Are you prepared for Father’s Day? We hope so; it’s less than a week away! Let’s take another look at that checklist. Do you have a gift picked out for your dad? Excellent! What about a present for Grandpa?

“Wait a minute,” you may be thinking. “Isn’t Father’s Day about dads?” It sure is! That’s why you should consider celebrating your grandpa, too. He’s a dad to one of your parents, and you wouldn’t be here without him! Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank him for taking care of your mom or dad and being an awesome grandfather to you. 

Finding the perfect gift for Grandpa may sound like a challenge. After all, the world he grew up in was very different from yours. What can you get him that he’ll want to use? Even if his tastes are a little old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean you have nothing in common. Technology may change over time, but people basically want the same things now as they did decades ago. 

Products that combine innovation and a little old-fashioned charm are an excellent compromise. They appeal to your grandfather’s sense of nostalgia while providing him with modern convenience. 

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find cutting-edge gifts that exude classic style. Keep reading to find unique items that your grandpa will love!

A Tea Subscription

When it comes to comfort beverages, hot tea has a long and distinguished history. This soothing drink originated in China and has been consumed worldwide for hundreds of years since, according to The Tea Spot. Although the basic principles of tea-drinking are pretty much the same, modern innovation has made purchasing and brewing tea easier than ever. For Father’s Day, have a variety of loose teas delivered to your grandfather’s door every month with this Tea Subscription Box!

An Unusual Mug

The overall design of drinkware hasn’t changed that much over the years, but some modern mugs have exciting features that are too good to pass up! A creative coffee or tea mug would make an excellent gift for Grandpa this Father’s Day. If your granddad likes American history, he’ll appreciate this Benjamin Franklin Electrici-Tea Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

Vinyl Record Accessories

Vinyl has come back in a big way within the past several years, but it’s still an iconic symbol of nostalgia. That’s why the image of a sleek vinyl record remains a popular decor motif. This Vintage Vinyl Record Watch is a fun accessory with just the right amount of kitsch. It’s the perfect gift to remind your grandpa that it’s always time to put a record on the turntable!

A Vintage Style T-Shirt

Everyone needs at least one great t-shirt in their wardrobe. For grandpa, a t-shirt with a vintage logo would be a stylish and practical Father’s Day gift. This Men’s Racing Circle Tee from Harley Davidson is an excellent choice. Whether or not your grandfather ever owned a motorcycle, he’ll still look effortlessly cool in this retro tee. 

A Leather-Bound Journal 

Your grandpa has a lot of life experience under his belt. The best place for him to record the wisdom he’s picked up over the years is a handsome leather-bound journal. This Brown Monastery Italian Leather Journal is fit for any true gentleman’s study. Plus, it’s refillable, so he can keep using it even after he’s filled up all the original pages.

A Unique Decanter

Speaking of Grandpa’s study, another elegant accent piece he shouldn’t be without is a whiskey decanter. If you’re looking for a truly original piece of glassware, here’s one that’s sure to impress. Check out the Whiskey Decanter Globe Set from Home Wet Bar. Designed to look like an antique globe, this elegant piece comes with matching drinkware. 

Bourbon Bonbons

If your grandfather is a bourbon aficionado, here’s a new way for him to enjoy this classic spirit. Cellar Door Chocolates combines the rich flavors of bourbon and chocolate in their decadent Bourbon Ball Museum Box. This luxurious taste experience would be a superb Father’s Day gift your granddad will love. 

A Savory Gift Basket

For grandpas that prefer savory delicacies, nothing says snack time like cured meats. Surprise him on Father’s Day with a Sausage and Salami Gift Basket from Harry and David. This classic assortment of smoked sausage, dry salami, and other robust treats is sure to satisfy any meat lover’s late afternoon cravings. 

Grilled Meat Cooking Rubs 

Grandpas who know their way around a grill also know that a good spice rub is their best friend. He’ll fall in love with the flavors in this Classic Mini Rub Set from Williams Sonoma. These delicious spice blends come in attractive, stackable tins for easy storage.

Collectible Edition Books 

Antique books are always an enviable addition to any personal library. However, the extra care they sometimes require makes them an inconvenient gift. If you’re looking to add prestige to grandpa’s book collection, consider classics from Barnes and Noble. Their Collectible Editions imitate the ornate style of antique books. Check out their whimsical cover for Jules Verne: Seven Novels.

A Necktie Storage Solution

We can almost guarantee that your grandpa doesn’t need a new necktie. However, he might appreciate an innovative way to display his current collection. This battery-operated Revolving Tie Rack lets him store his ties efficiently and rotate them for convenient viewing.

A Brain Teaser

Smartphones may be the easiest way to keep puzzle games at hand, but nothing beats the satisfaction of solving a 3D brain teaser with your own two hands. It’s not hard to find innovative puzzle games your grandfather would love. If you’re looking for unique brain teasers that are just as elegant as they are challenging, check out the Sherlock Holmes Collection from Professor Puzzle.

A Shoe Shine Kit

An excellent pair of dress shoes is essential to any stylish grandpa’s wardrobe. However, it takes some maintenance to keep these shoes looking their best. Your granddad could probably use a quality shoe shine kit for Father’s Day! This Gentleman’s Classic Shoe Shine Kit comes in an elegant wooden case complete with a shoe rest. 

Digitized Home Movies 

Your grandfather’s memories are precious to him. He probably has quite a few sentimental old photos and home movies stored in his house. If these are his most treasured possessions, he may want to consider an upgrade: film and photos can fade or become damaged over time! Help Grandpa hold on to his favorite moments by sending him a Legacybox! This service makes photos and home videos last forever by creating digital copies. 

A 3D Crystal from ArtPix 3D

3D Crystal Rectangle (Portrait Orientation) from ArtPix 3D

Here’s another fantastic way you can preserve your grandpa’s best memories. Send his favorite photo to ArtPix 3D, and we’ll turn it into a spectacular crystal art piece he can display anywhere in his home! Our state-of-the-art laser technology lets us etch any picture in crystal with precision and realistic depth.

Your grandfather will be amazed when he sees the most beautiful moments of his life in breathtaking 3D!

We hope you found some great gift ideas for your grandpa in this post! Still need a little more Father’s Day inspiration? Check out the innovative personalized keepsakes in our shop.