It’s been scientifically proven that being single lowers our tolerance for other people’s romantic relationships. Ok, maybe we made up the science part, but it’s still a fact that spending Valentine’s Day by yourself can stir up some negative feelings. 

Does it have to be this way? We don’t think so. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance; it’s about love. You don’t have to be in a couple to appreciate that! There are plenty of non-romantic relationships in your life worth celebrating on February 14th. You could let your single friends know you care with a thoughtful card or gift, or you could even focus on self-love for the day!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to celebrate a singles-friendly Valentine’s Day jam-packed with self-care and platonic affection? We hope so, because we’ve rounded up some sweet and indulgent gifts you can send to your besties or keep for yourself! 

If you missed our last blog post, go ahead and check it out here. All done? Great! Keep reading to discover the best non-romantic Valentine’s Day gifts to treat the people you love!

A Heart-Shaped Pizza 

Think it’s too cheesy to order a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day? Well, that’s kind of the point! Treat yourself and your fellow singles by having these adorable pies delivered on February 14th. You’ll want to call up your local pizzeria ahead of time to find out if they’re planning to add this item to their menu. 

A Personalized Photo Crystal from ArtPix 3D

3D Crystal Diamond from ArtPix 3D 

Through good times and bad, you and your friends have been there for each other. That’s something to celebrate! What better day to reflect on your most meaningful relationships than Valentine’s Day? Here’s a gift idea that’s sure to bring back some great memories. Let ArtPix 3D transform a favorite photo of your friend group into a spectacular piece of 3D crystal art they won’t be able to stop staring at!

Crunchy Chocolate Bark

What’s a heart-shaped box of bonbons between friends? To be honest, a little confusing. If you’re looking for a non-romantic chocolate gift to send your single besties, here’s a sweet treat they’ll love (platonically). Chocolate bark is just as decadent as any truffle and way less sentimental. Plus, it’s pretty fun to break! 

A Hydrating Hair Mask

Beauty masks have been having a moment lately, and not just for your skin! Show your hair some love with one of these moisturizing hair masks. Not only will they make your locks feel healthy and rejuvenated, but giving yourself a little spa treatment is a great way to spend your single Valentine’s Day!  

A Set of Adorable Nail Stickers

Self-care is about more than just doing things that are good for your body. It’s also about doing the things that make you happy, even if they’re not necessarily practical or productive. That’s why you should give yourself a Valentine’s Day manicure despite the fact that you’re staying home. These nail stickers are guaranteed to make you and your friends feel extra cute!

DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Do you remember making homemade valentines as a kid? Well, it’s time to dig out your safety scissors and glue sticks! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these creative DIY tutorials for sweet decorations and favors you can send your friends or keep for yourself. Be sure to make them with love!

A Luxurious Roll-On Fragrance

You don’t need a reason to wear your favorite perfume. If you want to apply a hint of fragrance at home without making your living room smell like a department store, try switching to a rollerball instead of a mist or spray. Take a look at these decadent rollerball perfumes that are perfect for February 14th.  

A Bottle of Indulgent Bath Oil

You know what’s great about being single? Having the bathroom all to yourself. Take advantage of this perk on Valentine’s Day by spending a heavenly evening soaking in the tub. If you want to indulge in some additional pampering, you’ll love these soothing bath oils. They’d also make a thoughtful self-care gift to send a friend! 

Fluffy Homemade Marshmallows

Whether you toast them or add them to your hot chocolate, marshmallows are essential to winter survival. These gooey treats usually aren’t too hard to find at the store, but if you want to upgrade your stash, why not try making these treats at home? Bonus points if you add food coloring to make them pink! 

Snail Mail Valentine Cards

There’s something magical about receiving a handwritten card in the mail. If you want to send some love to your single friends on February 14th, you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned paper valentine. Take a look at our selection of 3D greeting cards that open to reveal a pop-up surprise!

We hope these treats and gifts inspire you to celebrate the people you love (and yourself!) this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for more great ideas, you can browse the rest of our blog. Don’t forget to check out the gorgeous, personalized gifts in our shop as well!