Are you struggling to come up with gifts for the last few people on your holiday shopping list? You might find some inspiration in the stars! No, we’re not suggesting that astrology can predict what your friends and family want for Christmas. However, knowing someone’s star sign could help you generate ideas. Our gift guide for every sign of the zodiac is a great place to start!

We’ve done our best in this post to suggest unique gift ideas based on some of the essential characteristics associated with each star sign. It’s important to remember that a person’s astrological placements don’t determine everything about their personality. People who share the same zodiac sign don’t always have the same traits and experiences. That said, we’re pretty confident our picks will help you choose the perfect presents for everyone on your list! 

Not sure how to figure out someone’s zodiac sign? It’s easy; all you need to know is their date of birth. You can take a look at this comprehensive astrology guide from Elle to find a loved one’s star sign and what it says about them. 

Don’t believe in astrology? That’s ok; we still think you’ll discover some great ideas in this post. Plus, Christmas is tomorrow, so you could probably use all the help you can get! If you missed our last blog post, you can get caught up here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out what every star sign wants for the holidays. 

Aries: Faux Leather Pants

Is any fashion statement as bold as a pair of leather pants? This iconic look immediately brings to mind rebels and rockstars, making it a perfect apparel gift for an Aries. says these fire signs are trailblazers. They like to play by their own rules and always have the confidence to back up their daring choices. Check out The Strategist to discover the coolest faux leather leggings any Aries would love to get for Christmas.

Taurus: Relaxing Bubble Bath 

When it comes to comfort, no one is better equipped than a Taurus. This self-care-obsessed earth sign knows how to enjoy the finer things, according to MyDomaine. If you’re looking for a present they’ll appreciate, you can’t go wrong with some luxury bubble bath to soak away the stress of the holiday season. You can get great bath product recommendations from The Oprah Magazine

Gemini: Fidget Toys for Adults

Quick-thinking and fast-talking, a Gemini’s brain is constantly moving at a hundred miles an hour, as Allure points out. This is often part of their charm, but it also means they get bored pretty easily. This Christmas, give your favorite Gemini a present to help them curb some of their excess energy and focus better at work. These fidget toys recommended by Rolling Stone are great for the office or for working from home. 

Cancer: A Cake Decorating Kit

Ask a Cancer their reason for getting up in the morning, and they’ll tell you it’s the people they love! According to this article, these sensitive water signs are dedicated to their family and friends. Whether it means listening to their problems at three in the morning or cheering them up with freshly baked treats, Cancers are always there for the people they care about.  For a holiday gift they’ll use again and again, check out these excellent cake decorating kits recommended by The Spruce Eats.

Leo: A Personalized 3D Photo Crystal

3D Crystal Rectangle from ArtPix 3D 

When shopping for a Leo, you can’t go wrong with personalization. Individual identity is extremely important to these signs, and Parade says they have a strong need to express themselves. This Christmas, show the Leos in your life how much they mean to you by turning their favorite photo into a 3D crystal engraving that sparkles almost as brilliantly as they do.

Virgo: A Portable Charging Station

When you need gum, hand sanitizer, or a band-aid, you ask a Virgo. These signs are excellent planners, according to Elite Daily. These signs never leave the house unprepared, and they’re always willing to share. Here’s a practical Christmas gift that they’re sure to appreciate: a portable charger to keep their phone at full battery at all times. Take a look at Tom’s Guide to find some of the best power banks for the most responsible members of the zodiac. 

Libra: An Upgraded Compact Mirror

Whether they’re meeting someone for the first time or hanging out with old friends, Libras like to make a good impression. They’re highly social signs, according to this article. No matter the occasion, they always put their best foot forward, starting with their appearance. A compact mirror for on-the-go touch-ups would be an excellent Christmas present. Style Caster has some great suggestions for high-tech compacts with lighting and magnifying features. 

Scorpio: A Pair of Stylish Sunglasses

If we had to pick the most mysterious sign, Scorpio would be our first choice. These signs are slow to reveal personal information about themselves, as this article points out. Help them achieve the perfect poker face this holiday season with a pair of chic sunglasses they’ll want to wear 24/7. Glowsly tells us that these are the winter eyewear trends to watch out for.

Sagittarius: A Journal for Reading Logs

A Sagittarius is never happier than when they’re learning something new. These signs love to challenge themselves with unfamiliar experiences. They’re often associated with a passion for travel, according to Chatelaine. Since they probably won’t be making any big vacation plans anytime soon, here’s a thoughtful gift that lets them explore the world from home. Check out Book Riot for the best journals to keep track of and reflect on recent reads.

Capricorn: A Dry Erase Board for the Office

When the stakes are high, Magic Horoscope tells us you can always count on a Capricorn to get the job done. Equal parts ambitious and reliable, these highly-motivated earth signs have a reputation as the workaholics of the zodiac. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a busy Capricorn, you can’t go wrong with something that helps them stay organized in the workplace. Check out The Daily Beast for a list of dry-erase boards conveniently designed to fit on your desk.

Aquarius: Environmentally Sustainable Clothing

Aquarius may not be the most social member of the zodiac, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that cares more about humanity as a whole. According to this article, these air signs not only want to understand the world around them, but help change it for the better. What an Aquarius really wants for Christmas is to make a difference! Take a look at The Beet to discover ethical clothing brands committed to protecting the environment with every purchase.

Pisces: Headphones for Better Sleep

Ask a Pisces what they’re most excited for this holiday season, and the answer will probably be “sleeping in.” These daydreaming water signs have vivid imaginations, and they love being able to relax and let their minds wander, as this article tells us. Sleep headphones would be a thoughtful gift to help them get better shuteye at night. It’ll also make listening to music during the day 100% comfier! Take a look at Audiophile On to find some of the best ones on the market. 

We hope this astrology-themed gift guide gave you some unique ideas for everyone on your list this year. If you need more inspiration, you can check out the rest of our blog here. Looking for a present that anyone would love regardless of their zodiac sign? Check out our shop for personalized photo keepsakes guaranteed to wow your loved ones this holiday season.