Do you still have a few details left to pull together before Father’s Day? If there’s anything you’ve been putting off until the last minute, we have news for you: it’s officially the last minute! With Dad’s special day less than 24 hours away, now’s the time to finalize your plans, wrap his present, and write a meaningful message in his card. 

How long does it take to fill out a Father’s Day card? That depends on how much thought you plan to put into it. While it’s true you can tell your dad how much you love him any day, Father’s Day gives you a valuable opportunity to write down your deepest thoughts without feeling awkward. 

Take some extra time today to sit down and compose a sweet, sincere message for your Dad. Not only will it make him feel incredibly loved, but it can also lay a foundation for more heartfelt conversations in the future. 

If you’re staring at a blank page and wondering where to start, don’t panic! We have plenty of helpful tips and Father’s Day inspiration for you in this post. Keep reading to find some fantastic ways to say, “I love you, Dad!” 

List the Reasons He’s Awesome

Your dad is probably pretty cool. While we’re sure he’d love to hear that, it would be even better if you told him why. What are your favorite things about your dad’s personality? Is he calm under pressure? Does he have the best comedic timing? Write a list of the reasons you think your dad is the greatest. He’ll be touched to know all the things you love about him! 

Explain What You Love About Your Relationship

Over the years, you and your dad have developed your own unique way of interacting. Maybe you bond over shared hobbies, or your hilarious banter leaves the rest of your family in stitches. Whatever it is you love about spending time with your dad, you should communicate how much you appreciate that relationship.

Point Out How He’s Been a Role Model

How has your dad influenced the person you’ve become? Are there any personality traits or interests you inherited from him? Maybe you chose your current career path to follow in his footsteps. Whether he introduced you to your favorite bands, kindled your lifelong passion for reading, or taught you a skill you’re proud of, let your dad know he’s impacted your life for the better.

Tell Him How He’s Encouraged You

From sports tryouts to science projects, college applications to job searching, your Dad has been one of your biggest cheerleaders. Whether he encouraged you with affirming words or by offering a helping hand, he gave you the extra confidence you needed to succeed. In your Father’s Day card, you should communicate how much his support has meant to you over the years.

Let Him Know You Took His Advice

What’s the most valuable advice your dad has ever given you? If there’s a piece of fatherly wisdom you live by, write about how it’s helped you over the years. He’ll be thrilled to hear that his words not only stayed with you but served you well!

Say Thank You

Telling your dad he’s made a positive impact on your life is a great start, but you shouldn’t stop there. Make sure you thank him for all the energy and emotional work he’s put into being a great dad. Even though these fatherly responsibilities are a labor of love, he’ll be happy to know his efforts are appreciated!

Show Him How Much He’s Grown

Parents always tell their children how much they’ve grown up and how proud they are. Dads deserve to hear that once in a while, too! Since becoming a father, your dad has probably changed a lot. Whether he’s excelled in his career, honed in on his talents, or just become a better person overall, let your dad know that you’ve noticed his progress! 

Give Specific Examples 

While filling out your Father’s Day card, don’t cut corners by using broad language that covers all the bases. This usually reveals a lack of thoughtfulness on your part. Instead, try to illustrate your point with stories. For example, don’t just tell your dad he’s kind; write about a specific moment he demonstrated that kindness. As this article advises, you want your message to be something personal that you wouldn’t find written in a store-bought card. 

Focus on One or Two Main Points

Your Father’s Day card should express your genuine feelings, but that doesn’t mean you need to write down everything that comes into your head. If you want your message to be meaningful, you’ll need to structure your sentiments to emphasize the most significant parts. This article suggests brainstorming a few words that best describe your dad and building the rest of the card around these themes.

Include a Favorite Memory

Do you have a fond memory of a sweet moment you shared with your dad growing up? Write about how much it meant to you in your message. As this article points out, you may remember things a little differently from your dad. He’d love to read the story from your perspective! 

Include a Quote or Poem

If your message to Dad has you drawing a blank, sometimes it can be helpful to get a little inspiration from others. If there’s a poem, song lyric, or quote that reminds you of your dad, you should include it in your card. Explaining why these words make you think of your dad could be a great segway into discussing what you love about him. Get inspired by these poems about fatherhood. Throw in a Little Humor.

Throw in a Little Humor

You want your Father’s Day card to be meaningful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a joke or two in your message! While it’s true that we can sometimes use humor to hide our real feelings, not every witticism is a defense mechanism. As long as you prioritize sincere sentiments, it’s totally fine to add a few puns to make Dad smile! 

We hope this post inspires you to write something unforgettable for your dad this Father’s Day. For more creative ways to let him know your care, check out the fantastic gift ideas in our shop.