september 27, 2023

How to Make a 3D Printed Necklace

Have you ever had a memory– a photograph– so near and dear to your heart that you wished you could just always keep it there? No having to rummage through old photo binders, having it get crumbled in your wallet, or having to find it somewhere on your phone. Maybe it’s of your dad, just like you remember him when he was younger. Or your family dog staring up at you, happily wagging their tail. Or even your partner, sparkling eyes beaming with love and affection. Enter ArtPix 3D.

ArtPix 3D

At ArtPix 3D, we bring your fondest memories to life in flawlessly cut, optically clear K9 crystal. But these are more than just average products popped into a machine and pulled out when they’re done. A detailed creative process goes into every custom crystal we make. We pride ourselves on bringing together top-notch designers, cutting-edge technology, and outside-the-box thinking to produce incredible 3D art. And as for that memory you wish to keep close to your heart? Stay tuned: We’re about to tell you how to make your own 3D necklace in three easy steps.

ArtPix 3D

Step 1: Choose a Shape & Upload a Photo

We have two timeless crystal shapes for you to choose from to create the perfect 3D Photo Necklace to best suit you or your loved one: a classic rectangle and a sentimental heart. There’s no wrong answer! Then comes the memory made anew.

When you upload a photo to our website, our talented team of designers carefully reviews it for imperfections that could compromise the crystal engraving, such as blurriness or poor lighting. Once the photo receives their seal of approval, the designers begin optimizing it for our etching process with state-of-the-art conversion software that transforms your 2D picture into a captivating 3D model. The light points within this model are then precisely mapped to serve as the coordinates for your personalized engraving!

ArtPix 3D

Step 2: Approve Your 3D Model 

Above all else, we understand how important it is that your crystal is accurate and realistic so that all the nostalgia, all the passion, all the meaning that the picture you upload has for you is not only present, but gripping you in just the same way. That’s why we send you a free 3D Preview of your model, so you can see just how it’s going to appear. And, if you feel the model needs improvement, our designers are at the ready should you request a rework. We’re here for you every step of the way!

ArtPix 3D

Step 3: Engrave

Once you’ve approved your 3D model, your crystal is loaded into one of our innovative subsurface laser engraving machines that meticulously trace the map of your image’s light point coordinates as it creates intricate and delicate etchings within your crystal, leaving the exterior unblemished. Pretty neat, right?

And that’s how to make a personalized photo-engraved necklace! Our designers will conduct one final review before your crystal is delicately packed into a luxurious gift box protected by bubble wrap aplenty and a sturdy shipping container to absorb any bumps along the way to its new home.

ArtPix 3D

Where to Buy a Photo Necklace

Want to know where to get a necklace that you add a photo on? We think you may already know the answer to this one: ArtPix 3D! Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any other occasion, the 3D Photo Necklace is made to ensure your loved ones are always close to your heart.