13 Gift Ideas for Dads That Need a New Hobby

How does your dad spend his free time? If the answer is watching T.V. or scrolling through social media, he may need to expand his interests. This Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity for you to help him find his new favorite hobby! 

Why is it important for your dad to participate in activities outside the workplace? For one thing, it’s good for his career. Studies show that people with hobbies tend to be happier and more productive at work. 

It’s also good for his mental health and general wellbeing. According to Psychology Today, hobbies help you use your free time more efficiently. This makes you feel more energized and satisfied than if you had spent those hours in front of a computer screen. Plus, broadening your horizons outside work gives you more to talk about with others and adds nuance to your self-image. 

If your dad is retired, it’s especially critical for him to stay active. This article demonstrates how enriching his free time can protect his mind against memory loss and help him remain lucid for  years to come. 

How can you get your dad interested in pursuing a new hobby? You’ll need to pick something he’ll enjoy. For example, if he’s passionate about the outdoors, you should suggest activities that would allow him to enjoy nature. 

Most hobbies require some tools and supplies. Since Father’s Day is on the way, surprising Dad with a few items to help him get started would be a great present. If you need ideas, here are some unique gifts that will get your dad excited about his new hobby. 

Bullet Journaling

Does your dad have a lot on his plate? Here’s an activity that will help him stay organized while he unwinds from the day’s stressors. Bullet journaling is a structured journaling method that lets you keep track of your thoughts by categorizing them into different types of bullet points. You can take a look at the way it works here

If this sounds like something your dad would love, get him the book that started the craze. You can also create a personalized journal just for him online with PaperSource

Learning a Language

Some dads are more likely to pick up a hobby if it has long-term, real-world benefits. If that’s the case for your dad, encourage him to learn a new language! Being able to speak a foreign language doesn’t just come in handy when you’re traveling. According to this article, it can also give you new ways of thinking about the world around you. 

Duolingo is probably one of the most popular ways to begin speaking a new language right now. While this program is free, you might consider getting your dad a Duolingo Plus subscription for Father’s Day. This upgrade lets him learn ad-free and gives him access to extra features. For additional practice, these travel-friendly flashcards would make a lovely gift.

Reading Literature

When it comes to self-improvement projects, creating and tackling a substantial reading list is one of the best ways to foster personal growth. Books improve your mind by increasing your thinking skills and strengthening your memory, as this research indicates. It can also make you a better communicator. 

A fantastic way to help your dad get the most out of this hobby is to introduce him to literature outside his usual comfort zone. Engaging with authors from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds can challenge and expand his worldview. For Father’s Day, send Dad on a literary odyssey by presenting him with some of these incredible works. You can also encourage him to keep building his home library with this personalized book stamp

Writing Short Stories

Writing fiction isn’t just for professionals. According to this sci-fi author, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing the next best-seller or writing for fun. Either way, exercising your imagination on paper is an excellent way to give your brain a break from everyday stressors. 

Everyone has a storyteller inside of them. This Father’s Day, give your dad an opportunity to find his! You can help him get started with these tips and exercises from a real short story author. If he needs a little inspiration, this workbook full of ideas would make a thoughtful gift.

Ink Drawing

Writing isn’t the only way to express yourself. Drawing or doodling can be a calming outlet for dads even if they don’t consider themselves artistic. Here’s an in-depth look at how creative activities can improve your mental health and increase your appreciation for the world around you. 

Encourage your dad to give visual art a try this Father’s Day. Get him illustrating with a set of multi-colored fine-tip pens and a year’s worth of illustration prompts

Hand Lettering

Maybe your dad would be more comfortable with a creative hobby that provides a little more structure. Hand lettering is a great compromise. It allows him to recreate his favorite quotes and sayings with a combination of precision and imagination. As this blogger points out, hand lettering has plenty of practical uses. Your dad may never have to buy another greeting card!

It’s easy to find hand lettering kits for beginners. Here’s one that would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. It includes markers, practice sheets, and instructions. 

Straight Razor Shaving

For dads that want to practice mindfulness, here’s an old-fashioned skill that requires focus and precision. This article lists the art of shaving with a straight razor (also called wet shaving) as one of the best hobbies for men. Not only will it bring a touch of class to your dad’s morning routine, but it can also give him a cleaner shave and save him money in the long run. You can find out more about the benefits here

The first thing your dad will need is a straight razor. This one from The Art of Shaving is perfect for beginners. Include a bar of quality shaving soap in a stylish ceramic dish for a Father’s Day gift he’ll appreciate.

Baking Bread

Baking a loaf of bread may sound like an arduous task, but according to this article, it can be pretty relaxing. It engages your mind, stimulates your senses, and gets you working with your hands. Plus, you get to eat delicious, fresh-baked bread when you’re done! 

This book contains delightful recipes and techniques essential to any home baker. Another tool baking dads might want to have around is a dough scraper. This one comes with a built-in ruler. 

Making Latte Art 

There are some coffee drinks you just can’t get at home. That is, unless you have the right equipment and a few online tutorials! If your dad is a coffee lover, he might enjoy being his own barista. He can take a look at this article to start learning how to make latte art with steamed milk. 

To create his caffeinated masterpieces, he’ll need an espresso machine with a steam wand and a stainless steel pitcher. Once he gets the hang of this skill, he’s guaranteed to be extra popular with guests!

Vertical Gardening

Anyone with limited space in their home or yard will appreciate this efficient gardening method. Vertical gardening challenges you to create resourceful planters that utilize space efficiently. It’s also a great option for dads that may not be able to spend as much time digging holes or weeding in the backyard as they used to. Country Living has some gorgeous examples of indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. 

This stackable planter is a great place for your dad to begin building his vertical garden. Not sure what kind of plants he can grow in it? Here’s a list of vegetables that are perfect for potting.

Picking Up an Instrument

Has your dad ever wished he could play a musical instrument? According to this professional cellist, he still has plenty of time to learn! Father’s Day would be an excellent opportunity to fulfill Dad’s dream of playing his favorite songs. 

The mountain dulcimer is a practical choice if you’re looking for a simple stringed instrument for beginners. It has fewer strings than a guitar, but it can still be used to play both melodies and chords. You can read more about it here. Get your dad started with an inexpensive student model and a book of easy chords.

Watching Arthouse Films

Does watching movies count as a hobby? While some may consider film a passive form of entertainment, it all depends on your approach. Here’s some advice from a film enthusiast on cultivating a deeper appreciation for this art form. 

The Criterion Channel is an excellent place for your dad to learn more about film. This subscription service gives him access to hundreds of influential and arthouse films from all over the world. It also has tons of extra material such as documentaries on the film industry and artist interviews. 

Identifying and Collecting Rocks

Nature-loving dads are sure to enjoy this (mostly) outdoor hobby. Rock collecting combines scientific research and local exploration. Plus, it’ll give your dad some cool specimens to show off in the living room! Here’s a quick guide for new collectors. 

Before your dad can start his collection, he’ll need to know what kind of rocks he should be looking for. This Father’s Day, you can provide him with a photographic field guide to identifying rocks. He also might appreciate these glass shadow boxes where he can show off his finds!

We hope this post inspires you to find an awesome new hobby for your dad this Father’s Day. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, check out our shop for personalized keepsakes he’ll love.