october 19, 2023

The 31 Best Halloween Decor Ideas of 2023

In the dark of the night, pumpkins glow in the moonlight, ghosts and goblins come out to play, wind whispers in the trees, and shadows dance in the street. You know what that means, Boils and Ghouls, Halloween is here! Get your space ready with these 31 spine-chilling Halloween Decor ideas sure to make your Halloween a frightfully good time.

Make Your Own DIY Halloween Garland

Feeling crafty? Making your own Halloween Garland is a fun, creative way to get started on decorating! All you need is some twine, clothespins, some spooky-colored construction paper, and a little glue.


Greet Your Guests with a Halloween Doormat

Throwing a Haunted Halloween Party? Invite your guests in with a Halloween-themed doormat! Just be careful, you never know who– or what– might show up. Muhahahaha *cough* Sorry…


Set the Tone with a DIY Halloween Wreath

Start the scares at the front door with by making a DIY Halloween Wreath! These may be a little more involved than the garlands but are well worth it to set the spooky vibes off right. Find some inspiration at House Beautiful


Light Up the Night with a Spooky Vintage Candelabra

Nothing says spooky like this gothic spin on ambient lighting. Grab yourself something vintage from a local antique store, or check out these options from Etsy!


Show Off Your Adorable Pet’s Costume with a Pet Paw Photo Crystal

What’s cuter than seeing your lovable fur-friend all dressed up for Halloween? This Pet Paw-Shaped Crystal Keepsake is a charming way to display your pet’s boo-tiful fit year after year.


Wrap Your Own DIY Mummy Jars

Looking for a family-friendly decoration you and the kids can make together? Break out the first aid kit, some googly eyes, and some glue, these little Mason Jar Mummies are easy to make and adorable too!


Keep it Cute with a Skeleton Plushy…

Speaking of kids, you can keep your Halloween decor soft and sweet with skeleton plushies! They’re fun to play with and easy to set up in scenes from your favorite spooky movies! Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone?


…or Get Spooky with a Life-Size Halloween Skeleton

Plushies too cute? Then get a little more bone-chilling with a life-size skeleton. Dress them up in a costume and pose them for a fun Halloween Party photo-op!


Get Witchy with Tarot Cards & Crystals

Shuffle the cards and what do you see? Ah, this card spells Death– now, what could it mean? Actually, the Death card in Tarot just means change is occurring in your life! But that doesn’t stop our hearts from jumping a little whenever we pull it. Pairing an open deck of tarot cards with brilliant crystals like amethyst is a great way to set a witchy scene.


Look into the Future with a Magic Crystal Ball

Want to get even more Witchy? Curious how your Halloween Party will go? Look into a crystal ball and find out! Some tea candles and a clothed table help to set the tone.

Get the Holidays Started Early with Halloween Crystal Ornaments

Who said ornaments can’t stay out year-round? These darling Crystal Photo Ornaments are a unique way to show off your or your kids’ Halloween costumes over the years. And you won’t need a tree when you pair them with one of ArtPix 3D’s elegant Ornament Display Stands!

Don’t Forget to Carve Your Pumpkins…

Some traditions are just too fun to pass up! Take a trip to a local pumpkin patch, pick out the perfect one (or two or three), and carve out your favorite design. Need some pumpkin carving inspo? Good Housekeeping’s got you covered.


…or Keep it Clean and Paint Your Pumpkins Instead

Avoid the mess of traditional pumpkin carving by painting them instead! Break out some craft paint, a variety of paintbrushes, a paint palette for mixing colors, and a covered work surface and you’re good to go. Check out this handy gallery from Woman’s Day if you need some pumpkin painting ideas.

Some Spooky Neon Lights Can Go a Long Way…

Bask in the glow of purple, green, orange, and pink to set a spooky mood. Even when paired with minimal decoration, a dash of neon can add some eerie flair to your haunted festivities.

…and These Pumpkin String Lights Can Add an Extra Touch

If neon lighting feels like a little bit too much for you, Halloween string lights can provide you with the ghoulish illumination you need. You can find fun shapes like pumpkins and ghosts at your local Halloween Pop-up or even the supermarket!


Pair Your Lights with a DIY Halloween Banner

Don’t put away your crafts just yet. Make your own Halloween Banner for a cute last-minute Halloween decoration for your wall!  

Get Cozy with a Happy Halloween Pillow

It’s already well-known that adding a few throw pillows to your living room setup is a comfy way to accent your design sense and taste. Mix that with a delightful holiday like Halloween and you can easily elevate your boo-tiful haunted house. You can find pillows like these at your local Michaels!


Celebrate the Season with a 3D Scorpio Crystal

Halloween just so happens to land squarely in Scorpio season, the astrology sign associated with those born between October 23rd and November 21st. Known for their enthralling passion and alluring mystery, it’s no wonder Halloween is a holiday that fits in so well! The fact that their constellation makes up a creepy crawly like the scorpion makes this zodiac sign crystal a perfect work of art to add to your spooky decor.


Spiders, and Witch Hats, and Candles, Oh My

They say the devil’s in the details and that couldn’t be truer for Halloween decorations! Adding little spiders and webs,  maybe hanging a witch hat on the coat rack, and lighting your space with lots of candles can do wonders to set those spooky vibes. Might we recommend candles that “bleed”?


“Have a Friend for Dinner” with a Spooky Table Setting…

Need ideas for how to throw a bone-chilling Halloween Dinner Party? Break out the mini pumpkins, crisp fall leaves, gilded garnishes, and skeleton hands. It’s time to set the table for a spooky soiree. Find some eerie inspiration at Elle Decor. Wondering what to serve? Checkout our next idea.

…and Snack on Some Healthy Halloween Treats…

Need a break from all the candy? Clean Eating Kitchen has just the treats for a homemade, allergy-friendly dessert so you can skip the tummy ache

…or Gorge Yourself on some Halloween Candy Bowls

Okay, but we all have a little sweet tooth, right? A piece of candy here and there can’t hurt. Filling Halloween candy bowls with your favorite treat is the perfect way to ring in the spooky season.


Commemorate Your Sweet Autumn Memories with an Amber Bun Cake 3D Crystal

Remember that trip to the pumpkin patch? Leaves crunching under your feet, getting lost in the corn maze, maybe even picking a sunflower or two? Display your favorite photos from your Fall fun in a gorgeous pumpkin-color 3D Crystal! Its Bun Cake shape is so sweet you won’t even need candy.

Make some DIY Spirit Jars…

Did you use the mummy idea from before? Keep ‘em company with DIY Ghosts in a Jar! They’re just as easy, just as cute, and a fun way to hand out candy and little Halloween party favors! Grab a mason jar, a lollipop, some cheesecloth, a string, plus any other accouterments you desire and you’re good to go!

…or Summon Some Spirits of Your Own with a Vintage Ouija Board

Have you ever wanted to speak to the dead? While a Ouija Board is technically a board game, invoking spirits is no play. If you’re feeling particularly brave, setting up a Ouija Board makes for a fun, interactive way to get your spook on. We recommend a wood Ouija Board to really set the vibe. Be careful who you call, though! Not all spirits are like Casper the Friendly Ghost.


Have Some Tea with a Creepy Porcelain Doll

Who’s coming to tea? Dolls have long been considered creepy due to their uncanny, lifelike expressions and faces, glistening eyes, and childlike appearance. The facial recognition parts of our brains tell us they’re alive, even though we know they’re not. Our fear is born from that juxtaposition. Adding a creepy doll to your Halloween setup may be just what you need to get the scares started. 


Find the Perfect Incantation with a Witch’s Spellbook…

“Itch-it-a-cop-it-a-mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca!” It’s not just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. A witch’s spellbook (grimoire) has a lot of power and may have just the spell to win over your party guests. Learn how to make your own spellbook here!


…and Brew Some Wicked Potions in a Witch’s Cauldron

“Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.” This one speaks for itself. Grab a cauldron from a local metaphysical store and throw in a little dry ice or a small fog machine to get your potions brewing! Add a neon light to keep it creepy!


Tap into Your Inner Frankenstein with a Mad Scientist Lab

Cauldrons aren’t the only way to brew potions! Tap into your inner mad scientist, break out the chemistry kit, and fill some beakers with food-dyed water, fun colored cocktails, OR learn how to make glowing water! All you need is a highlighter or vitamins and a black light!


Celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with a Sugar Skull

As Halloween ends, Día de los Muertos begins! According to, “There is probably no more iconic symbol for Day of the Dead than the skull, or “calavera”. The “calavera” is usually an ornately decorated representation of a skull, often featuring flowers, animals, and other decorations. During the holiday, this imagery is seen everywhere, from Ofrendas, to paper crafts, and even to cartoons on newspapers. In a way, the Calavera has become an embodiment of the holiday itself.” What better way is there to celebrate the spirit of Halloween and Día de los Muertos combined?


And Celebrate Your Halloween Adventures with a 3D Photo Crystal

With the end of Halloween comes tummy aches from too much candy (or too many “Boos” at that Halloween Party *ahem*), putting away your decorations, and reminiscing on all the delightful cheers and fears you had. Finish off your Halloween celebrations by commemorating the night with an Amber Skirt 3D Crystal Keepsake in Landscape! Just upload your favorite Halloween photo and watch it come to life in breathtaking 3D– with detail this good, it’s never too late for one more scare.

Find more crystals to commemorate your Halloween memories at our shop. Happy Haunting!