful gesture to let them know you’re thinking about them. Here are our top picks for sweet “I miss you” gifts that you can order online.

A Friendship Card

Succulent Plant Miss You Card from Hallmark

Sometimes it can be challenging to express our feelings in words. If you want to tell someone you love just how much you care, you can’t go wrong with a handwritten card. This simple Succulent Card from Hallmark is an excellent way to send a heartfelt message to a friend or family member you miss right now.

A Personal Journal 

Wildwood Fabric Journal from Rifle Paper Co. 

Many of us may be experiencing some pretty intense and complicated emotions as we come to terms with the current situation and its impact on our lives. A useful gift you can send to long distance friends would be a place to write down those feelings, like this lovely floral journal from Rifle Paper Co.

A Self Care Kit

Watercolor Binge Beauty Kit from Paper Source

Streaming can be a life-saver in beating boredom while cooped up at home, but it’s easy to lose track of time while engrossed in a great show. Make sure the people you love remember to take care of themselves by sending them this binge-watching care kit equipped with basic wellness and beauty essentials.

A Home Chai Latte Kit

Chai Latte Starter Set from The Republic of Tea

Do you miss meeting up with friends at a favorite coffee shop? Send them a sweet reminder of past coffee and tea dates with a specialty beverage kit that lets them brew a delicious chai tea latte at home. It’s the perfect drink for them to enjoy while you connect over a video call!

A Short Story Collection 

The Best American Short Stories 2019 from Anderson’s Bookstore 

Do you know someone who always wishes they had more time to read? If they’re currently quarantined, now would be an excellent time to send them some books. Help them get caught up on modern literature with the 2019 edition of The Best American Short Stories

Heat Activated Mug

Bob Ross Self-Painting Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Working from home can feel pretty monotonous for people who are used to going to the office every day. If this is the case for someone you care about, why not send them something to make their mornings a little brighter? Nobody could have a bad day after drinking coffee out of this self-painting Bob Ross mug.

Takeout Delivery 

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Buying groceries is a little challenging at the moment, so having a delicious, hot meal delivered to someone you love from their favorite local restaurant would be a much-appreciated gesture. Plus, you’d be helping a small business stay afloat!

A Coffee Gift Card

Photo by Charles Koh on Unsplash

If you know someone who is risking their health to go to their essential job, the least you can do is buy them a few cups of coffee! Send them a digital Starbucks gift card to help them get their morning caffeine fix before heading to work. This collection is specifically designed to thank essential workers.

Gourmet Coffee

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Coffee is one thing that no one wants to run out of, whether they’re still going to work or sheltering in place. Rather than letting your friends and family brave grocery stores in search of good coffee, why not send them some quality beans from a small, independent business? Colectivo Coffee has been producing gourmet roasts since the 90s; you can take a look at their great gifts for coffee lovers here.

A Hand Soap and Lotion Set

thank you! Hand Cream Set from Philosophy 

If there’s one thing we’ve all taken away from COVID-19 prevention updates, it’s that we need to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. Help your friends and family keep their hands clean and moisturized by sending them this gift set from Philosophy.

A Skin Care Kit

The Beehive: Best-Sellers for Glowing Skin from Sephora 

It can be tempting to neglect our skincare routines now that hardly anyone sees us. However, it’s important to keep taking care of ourselves, not just for our health but for our mental wellbeing, too. Encourage your friends and family to pamper their skin with this kit from Sephora.

Best Friend Keychains

Best Friend Avocado Key Chain Set from Etsy

If quarantine is separating you from your best friend, send them a gift to remind them that they’ll always be your other half. These adorable avocado keychains from Etsy come in a matching set– one for you, and one for your friend!

An Adult Coloring Book 

Million Sloths Coloring Book by Lulu Mayo from Target

Coloring is great for relieving stress. Sloths are probably some of the least stressed animals on the planet. It stands to reason that a coloring book full of sloths must be the most relaxing gift ever. Send one to a friend that could use an activity to help them unwind.

A 3D Puzzle

116pc 3D Big Ben Jigsaw Puzzle from Serious Puzzles

Puzzles have always been the best way to spend a quiet evening indoors. This 3D Big Ben Puzzle is an excellent gift for anglophiles. Not only is it fun to put together, but it makes a cool display piece when it’s completed.

A 3D Photo Crystal 

3D Crystal Rectangles in Portrait Orientation from ArtPix 3D

When it comes to meaningful long-distance gifts, ArtPix 3D has you covered. Bring a special memory to life in stunning 3D by uploading a favorite photo. Create a one-of-a-kind crystal keepsake with our online customization tools, and we’ll ship it to a friend or family member free! They’ll love having a 3D version of a favorite moment to comfort them in quarantine. Check out our shop to get started!

It can be scary to be isolated from our communities and separated from the people we love. That’s why it’s more important than ever to continue reaching out to others. Sometimes, knowing that someone is thinking of you is all you need to feel less alone. 

We hope these fun and unique long-distance friendship gifts inspire you to remind a loved one that you’re still here for them, even if you can’t see each other. We’ll be back next week with more great gift ideas, so stay tuned! Until then, keep up the great work of social distancing. If you’re looking for more creative ways to connect with your loved ones or celebrate special occasions at home, check out our previous blog posts here.