You may think you have plenty of time, but Father’s Day will be here before you know it. If you want to amaze your dad with the perfect present, you shouldn’t wait too long to start shopping! Fresh out of ideas? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Consider this your guide to finding the best  Father’s Day gifts for the coolest dad on the planet. 

Our fathers mean the world to us, but we don’t always remember to say that out loud. That’s why Father’s Day is so important; it gives us the perfect opportunity to let our dads know just how much we love them! 

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out the best way to show your parents the appreciation they deserve. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a gift guide to help you out! Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day in person or sending your best wishes from home, we think you’ll find some unforgettable ways to make your dad feel extra special in this post. 

If you missed our previous blog post, you can go ahead and read it here. All finished? Great! Here are our top picks for cool Father’s Day gifts we think dads will love.

A 3D Engraved Family Photo

3D Crystal Rectangle from ArtPix 3D

What’s the best memory you have of your dad? Did he teach you how to ride a bike or take you on an incredible camping trip? Show him how much those moments meant to you with a beautiful, personalized gift that brings a favorite photo to life in 3D! At ArtPix 3D, we can turn a great picture of you and your dad into a laser-engraved crystal keepsake for Father’s Day he’ll love. Check out our unique shapes here

A Snazzy Pair of Shades

Well-dressed dads deserve eyewear to match the effortless cool of their personal style. Here’s a trendy Father’s Day gift that will help Dad accessorize appropriately during the sunny days ahead. Check out these fashionable sunglasses for men that are sure to take his summer look to the next level. 

A Convenient Work Bag

Your parents probably worked hard to ensure they could provide you with everything you needed to succeed in life. What better way to say, “Thank you!” on Father’s Day than with must-have professional accessories? Dads who have to travel back and forth to the office every day will love these high-quality work bags.  

A Streaming Service for Knowledge Seekers

If your dad is a documentary enthusiast, here’s a Father’s Day gift he’ll be excited to receive. Sign him up for a streaming service where he can watch all the nature specials, true crime thrillers, and  DIY how-tos he’s ever wanted to see. Here’s where you can learn more about one of the best TV subscriptions for non-fiction lovers. 

A Record Player That Does More than Spin

Does your dad have the most impressive record collection out of everyone you know? This year, get him a high-tech turntable that does more than just play his favorite albums. These record players can convert vinyl into digital files, making them one of the coolest Father’s Day gifts for dads who love music. 

An Apron for Backyard Barbecuing

Summer─ or, as some dads like to call it, grilling season─ is right around the corner. As your dad prepares to host the best barbecues on the block, let him know how much you love his outdoor cooking with an apron to keep his clothing stain-free. You can find cool aprons for men that he’ll be excited to wear in this article

Wireless Earbuds He Can Wear Anywhere

For multitasking dads who like to listen to their favorite music or podcasts on the go, here’s a cool gift idea they’d love to get for Father’s Day. These wireless earbuds are the most convenient way to stay entertained while working out, running errands, or doing chores around the house.

Grooming Tools for a Healthy Beard

Does your dad have a truly glorious beard? That’s a lot of responsibility! Here’s a cool Father’s Day gift to help him maintain his envy-worthy facial hair (as well as his standing in the beard-wearing community). Take a look at these top-rated grooming kits bearded dads will love.  

A Cookbook With a Unique Take on Cuisine

For dads who love to get creative in the kitchen, the best Father’s Day gift they could receive would be some new recipes to try out! These recently released cookbooks are sure to give any home chef the meal inspiration they’ve been looking for. 

A Pair of Long-Lasting Hiking Boots

What do active dads want for Father’s Day? Any item that offers the promise of new adventures would make a fantastic present. If you’re shopping for cool gifts to surprise a dad who loves exploring nature, he’ll appreciate this thoughtful idea. Check out these top-rated hiking boots perfect for wandering through almost any type of landscape.  

A Guide to His Favorite Movies

Is your dad a total film buff? Here’s a cool gift idea for Father’s Day that will give him a deeper understanding of the movies he loves. You can find some fantastic books on the art of film in this curated reading list that will make him excited to re-watch some of his favorites with a fresh perspective. 

A Stylish Shirt He Can Dress Up or Down

Fashion-forward dads know the struggle of trying to put together a versatile outfit to carry them through an action-packed day of formal business meetings and casual social gatherings. Update your dad’s wardrobe with a cool, classic piece that makes planning day-to-night looks simple! These easy-to-style shirts would make excellent Father’s Day gifts. 

A Device That Connects His Sprinkler to His Smartphone

For dads who always put a lot of effort into maintaining their lawns, here’s a cool gift idea for Father’s Day to ensure that theirs is the greenest one on the block! Your dad will love being able to conveniently control these handy smart sprinklers from his phone, making it easy to prevent overwatering. 

A Personalized Photo Keychain

Not able to see your dad as often as you’d like? Here’s a cool Father’s Day gift to let him know he’s always in your thoughts. Send a favorite photo of you and your father to ArtPix 3D, and we’ll engrave it in a custom keychain he can carry with him wherever he goes! This thoughtful accessory comes with a light feature to showcase the beautiful image inside. You can view our available shapes here.  

A Sustainable Alternative to Water Filters

Are you looking for Father’s Day ideas that are as planet-friendly as they are thoughtful? Here’s a sustainable present that encourages your dad to stay hydrated. You can peruse this article to learn more about the benefits of using charcoal sticks to purify your drinking water, as well as other cool gifts environmentally-conscious dads will love. 

A Hand-Crank Emergency Radio

When there’s an emergency, dads are usually the first people we turn to for protection. This Father’s Day, thank your dad for all the years he kept you safe with a gift that will help him remain prepared for any situation. Check out these cool emergency radios that are sure to come in handy next time his home loses power!

A Kitchen Storage Rack for Herbs and Spices

Dads who love showing off their cooking skills always need more room to organize their spice collection. Here’s a cool Father’s Day gift anyone with limited kitchen space will appreciate. These convenient storage racks make it easy to find the herbs and spices he needs to whip up his favorite recipes. 

We hope this blog post gave you some great ideas for Father’s Day gifts that are sure to impress even the coolest dads. Want to check out more creative gift guides? You can visit the rest of our blog right here. For personalized gifts that will wow your loved ones, browse the gorgeous, customizable crystals in our shop.