Pet owners love their animals. For many, their pets are their babies. So what can someone buy for the enthusiastic pet owner? Here are the top 11 top-notch pet gifts for owners that are great choices. There are quite a few pet gift options out there, but these items are highly rated and have many reviews from many pet owners that love their pets. Here are some of the best pet gifts.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera helps pet owners watch their dogs or cats while away from home. The camera allows the owners to check in on their pets right from their phones. It also has an option for the owner to press a button to toss treats and talk to their pet.

This camera is beneficial for dog owners, as it also allows them to hear when they bark and check in on them with the click of a button. The camera may not pick up meows but can still be used for cats as well.

KONG Box  

Dogs can be rough on toys. And for dog owners that own bigger dogs, it’s almost impossible to find a toy that can outlast rough play. Enter in KONG Box, a subscription box for dog owners that need durable toys. 

The subscription box includes a variety of KONG toys and treats tailored to a dog’s needs. For example, if the dog has a problem with boredom due to being alone most of the day, toys and treats can be chosen from the boredom box. But overall, the KONG toys can be used right out of the box or with homemade goodies.

Fi Smart Collar 

For super active dogs and cats, the Fi Smart Collar is a favorite for its owners. This intelligent collar allows the owner to track their pet’s activity and location throughout the day. 

Plus, it tracks steps and helps the owner find their dog or cat should they escape their house or backyard. And, the newest model also offers sleep tracking. 

The Fi Smart Collar is also sleek and simple. It shouldn’t cause any issues, even for the dog or cat that doesn’t like collars. 

BarkBox Subscription

The BarkBox subscription box is an excellent gift for the pet owner that loves to spoil their dog. The monthly package includes themed toys, two bags of treats, and a chew toy every month. The box also allows purchasers to choose one, three, six, or 12-month box subscriptions. 

Personalized Pet Collar

If a smart collar isn’t needed or wanted, a personalized pet collar is another excellent choice. Many pet collars can be personalized with the name of the pet, contact information (if needed) and even include a wide range of designs, clasps, and more. 

​​Customized Enamel Pin

Some pet lovers love to look at their pets even when they’re not around them. And, when pets pass away, having a piece of them helps many of their owners heal. Because of that love, they may enjoy a customized enamel pin

These enamel pins take a pet’s picture and create a cartoon version of them. From there, the picture is added to an enamel pin that can be worn forever. They can also be collected if the pet owner has multiple pets that they want to have memorialized.

Luxury Pet Bed 

Pets deserve their beds too. Why not gift them a luxury pet bed for the pet owner who spoils their pet and who only wants the best of the best? 

There are many different luxury pet beds, including couch-like beds, cooling beds, heated beds, and memory foam beds. Like with human beds, there is a pet bed for all different types of sleepers and animals.

Pet Car Seat 

For pet owners that love to travel with their cat or dog, a pet car seat can help them stay safe and happy. These car seats are a better option for smaller and medium-sized dogs and cats but may also fit some large dogs. Plus, many are easy to install, require no particular installation, and offer storage solutions for the animal’s needs while traveling as well. 

Dog or Cat Booties 

In hot summer months and in areas where snow is expected in the winter, dog or cat booties are needed. Because dogs and cats have pads on their feet, they need to be protected, especially when it’s hot outside or snow on the ground. 

Dog and cat booties help protect paws while also allowing a full range of motion for the pet. And, many are easy to clean, waterproof, and are easy to put on. These booties are also helpful for pet owners who have allergies, as they keep the animals from licking and biting their feet.

Pet Lint Roller

Pets can shed, and when they do, they shed everywhere. And while everyone loves their pets, having fur around can be a pain. However, there are many solutions now. But, instead of investing in an expensive vacuum or cleaner, pet owners can also use a lint roller made for pet fur. 

A reusable pet lint roller allows the pet owner to clean couches, rugs, and more. Then, they can empty the lint roller, rinse it off, and use it again. This is also an excellent solution for travelers and those in small spaces as well.

Talking Buttons 

For the fun-loving pet owner that loves to train or talk to their pet, talking buttons can go a long way. Talking controls allow dogs, cats, and other animals to “talk” to their owner. 

With buttons like “treat,” “food,” “water,” “walk,” and more, a pet can quickly learn to communicate its needs. Plus, buttons can also be customized, allowing owners to have fun with different commands and communication methods.

Best Pet Gifts For Owners To Purchase Now 

There are many top-notch presents for a pet lover that anyone can buy. But some of the best gifts are gifts that the pet lover asks for. So, don’t be afraid to ask what a pet owner needs or loves to get for their pet. However, this list is a great starter for people who are curious about what options there are.