Cleaning Kit


How can you maintain your 3D crystal’s stunning, characteristic shine while keeping it safe from damage in the process? Our gentle yet effective 3D Crystal Cleaning Kit is designed to restore the sparkle to your product with 100% natural antibacterial ingredients that are mild enough to use on the surface of your high-quality crystal.


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Your 3D Photo Crystal is more than just a knick knack on your mantelpiece. It’s a breathtaking work of art that recreates your best memories in stunning 3D! That’s why, when it comes to care, this personalized keepsake deserves special treatment. Our 3D Crystal Cleaning Kit provides you with everything you need to keep your crystal looking spotless. In this kit, you’ll find a container of sand, deionized water (vegetable extracts, glucoside, and soybean and grain extracts), and an extra-soft, anti-static microfiber cloth.



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