september 10, 2018

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you can relate, here’s an idea to help your search: create a personalized memento! Everyone appreciates the extra thought and care that goes into a custom-made gift. With that in mind, at ArtPix 3D, we create all kinds of unique housewarming gifts, from 2D and 3D engraved crystals to photo-focused key chains. Choose from our selection of new home gifts to find the perfect option to delight the people you love.

Types of Crystal Housewarming Gifts We Offer

ArtPix 3D uses unique software and laser etching to turn photos into mesmerizing crystal designs. Choosing only the highest grade of crystal, we create various pieces made to celebrate life’s milestones.


Here are some examples of cool housewarming gifts we can create:

  • Key chains: Take a great photo of your recipients, and put it on a custom-engraved key chain. Hooked onto a new house key, it’s a daily reminder of what’s most important in life. Alternatively, get a photo of the new place engraved onto a key chain, celebrating this life event in an unforgettable way. Any photo with significance to your friends will make a perfect choice for a custom key chain.
  • Crystals and light bases: For a gift that’s big enough to set on a fireplace mantel or bookshelf, we offer standalone crystal pieces. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes — whether that’s a rectangle, diamond or heart. Then, get a beloved photo engraved onto the piece, creating an heirloom sure to bring smiles. Maybe you’ll commemorate the first house your friends just left with a custom crystal engraved with that home’s photo and address. Perhaps you surprise them with a house portrait of their new residence. Anything from vacation photos to wedding photos can be a great choice, depending on what the recipient values. Think about what he or she likes and turn it into a lifelong treasure.


The Appeal of These Great Housewarming Gifts
Photo crystals are the kinds of new home gifts that last forever. Unlike paper photos that discolor and weather over time, crystals stay beautiful for generations. Watch someone’s eyes light up with joy when discovering one of his or her most precious memories memorialized onto crystal. ArtPix 3D uses beautiful optical crystal that’s free from impurities, made to sparkle when polished.


To place your order for a custom crystal housewarming gift, just upload a photo onto our website and choose the type of gift you’d like. Browse our site to learn more!