Let’s say someone you know has a birthday coming up. You want to get them a gift, but there’s a problem: lately, they’ve been struggling to stay organized because of all the junk in their house. Now, you’re concerned that anything you buy for them would only be contributing to their organizational woes. How can you celebrate your friends and family members on a special occasion while respecting their efforts to declutter their homes? 

There are plenty of ways to become a more conscientious gifter. First of all, you should give yourself plenty of time to come up with thoughtful ideas. When we’re shopping at the last minute, we often make purchases that will end up in the recipient’s junk drawer! You’ll also want to focus on items that won’t take up too much space in someone’s home. While that hilarious novelty figurine might seem like a cute present, it won’t be quite as charming when it’s gathering dust on an overcrowded shelf in the basement. 

Are you ready to start shopping for space-efficient presents for friends and family? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the most thoughtful gifts for anyone trying to declutter their homes in this post. Before we share these incredible ideas with you, did you get a chance to read our last blog post? If not, you can do that here! We’ll wait. 

All set? Excellent! Here are our top picks for thoughtful home gifts to help your friends and family keep their living spaces organized.

A Reusable Notebook

Nothing beats the thrill of buying a brand new notebook to fill with your ideas— and that’s why most of us have a disorganized stack of half-filled journals and planners taking up space in our homes. Here’s a thoughtful gift idea to keep the piles from growing any taller. Check out these high-tech notebooks with reusable pages! 

A Digital Gift Card to ArtPix 3D

3D Crystal Rectangle (Landscape) from ArtPix 3D

Gift cards are always an excellent gift for people trying to declutter their homes. They take up zero storage space, and the recipient can use them to purchase things they actually want. However, sometimes these versatile items can feel a tad impersonal. It’s almost like you’re trying to make your friends and family members buy their own presents! 

ArtPix 3D has the perfect solution. Our gift cards aren’t just placeholders for cash— they offer your loved ones a unique way to preserve their favorite memories forever! All they have to do is send us a treasured photo, and we’ll bring it to life in a stunning 3D crystal engraving they’ll love. You can peruse our digital gift cards here

A Countertop Spice Rack

Anyone who loves to cook with plenty of herbs and spices needs a way to keep them organized. This countertop storage solution is the perfect gift to help friends and family declutter their kitchens. Check out some of the best spice racks that make it easy to free up pantry space. 

A Space-Saving Tower Fan

Staying comfortable in the summer shouldn’t mean having to turn over a considerable portion of your room to a bulky fan. Here’s an ingenious gift idea to help your friends and family members cool down their homes without undermining their efforts to declutter. These slim tower fans are perfect for keeping smaller living spaces organized.

A Dry Erase Board

Nothing creates a disorganized mess faster than leaving paper memos for yourself around your home. Skip the sticky notes and get your friends and family members a dry erase board instead! Perfect for appointment reminders and grocery lists, this practical office tool has an unlimited lifespan. Any time your loved ones need more writing space, they can erase their old notes! 

Reusable Food Storage Pouches

One-time-use plastic products are not only a menace to the planet, but also to our efforts to declutter our living spaces! Plastic packaging has a habit of accumulating, despite our best intentions to throw it away. These eco-friendly alternatives to sandwich bags make a fantastic gift for anyone trying to keep their kitchen organized.

A Trash Can for Their Car

Our homes aren’t the only places where junk tends to collect. If you’re looking for useful gifts to give someone trying to declutter every area of their lives, here’s an ingenious item that will help them keep the interior of their car organized. Check out the handy backseat trash bin recommended in this article.

Washable Paper Towels

Paper towels have endless uses in the kitchen, but they take up a lot of storage space in our homes. Looking for a less bulky option that also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones? These alternative wipes are designed to be washed and used repeatedly so that your cabinets stay organized and decluttered. 

A Jewelry Box or Tray with Dividers

When it comes to bedroom dressers and night tables, it’s the smallest accessories that create the biggest messes. There’s nothing worse than a knotted pile of necklaces and earrings! This lovely gift idea is a great way to help your friends and family keep their wardrobes organized. Discover some of the most space-efficient jewelry storage for decluttering bedrooms. 

A Woven Basket or Crate

Is there any storage solution that’s more versatile or aesthetically pleasing than a woven basket? These simple home accents are a life-saver for people trying to declutter their living spaces. They’re perfect for gathering all the odds and ends that keep your house from looking neat and organized. 

A Comfy Bean Bag Chair

We know what you’re thinking. If you’re trying to help a loved one declutter their home and keep it organized, why would you gift them a bulky piece of furniture? Hear us out. Bean bag chairs offer extra seating in small living spaces without the inconvenience of having to commit to a real chair. Plus, they’re extra soft and comfy! Here’s where you can check out some of the best ones. 

An eBook Gift Card

If you’re shopping for an avid reader, you might think that the latest bestseller would make a thoughtful present. Think again. Their bookcase is probably already crammed with trendy books that were gifted to them by all their other friends and family members. Instead, get the bookworms in your life an ebook gift card. That way, they can purchase a title they’re interested in while keeping their home neat and organized.

A Water Pitcher with a Built-In Filter

Single-use water bottles are the worst. They take up excessive space in your fridge, cabinets, and recycling bin. Oh, and they’re also destroying the planet. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for someone in the process of decluttering, they’ll love this practical home item. Check out these filtered water jugs for organized kitchens.

A Simple Sewing Kit

Picture this: you just lost a button on your favorite shirt. You toss it to the back of your closet, fully intending to fix it when you have the tools. It lays on the floor for years. More of your shirts rip. You replace them. The pile in your closet grows. Don’t let this happen to your friends and family who are trying to declutter their living spaces. Get them a personal sewing kit so that they can fix any small tears in their clothing right away! 

A Hanging Basket for Potted Plants

The decluttering process isn’t just for inside your home. Here’s a thoughtful gift idea for those who want to keep their gardens neat and organized. Take a look at these hanging pots and baskets guaranteed to free up some space in your backyard! 

A Portable Storage Option

Storage bins can be a great help when you’re attempting to declutter your space, but there’s one downside: they tend to be bulky and difficult to move around. This useful alternative would make an excellent home gift to help your loved ones stay organized. Check out these fantastic, portable rolling crates.

A Laundry Basket with Dividers

Laundry has a way of taking over our homes if we’re not careful. Help your loved ones declutter by keeping their dirty clothes organized with a cleverly divided hamper. You can find a great one in this article, along with other ingenious products that can make putting on a load fast and simple.  

Environmentally-Conscious Cleaning Solutions

An eco-friendly lifestyle often goes hand in hand with decluttering your home. Cutting down on extra packaging is both good for the planet and keeps you organized! If you want to help your loved ones maintain neat and tidy living spaces, these environmentally conscious cleaning products are sure to free up room in their cabinets. 

Space-Saving Closet Accessories

When it comes to decluttering your home, cramming things into your closet isn’t enough. For loved ones trying to keep their living spaces organized, here’s a gift idea that’s perfect for wrangling odds and ends. Check out these useful hanging attachments and shelf dividers

We hope this gift guide inspires you to shop for practical items that will help your loved ones declutter their homes and stay organized. In the meantime, more creative ideas are waiting for you in the rest of our blog! You can also visit our shop for customizable photo gifts that transform your best memories into stunning, 3D engraved crystals.