Do you wish Valentine’s Day could be every day?

If so, we have good news: there’s actually a whole week dedicated to love that starts on February 7 and lasts until February 14. It’s called Valentine Week, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Each day of Valentine Week celebrates a different gift or activity associated with Valentine’s Day. According to, here’s the complete list of themed days that make up Valentine Week. 

February 7: Rose Day 

February 8: Propose Day 

February 9: Chocolate Day 

February 10: Teddy Day

February 11: Promise Day 

February 12: Hug Day 

February 13: Kiss Day 

February 14: Valentine’s Day 

Of course, not everyone loves Valentine’s Day enough to celebrate it for even one day, let alone a whole week! If you’re dreading this holiday instead of waiting with gleeful anticipation, don’t worry: you’re not alone. 

In our last blog post, we talked about why a surprising number of people fall into the anti-Valentine’s Day camp. For many, gifts like candy and flowers seem like inauthentic expressions of love, so we suggested some creative alternatives for couples looking to celebrate in a unique way. 

This time, we want to talk about how to navigate Valentine’s Day and even Valentine Week if you’re flying solo. 

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t a) feel bad about not having a significant other in your life right now, b) get irritated with people who are in happy relationships, or c) avoid all contact with the human world until the dreaded week is over. 

So what should you do? Well, Valentine’s Day and Valentine Week are all about celebrating loving relationships, but that doesn’t have to mean romantic relationships. You may not be dating anyone right now, but you probably have a great circle of friends, a close-knit family, or even some fantastic colleagues you love working with. Take this love-themed week as an opportunity to let the great people in your life know how important they are.

You might be reluctant to spend every day of Valentine Week celebrating platonic relationships. After all, wouldn’t it be a little awkward to ask a friend to hang out on Propose Day?

The thing about Valentine Week is that, just like most other holidays, each day can mean whatever you want. On Propose Day, you could propose a toast to a wonderful friendship. On Kiss Day, you could hand out Hershey’s kisses to everyone you know. It’s up to you to celebrate in whatever way feels right! 

Need some ideas? We’ve reinterpreted the themes of each day of Valentine Week so that anyone can celebrate. Plus, since we’re gift experts at ArtPix 3D, we’re going to provide you with a handy gift guide full of fun, non-romantic products that are perfect for the friends, family, and coworkers you want to acknowledge during Valentine Week 2020.

February 7: Rose Day 

Rose Soap Petals

Moroccan Rose Soap Petals from World Market

While there’s no reason you couldn’t buy a bouquet for a friend, why not start Valentine Week with a thoughtful self-care gift instead? These Rose Soap Petals from World Market smell just as sweet as a dozen roses, but they’re way more useful. Plus, they look just like the real thing!

Rosé Flavored Jelly Beans

Rosé Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly 

Have you ever noticed how the word “rose” is just “rosé” without the accent mark? Turn the first day of Valentine Week into Rosé Day and celebrate with these Rosé Jelly Beans. You can even get mini bottles to hand out instead of Valentine cards!

February 8: Propose Day 

Humorous Valentine Card 

Really Quite Frond of You Valentines Card from Etsy 

Although Propose Day is traditionally about asking out your crush or even asking someone to marry you, the real point of this day is to tell someone how you feel about them. That could mean anyone you want! Let your friends know how much you care with this cute and clever Frond of You Valentine from Etsy.

Baby Skunk Valentines

Skunk Valentine Card Kit from Paper Source 

Of course, you don’t want your gift on Propose Day to be misinterpreted. Avoid sending mixed signals with these hilarious Skunk Valentines from Paper Source. Absolutely adorable and not overtly romantic, they’re the perfect valentine to let a friend know you’re thinking about them.

February 9: Chocolate Day 

Chocolove Assorted Bars 

6 Bar Gift Box from Chocolove

Chocolate Day is probably the easiest day of Valentine Week to celebrate with friends and family. After all, almost everyone loves chocolate! This 6 Bar Assortment of fair trade chocolate bars from Chocolove is made with cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Not only is this gift delicious, but it’s also one you can feel good about!

Chocolate Coffee

Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee from Godiva 

Most people need a little something to get them going in the morning, and chocolate-flavored coffee is just the double threat to do the job. Thankfully, Godiva makes a Chocolate Truffle blend perfect for Valentine Week!

February 10: Teddy Day 

Valentine’s Day Cactus

Bet You Can’t Prick Just One Felted Cactus from Etsy 

Some friends aren’t cuddly, and that’s ok. A Felted Cactus from Etsy is an equally adorable alternative to a stuffed animal on Teddy Day that will let your less physically demonstrative friends know you respect their need for personal space.

Sigmund Freud Finger Puppet

Freud & Couch Magnetic Personality from The Unemployed Philospher’s Guild

Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud had some interesting theories about human relationships, which makes this Freud & Couch plush finger puppet set a witty gift for a friend on Teddy Day. Just make sure that they don’t read too much into it.

February 11: Promise Day 

Matching Best Friend Necklaces

Realistic Heart Anatomy Best Friends Necklace Set from Hot Topic 

Promise Day is all about commitment and reliability: two qualities you should bring to any relationship, romantic or otherwise. It’s the perfect opportunity to let a close friend know you’re in it for the long haul with these matching Anatomical Heart Necklaces from Hot Topic.

Best Friends Matching Correction Tape

Heart Shaped Correction Tape 2 Pack from Kawaii Pen Shop

The most crucial element of any friendship is forgiveness. This year, make a pact on Promise Day to always forgive and forget each other’s mistakes with this error-erasing Correction Tape 2-Pack.

February 12: Hug Day

A Pug Mug 

Pug Mug from Paper Source

Hugs are great, but you know what’s even better? Pugs. This adorable Pug Mug from Paper Source will send your friend pugs and kisses from you every time they use it!

Henry VIII Mug

Henry VIII Wives Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

If you want to feel better about being single during Valentine Week, thinking about King Henry VIII’s unfortunate wives should do the trick. This Henry VIII Mug is the perfect gift for an unattached friend on Hug Day. Its heat-sensitive design reveals each queen’s name and fate as you fill it up with a hot beverage.

February 13: Kiss Day 

Lips Socks

Women’s Lips Crew Socks from HOTSOX

If you’re hesitant to celebrate Kiss Day with your friends, don’t worry: you don’t actually have to kiss anyone. Instead, you can hang out while wearing these cool Lips Socks from HOTSOX.

Pizza Flavored Lip Balm 

Pizza Lip Balm from Etsy

Kiss Day is a great day to treat your friends or even yourself to some hydrating lip balm. If you’re not planning on kissing anyone, there couldn’t be a better time to experiment with some alternative lip balm flavors, like this Pizza Flavored Lip Balm. (Although we’re not saying it would necessarily be a turn-off.)

St. Valentine’s Day 

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 

Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color from Ulta Beauty

Obviously, the last day of Valentine Week is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to hang out with the people you love and create some great memories. Invite your friends over for a day of beauty and try out this Semi-Permanent Hair Dye from Ulta. Flamingo Pink or Cherry on Top would be perfect colors to fit the Valentine’s Day theme.

Personalized Photo Keychain

Crystal Keychain Heart and Square before engraving from ArtPix 3D 

While making new memories with the people you love on Valentine’s Day, it’s also a great time to remember the amazing times you’ve had in the past. A Personalized Photo Keychain from ArtPix 3D engraved with a meaningful photo is a heartfelt gift that anyone would love to receive. It even lights up, bringing your special memory to life!

We hope this Valentine Week gift guide inspires you to celebrate your non-romantic relationships. Dating someone new or having a significant other can be amazing, but it only makes up part of the overall social interactions that enrich our lives. Meaningful encounters with friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone we see on a regular basis contribute so much to our happiness and wellbeing. There are probably a lot of people that bring joy to your life, and there’s no better time than Valentine Week to let them know how much they mean to you!

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