How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Take advantage of summer weather and plan an outdoor adventure the whole family can enjoy! We think dads will love these creative day trip ideas that help you get the most out of local travel options while following social distancing guidelines. 

A day trip is almost like a mini-vacation. You get to explore new sights and enjoy a respite from your everyday routine without the stress of booking a hotel room and packing a suitcase. Now, it’s also a great travel choice for social distancing! According to this article, road trips are one of the safest ways to visit another location. 

If you’re looking for unique things to do on Father’s Day, a day trip to a local destination would be a fantastic idea to celebrate the dads in your life. Not only will this give your family an incredible opportunity to spend some quality time together, but it’ll also make your dad’s special day unforgettable!

In this post, we’re going to give you some excellent local travel suggestions for road trips and fun outdoor activities dads will love. Want to get caught up on our previous blog posts? You can do that here. Ready to keep reading? Here are some of the coolest day trips to take on Father’s Day! 

Drive Through a National Park

Want to experience the beauty of nature without leaving your car? Celebrate Father’s Day by taking a drive through the nearest national park! This day trip idea is one of the best ways for dads and their families to enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors while social distancing. Here’s where you can learn more about some of the most beloved national parks you can travel to.

Spend the Day at a Museum

Going to a museum may not sound like the most adventurous day trip idea, but dads who love to learn will be excited to spend Father’s Day exploring local exhibits. Take the whole family on a tour of the coolest art and artifacts in your area! If you’re not sure where to start, you can find some museums worth traveling to in this article

Hit a Bike Trail 

Are you looking for things to do on Father’s Day that combine family time with physical exercise? When it comes to fun outdoor activities parents and kids can enjoy together, nothing beats a bike ride! Dads who are trying to stay fit would love to take a day trip to a local bicycle path.

Search for the Best Ice Cream

How far would you go for the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted? That’s a question you and your family can ask yourselves on this creative Father’s Day road trip! Travel to the most popular local creameries in your area to find the ultimate scoop and decide whether it was worth the drive. Here’s where you can discover the most sought-after ice cream in your state. 

Take a Trip to the Beach

Are you looking for fun outdoor activities for Father’s Day both dads and their kids will love? Pack some towels and sunscreen and take a day trip to the nearest public beach! This local travel idea is an excellent way for your dad to spend time with his family and create some delightful memories. 

Enjoy an Outdoor Picnic

There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a side of potato chips. Nature-loving dads will appreciate this laid-back day trip idea. Fill a basket with summertime treats and travel to a favorite local park! Take a look at this article for some excellent tips on planning a Father’s Day picnic to remember. 

Visit a Nostalgic Location

Traveling to new destinations can be a lot of fun, but there’s something to be said for revisiting a place that holds beautiful memories. Most dads have at least one or two nostalgic locations that mean a lot to them, like their hometowns or college campuses. This Father’s Day, give your dad the opportunity to share part of his past with you and take a road trip to somewhere that has sentimental value. 

Go Kayaking

Are you on the hunt for fun things to do on Father’s Day that pose a low risk for spreading COVID-19? What could be a better outdoor activity for social distancing than traveling across a local river or lake in your own individual boat? Check out these excellent kayaking opportunities dads will love! 

Explore a Quaint Small Town

You don’t always have to travel far to find places worth exploring. If you’re looking, you can usually discover a hidden gem or two in your area. This Father’s Day, take a day trip to a small town you’ve never been to and check out the local shops. You can find some unique destinations in this article

Sign Up for a Horseback Riding Lesson 

Struggling to come up with fun outdoor activities to make this Father’s Day one to remember? Here’s a creative day trip idea even the most adventurous dads won’t be expecting. Find a local stable that offers riding lessons and sign your family up for an exciting afternoon of traveling scenic trails on horseback.

Go Birdwatching

Not all dads want to fill their Father’s Day with hiking, biking, and other physical outdoor activities. If your dad is looking forward to getting some much-needed rest on his special day, here’s a fun way to enjoy the summer weather that doesn’t require too much exertion. Take a road trip to a local nature preserve and spend an afternoon identifying birds! Check out these excellent tips for first-time birdwatchers.

Search for Secret Menu Items 

Everyone knows that the best part of a road trip is stopping for snacks. This Father’s Day, make drive-throughs the destination and go on a local scavenger hunt for secret menu items at your family’s favorite fast-food restaurants. You can start by traveling in search of these underground drinks dads will be excited to sample.

Tour a Local Brewery

If you’re at a loss for unique things to do on Father’s Day, here’s a creative local travel idea that dads who love craft beer will appreciate. Find a brewery in your area that offers tours of the beer-making process and, most importantly, samples of their products. Just make sure to choose a designated driver for the trip home! 

Check Out a Famous Haunting

Adventurous dads will be thrilled to try this unusual local travel idea on Father’s Day. Take your family on a day trip to someplace famous for its paranormal activity! If you need some suggestions, you can check out these historical locations that are haunted by more than the past. 

Visit an Amusement Park 

Are you trying to plan a unique Father’s Day trip that’s fun for dads and everyone else in the family? You can’t go wrong with a day of roller coasters and cotton candy! Scope out the local theme parks in your area or find one that’s worth a little extra travel time. These impressive amusement parks are an excellent place to start. 

While you’re gathering local travel ideas and fun outdoor activities for your incredible Father’s Day trip, don’t forget to get your dad a present! Not sure what he’d like? Take a peek through the rest of our blog to find excellent gift guides for hard-to-shop-for dads. 

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