It takes a lot of work to be a great parent. Raising kids is a 24/7 job, from making sure they eat healthy to lending an ear when they need advice. Moms who single-handedly support their family financially on top of everything else are powerful human beings who deserve recognition! If you know a single mom who does it all, here are some thoughtful gifts to show her that you see and value her efforts.

Being a mom is its own reward in many ways, but it’s still nice to be appreciated. If you’re wondering how to offer support and encouragement to the single parents in your life, a thoughtful gift can be an incredibly touching gesture. In this post, we’re going to give you our best ideas for fun and practical presents busy mothers would love to receive! 

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A Custom Engraved Photo Crystal

3D Crystal Square from ArtPix 3D

It takes an extraordinary parent to be able to raise their kids alone. Let the single moms in your life know how incredible you think they are with a custom made gift that displays a photo of their unique family! At ArtPix 3D, we can transform almost any picture into a spectacular 3D crystal engraving that looks almost real. You can browse our shapes here.

A Few Hours of Free Childcare

One of the most challenging parts of single parenthood is finding alone time. For busy moms who need a breather, an afternoon or evening to themselves would be just about the most thoughtful gift they could receive! If you’re able to do so, consider offering to take over childcare responsibilities for a few hours. 

Easy-to-Use Skin Care 

When a parent is working full-time, running a household, and taking care of their kids, sometimes skincare just doesn’t make it onto the to-do list. If you’re shopping for thoughtful beauty gifts single moms will appreciate, here’s a handy product that packs an entire facial routine into one simple makeup remover stick. 

A French Press Coffee Maker

Have you ever wondered how the single moms in your life have the energy to tackle so many responsibilities? They’re powered by a combination of love for their kids and caffeine! Here’s a thoughtful gift idea busy parents will use every day. Check out these top-rated French presses perfect for making coffee in a hurry! 

A Touchless Soap Dispenser

Single parents work twice as hard to keep their kids safe and healthy. This thoughtful gift is a great way to help them prevent the spread of germs in their home. Take a look at these touch-free soap dispensers protective moms will love. 

A Small Blender That’s Easy to Put Away

Working parents don’t always have the time to prepare healthy breakfasts. Here’s a thoughtful, time-saving gift that makes it easy to start the day with nutritious fruits and veggies. These mini blenders are a must-have for single moms who want to grab a quick smoothie before heading to the office. 

A Page-Turning New Read

What could be a better way for busy parents to wind down after a hard day than curling up with an exciting novel or gripping biography? Check out these incredible new book releases that would make thoughtful gifts for single moms who appreciate an excellent read!

An Air Purifier for Her Home

We all know how important it is to keep high-touch surfaces in our homes clean, but what about the dust and germs that accumulate in the air we breathe? Here’s a thoughtful item to help single moms protect their kids against hazardous airborne particles. Take a look at the most effective air purifiers any parent would appreciate. 

A Luxurious Lash-Enhancing Mascara

For single moms who want to look their best but are often strapped for time, this thoughtful beauty gift is one they’ll want to have in their arsenal. Check out one of the best mascaras for longer lashes that will take their makeup to the next level in seconds! 

A Handy Mask Lanyard

Every parent knows that when their kids leave the house with items that are not directly attached to their person, there’s a good chance those things won’t be coming back. Here’s a thoughtful gift single moms with forgetful children will appreciate! These face mask lanyards and chains keep PPE from getting lost, plus they’re stylish enough to wear anywhere! 

A Rejuvenating Eye Mask

From staying up with a sick child to helping out with a school project that’s due the next morning, most single parents have had to power through an all-nighter or two! This thoughtful skincare gift is the perfect pick-me-up for sleep-deprived moms. Check out this review to discover one of the best eye masks on the market. 

Dinner from a Woman-Owned Business

For working parents with hectic schedules, takeout can be a lifesaver! Here’s a gift idea the single moms in your life will appreciate. Treat her and her family to a delicious meal from these women-owned restaurants where you can order fabulous entrées and desserts to be shipped right to her door! 

We hope this post gave you some incredible ideas to let the single moms in your life know you appreciate them! If you’re looking for more thoughtful gift inspiration, you can check out the rest of our blog here. You can also take a look through our shop for gorgeous engraved keepsakes that would make anyone feel special!