Your girlfriend is just about your favorite person in the whole world. In fact, she’s so amazing that you may sometimes have trouble verbalizing your feelings to her. When words fail, there are other ways to show her just how thrilled you are to have her in your life. You can express your affection by doing kind things for her, planning romantic dates, or showering her with spontaneous gifts.

It’s true that you can’t buy love, but surprising your girlfriend with “just because” gifts is a sweet way to let her know you’ve been thinking about her. It can also demonstrate how well you know her likes and interests. 

What makes a “just because” gift special? First of all, it’s essential to recognize that spontaneous does not mean arbitrary. It means that there’s no reason or occasion for your gesture other than to demonstrate your love. You should still put some thought into choosing something meaningful. 

When picking out a present for your girlfriend, think about how she tends to demonstrate affection. If she’s big on traditional romantic gestures, a sentimental gift like flowers or jewelry would probably be well-received. If she’s not the mushy type, she might prefer a useful item that makes her life easier or a humorous present that makes her smile. 

In this post, we’re going to give you some romantic inspiration to help you surprise your girlfriend. Make her feel special with one of these adorable gift ideas!

A Guide for Her Zodiac Sign 

For the girlfriend who’s into astrology, the most thoughtful gift would be helping her learn more about herself through her zodiac placements. Show her that you support her interests and personal growth by getting her a Pocket Astrology book that corresponds to her sun sign.

An Unusual Plushy

Anyone can win a teddy bear for their girlfriend at the fair. To surprise her with a plushy she’ll be excited to display in her bedroom, try shopping around for something a little more unique. Take a look at this list of weird, whimsical stuffed toys she won’t have seen before. 

An Innovative Desk Lamp 

Is your girlfriend a go-getter who’s willing to work all night to meet her deadlines? Here’s a “just because” gift to let her know you admire her industrious spirit. Keep her workspace well-illuminated into the wee hours with one of these innovative desk lamps

A 3D Crystal Heart 

3D Crystal Heart from ArtPix 3D

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. How many words is a 3D photo engraving inside a breathtaking crystal keepsake worth? We’re not exactly sure, but we do know our 3D Crystal Heart personalized with a photo of you and your girlfriend would make an unforgettable gift! Browse our collection of customizable luxury keepsakes here

A Love Journal 

Sometimes the best present you can offer your partner is something the two of you can do together. Journaling as a couple brings you closer by prompting you to reflect on specific areas of your relationship. You can learn more about where to find the best couple’s journals and how to get the most out of this activity in this article

A Pint of Ice Cream

Spending time with your girlfriend makes life so much sweeter. If you want to bring a little sweetness into her life, too, why not surprise her with a pint (or several!) of her favorite ice cream? Jeni’s Ice Cream makes it easy to order online. Plus, they have a variety of unique flavors your girlfriend will love! 

A Cute Alarm Clock

Weekday mornings can be rough sometimes. If you want to get your girlfriend a thoughtful surprise to help her start her day with a smile, how about an alarm clock that can ease her gently into the AM? These stylish, ingenious alarm clocks are guaranteed to make her mornings brighter. 

A Fierce Eyeshadow Palette

Your girlfriend is already beautiful, but makeup isn’t just about enhancing her appearance. It’s also about having fun, being creative, and expressing herself! If wearing makeup makes her feel fabulous, get her a bold eyeshadow palette she can have fun with. Not so well-versed in the world of cosmetics? Here’s a guide to the best palettes to make her eyes pop.

An Extra Cozy Sweater

Whether it’s a cold morning in winter or a surprisingly chilly summer evening, a cozy sweater is a must-have. Even if your S.O. already has tons of hoodies and pullovers (or if she usually borrows one of yours), she could always use another! Elle has already rounded up the best sweaters for 2020 in this article.

A Fairy Garden Kit 

For the girlfriend that believes in magic and happily-ever-afters, here’s a spontaneous gift that’s sure to delight her imagination. These adorable miniature garden kits are fit for a fairy queen. They’re also tons of fun to set up!

Quality Colored Pencils

If your partner is an artist, or if she enjoys doodling in her spare time, a set of colored pencils would be a great surprise gift to encourage her creative pursuits. Need a little help picking out the perfect drawing tools? Check out this list

A Snack Care Package

Hands down, the most effective way to show someone you care is to send them a package full of their favorite snacks. Your girlfriend is no exception! Take a look at this article to find the best online retailers for edible care packages. 

A Unique Piece of Jewelry

While jewelry may not seem like the most original gift idea, there’s a reason it’s so popular. Something about receiving a shiny necklace or pair of earrings makes you feel extra special. Here’s a great list of accessories from Bustle that are unique and, in some cases, customizable! Speaking of custom jewelry, don’t forget to check out the Personalized Photo Necklaces in our shop!


Whether or not you and your girlfriend believe in their spiritual properties, crystals make an excellent addition to any home decor. Check out this article to learn more about different minerals and which one would be the best fit for your girlfriend’s coffee table or nightstand. 

An Herb Plant

Sure, flowers are pretty and all, but can you eat them? No. Which makes an herb plant a superior present. Not only will your girlfriend have an adorable potted plant to decorate her windowsill, but she’ll also have delicious fresh herbs to cook with! If you need a little help choosing the best herbs for her gardening style, check out this article

We hope you found some incredible “just because” gift ideas to make your girlfriend feel special. Need more inspiration? Visit our shop to find breathtaking personalized keepsakes she’ll love!