3D Sunflower Set Card


Are you looking for a thoughtful way to brighten up a loved one’s day? Bring a smile to their face by delivering a few kind words in this adorable 3D greeting card! Our Sunflower Flower Set Card features a sweet pop-up surprise that’s guaranteed to instantly cheer up a friend or family member anytime they open it. 


SizeDimensions (Inch)Weight (Lbs)Figures
4 - 8

As long as you have people you love in your life, there’s always something to celebrate! When you’re looking for a unique way to send birthday wishes, heartfelt thanks, or just a simple “thinking of you,” this Sunflower greeting card is sure to deliver the right message. Open it up to reveal a 3D pop-up bouquet that instantly adds a little cheer to any bookshelf or bedside table! 


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