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Create a special keepsake that has a real wow factor! At ArtPix 3D, we can turn one of your most beloved memories into a stunning, rectangular 3D crystal photo. That photo of your beloved child or grandchild, a precious moment on your wedding day or even a scene from a favorite family vacation can become immortal in your own crystal design. Highlight a memory you don’t want to forget with this creative, artistic possibility.

The Timeless Appeal of a Rectangular 2D Crystal Photo

Who wouldn’t love the eye-catching beauty of a laser-engraved crystal rectangle on your desk, mantel or other surface? Unlike paper photos that fade and weather over time, crystal photos can last forever. Even better, rectangular crystal photos catch the light from every angle. Choose the classic shape and style of a timeless design with wide appeal. Rectangle crystal photos are popular choices for holiday, wedding or birthday gifts. If you’re looking for an unforgettable heirloom to give to someone in your life, consider this option.

Benefits of Ordering a Rectangular Laser-Engraved Photo

Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift, a way to celebrate a new baby or a treasure to commemorate a major achievement, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a personalized 2D crystal rectangle. Create one for yourself or someone else and enjoy these benefits:

  • A personalized, one-of-a-kind treasure — By customizing a crystal with a photo of your choice, you create something unique. No one else will have the same crystal and no one else can appreciate its value like the recipient.
  • A thoughtful memento that feels special — Anyone can give a generic gift from a home goods store, but a personalized 2D crystal rectangle takes thought. That makes it both more meaningful and more precious.
  • An object that can last forever — One of the best features of crystal is that it lasts forever. You don’t have to worry about the piece weathering or tarnishing. It’s designed to stay beautiful for generations.
  • An ideal way to commemorate a special occasion — Has a friend bought a new house or just had a baby? Want to give a happy couple a wedding present they’ll never forget? A custom crystal is the perfect choice.

Why Come to ArtPix 3D for Your Custom 3D Crystal Rectangle

When you want to create a custom crystal for yourself or a loved one, ArtPix 3D is proud to offer the best in rectangular 2D crystal photos and rectangular 3D crystal photos. All our products use only the highest grade of optical crystal, a material that’s free of impurities and ready to be polished to a brilliant sparkle.
Come place your order today! Our ordering process is easy, and our finished designs are always exceptional.