Unique christmas gift ideas 2019

The holiday season fast approaching, but you still have plenty of time to find a unique gift for your loved ones. Consider giving your presents a personal touch this year by choosing a customizable gift online. Finding a truly unique gift for a loved one will not only make them feel special, but it will also make you feel pretty good, too. We have a few unique Christmas gift ideas for you with customizable features that will make them stand out.


For a unique and versatile home decor gift, consider a canvas print. With endless options for customization, this gift is perfect for anyone on your list, whether it’s a family member, boss, or colleague. If you can paint, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent by creating something one-of-a-kind. If not, you can still make the canvas special by printing a personalized message on it. For couples with kids, decorating a canvas with their children’s handprints makes a thoughtful and memorable gift. 

Shooter set

Taking shots is bound to happen at some point during the holidays. A soapstone shooter set is a classy Christmas gift that will keep your drinks cold. Make it unique by having personal messages engraved on the glasses. Accessorize this thoughtful gift with a wooden tray to give it a rustic finish.

Beer glass set

During this festive season, people are bound to make merry and drink beer. Monogrammed beer glasses are unique Christmas gifts that every beer lover will appreciate. With enhanced walls and rims that keep your beer ice cold, this customizable gift is both thoughtful and practical. You might even want a set for yourself to help you entertain your holiday guests. 

Wine gift set

Holiday-themed gifts are great, but the most thoughtful gifts can be used year-round. A set of personalized wine glasses makes a wonderful gift that can be used for any occasion. For a unique touch, consider adding some useful wine accessories such as a wine pourer, a foil cutter, a wine ring, and a stopper. You can even customize some of these accessories; for example, check out our photo engraving options for wine stoppers!

Insulated wine cooler

Another unique gift for the wine lover in your life is an insulated wine cooler. Many wine coolers are not insulated, which may result in accidental breakage. An insulated wine cooler with a custom monogram is a memorable and practical gift with a variety of uses. Perfect for outdoor events, long trips, or just a simple gathering, your loved one will think of you every time they use it. 

Decision spinner

If you know someone who works in a team setting, then a decision spinner that they can put on their desk is a perfect Christmas gift. Working with others can be difficult, especially when it comes to making group decisions. A decision spinner makes a great equalizer. Customize it to create a memorable and useful office decoration.

Engraved golf balls

Wondering what to get your boss this Christmas? Personalized golf balls are your solution. For a truly unique gift, engrave one word on each golf ball so that the whole set creates a personal message. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a set of six instead of twelve. This is also an excellent gift for dads and brothers. 

Charging station

A busy work schedule can make it difficult for people to prioritize organizing their workspace. A charging station is the perfect gift for someone who needs a little help keeping their desk tidy. Not only is it unique and thoughtful, but it’s also a life-saver in the office. Individual compartments make it easy to keep track of small, easily misplaced items. Charging stations come in a variety of styles, so be sure to choose one that matches your friend’s office decor.

Shave set

A customized shaving set is the perfect unique gift for men this year. This thoughtful present brings a touch of class to any morning routine while making the process efficient and convenient. Hand-pick each item in the kit and add a personalized engraving for a practical present that’s one-of-a-kind.

Tech case

If you’re not sure what to get the tech expert in your life this holiday season, a tech case is the answer. This thoughtful gift will help them keep all their electronic gadgets safe, organized, and easily accessible, especially when they travel. Customize it with their initials for a personal touch.

Crystal Necklace or Keychain

Engraved crystal gifts are the most unique way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Endless options for customization, from the carefully selected photo to the heartfelt message, make a 2D or 3D crystal image the most personal gift of all. A heart-shaped 3D necklace with a photo of you inside is the perfect romantic present for your spouse or partner, while a favorite memory etched into a crystal keychain ensures the recipient will think of you often. ArtPix 3D makes this process easy and efficient, reducing holiday stress and allowing you to spend some extra time with your family and friends. 

Light base

If you want to make your crystal gift stand out, accessorize it with one of our high quality light bases. Available in a variety of sizes, these LED bases illuminate the image within your crystal, showcasing its unique beauty. This is also the perfect gift for someone who already owns a crystal item.

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