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Turn your memories into a wearable keepsake with our Personalized Rectangle Necklace! This stunning crystal pendant recreates your photos in breathtaking detail. 

Select 2D for a flat image.

Select 3D for an image with realistic depth. Please note that the Following Effect will only appear on the Back of your necklace and will not be as noticeable as the effect of our larger crystal products. 

We always remove the background of your photo before creating your 2D or 3D engraving unless otherwise specified in your Order Notes.

For the best engraving results, select a close-up portrait for your photo. 

We recommend wearing your personalized necklace over a dark shirt to make your engraving stand out. 


Limited time onlyFree personalizationFree background removal

Do you have a cherished photo of a loved one you’d like to carry with you all the time? Transform it into crystal keepsake you can wear around your neck! Whether it’s a picture of a family member you miss, or a close friend who’s often on your mind, this personalized engraved necklace will display a beautiful 2D or 3D laser etching of your photo with dazzling realism. An elegant rectangle pendant carved from flawless crystal and customized with a meaningful photo is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or just reminding someone that you care. Choose a beloved portrait of a loved one or pet, and our designers will turn it into a personalized necklace you’ll treasure forever.