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A father loves nothing more than reminiscing on those early days with his children, back when they were running around, playing, and screaming, “I love you, Daddy!” Now you can say it in gorgeous, optically-clear K9 crystal, engraved with the latest in subsurface laser technology! Every time he looks at this sentimental Father’s Day gift, he’ll be reminded of all those happy moments you spent playing together.


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Finding meaningful gifts for Father’s Day from children can be hard! The 3D I Love You, Daddy Crystal from ArtPix 3D makes it easy. Whether he displays it on his desk, bookshelf, or nightstand, whenever your dad sees your children’s love manifested in breathtaking 3D art, it’ll be like they're in the same room with him. If he listens closely, he may even hear their little voices ringing out from his memories. That’s why this is the best Father’s Day Gift from kids!


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