Spring is almost here, which means that soon it’ll be time to wish your loved ones a happy Easter! Want to create a memorable Easter basket filled with thoughtful gifts for someone special? We’ve come up with some unique items to help you put together an egg-ceptional gift basket both kids and grown-ups will love! 

The key to building the perfect Easter basket is variety. While it can be a great idea to tailor the presents and treats inside around a specific theme, you don’t want to end up gifting something that’s too one-note. Instead, you should include a mix of edible goodies and fun favors. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve gathered some fantastic gifts in this post to help you get started. Did you miss our last blog post? You can read it here. Then, come back and check out our top tips for creating a one-of-a-kind spring basket even the Easter bunny would be impressed by! 

Delicious Drinkables and Beverage Accessories

A Personalized Wine Stopper

If you’re building a basket of gifts for a wine lover this spring, here’s a personalized accessory that will add a unique touch to their home bar. ArtPix 3D can help you create a custom engraved wine stopper that showcases a favorite photo. Choose a shape here to get started! 

Easter-Themed Hot Chocolate Bombs

No Easter basket is complete without chocolate in some form. Here’s a decadent beverage that’s as much fun to make as it is to drink! These creative hot cocoa bombs come in adorable, spring-themed shapes, and they’re easy to order online! 

Delicious Coffee Creamer Flavors

Are you creating an Easter basket for someone with a serious craving for caffeine? The right fixings can help you take your coffee gifts to the next level. Check out these luxurious flavored creamers that are sure to brighten up any morning!  

Eco-Friendly Reusable Straws

Want to celebrate spring with thoughtful gifts that are also good for the planet? These drinkware accessories would make the perfect addition to your basket. You can take a look at some of the top-rated reusable straws on the market in this article

Baked Goods and Sugary Treats

Novelty Easter Candy 

When it comes to Easter candy, there are plenty of timeless classics to fall back on. However, if you want to create a basket that stands out from the crowd, we recommend including a few uncommon confectionery gifts, such as this limited edition jelly bean collection

Cupcakes and Other Homemade Desserts

Nothing says “Happy Easter!” like a basket full of delicious baked goods made from scratch. If you’re looking for some brunch-worthy cakes and pastries to give as gifts, check out these incredible spring dessert recipes you can whip up at home! 

Egg-ceptional Baking Tools 

Do you know someone who loves to celebrate holidays by baking homemade treats for their family and friends? They’d be delighted to receive any of these adorable, spring-themed kitchen tools as Easter gifts in their basket.

A Box of Gourmet Cake Mix

For amateur cooks with limited free time, here’s a quick and easy way they can enjoy homemade goodies this spring. Fill their basket with these indulgent cake mixes they’ll love being able to bake in their own kitchens. 

Spa Gifts and Self-Care Essentials

Lip Gloss that Tastes Sweeter than Easter Candy

Whether you’re building a kid-friendly beauty basket for your tween niece or picking up some nostalgic Easter gifts for a grown-up friend that’s still a child at heart, here’s a sweet extra they’re sure to love. Check out these fun lip gloss flavors that are perfect for spring! 

Sweet-Smelling Spring Bath Bombs

If you’re on the hunt for soothing self-care gifts to include in your Easter basket, you can’t go wrong with scented bath bombs. Take a look at this spring-themed spa collection that comes in adorable shapes and refreshing fragrances.

Pastel Hair Dye

Hard-boiled eggs aren’t the only things you can dye on Easter! Here are some fun beauty gifts for anyone that’s excited to leap into spring with an adventurous new hairdo. These easy-to-apply hair dyes are available in all kinds of unique shades for a fresh look. 

Nail Polish in Cheerful Colors

Looking for small yet thoughtful self-care items to help you round out the gifts in your basket? These gorgeous nail polish colors for spring would be an egg-cellent way to brighten up any Easter manicure. 

Nifty Gifts and Useful Gadgets

A Personalized Photo Keychain

Want to add a personal touch to your Easter basket this spring? Here’s a sweet gift that’s custom made to turn a precious memory into a pocket-sized crystal keepsake. Choose a meaningful photo, and ArtPix 3D can transform it into a gorgeous engraved keychain that lights up at the push of a button! 

A Stylish 2021 Planner

Spring is the perfect time to start a fresh chapter in your life. Here’s a thoughtful item anyone with big dreams for 2021 would love to find in their Easter basket. These charming planners make it easy to keep track of short-term goals and important appointments. 

An Itty Bitty Desk Vacuum 

Keeping a snack or two at your desk can help you get through a long day at work, but it’s always a pain to clean up the crumbs afterward. Tuck this mini vacuum cleaner into your Easter basket for a useful gift that makes it easy to maintain a spotless workspace. 

A Laptop Camera Cover

If you’re looking for one last item to add to the Easter gifts in your basket, here’s a practical tech accessory that would make a thoughtful extra. Check out some of these surprisingly cute sliding covers designed to protect the web camera on any device.

We hope this post gave you some creative ideas to say “Happy Easter” this spring with an adorable gift basket. Need more inspiration? You can take a look at the rest of our blog here or browse our shop for personalized crystal gifts your friends and family will love!