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Crafted with top-quality K9 Crystal that sparkles just like those stars in the light, the 3D Capricorn Crystal Keychain is artfully engraved with state-of-the-art subsurface laser technology, creating an exquisite and cosmically detailed image that encapsulates the captivating confidence and uniquely remarkable resourcefulness that makes you a Capricorn, all tied together on a zinc alloy keyring that fits perfectly on any set of keys.

Your custom Capricorn Keychain comes with a small battery-powered LED light to make the engraving stand out just as powerfully as it does in the night sky with the push of a button!


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From the sweeping epics of ancient Sumerian legend to the sprawling tales of Greek mythology, the chimerical Capricorn constellation emerges as the ever-mystical goat-fish hybrid known for the fascinating multi-star systems that embody it, composed of some of the hottest known stars!

As an earth sign, Capricorn can be persistent, but also patient; Direct, but also sensitive; And always supremely loyal. In short, if you need someone to rely on, then Capricorn is your answer! With ArtPix 3D’s Capricorn zodiac sign keychain, you can carry each of those novel traits with you wherever your many adventures may take you! This 3D Crystal Capricorn Keychain is an out-of-this-world mini-keepsake especially designed with the same attention to detail as our full-size crystals to capture the astral characteristics of your star sign and metamorphose them into a symbolic celestial sea-goat with spellbinding accuracy and bewitching depth.


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