Gifts For A 15th Wedding Anniversary


When it comes to 15th anniversary gifts, the traditional choice is crystal. Prized for its beauty, clarity and elegance, crystal can create many stunning gift options — from vases to decanters. For crystal gifts with a more personal touch, come to ArtPix 3D. We’re proud to offer the incomparable appeal of custom-made, 2D- and 3D-engraved crystals and light bases. Turn a favorite wedding photo into an heirloom-quality anniversary present! Surprise your spouse, close friends or relatives with the kind of crystal gift that reflects the love you’re celebrating. When someone opens our exquisitely wrapped, personalized wedding anniversary gifts, he or she discovers a priceless memento. Custom crystal is a perfect way to show how much you care.


A Few 15-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Featuring Crystal

When you’re looking for gift inspiration for an upcoming 15th wedding anniversary, there are plenty of options available. To give you some ideas, here are engraved crystal gifts offered at ArtPix 3D:

  • 3D Photo Crystals: Nothing celebrates a treasured wedding portrait quite like engraving it on a photo crystal. With that in mind, ArtPix 3D offers a variety of shapes and sizes of crystals — from rectangles and hearts to diamond cubes.
  • 2D Photo Crystals: We also offer a flat crystal that features your engraved photo in a two-dimensional design. Whether you go with a 3D or 2D option, pair your crystals with one of our light bases to showcase and illuminate your photo.
  • Necklaces: Wear your memories in a customized necklace that features a wedding photo or other favorite image engraved onto crystal. Built to last, this piece of jewelry can be passed down for generations!
  • Key Chains: ArtPix 3D also offers the option to get your crystal photo made into a key chain. Choose a rectangle, heart or square shape, and enjoy carrying a treasured memory everywhere you go.

Memories to Incorporate into a Personalized Crystal Anniversary Gift

The beauty of a custom gift is that you can design it to your specifications. Want to memorialize a favorite bridal portrait for your daughter’s upcoming anniversary? Interested in turning your wedding memory into a key chain to remind you every day of your love? It’s all possible with personalized crystal.


Here are a few other 15th anniversary gift possibilities:

  • The couple on their wedding day
  • A beloved portrait of one spouse
  • A photo of the wedding party
  • A photo with extended family
  • A favorite photo of the couple from the last 15 years


Any memory that’s especially meaningful to a couple is worthy of showcasing in a crystal gift. A honeymoon photo, family photo or even bridal portrait with a parent who’s since passed can all become keepsakes as wedding anniversary gifts engraved on crystal.

At ArtPix 3D, we use unique software and laser etching to turn photos into striking 2D and 3D crystal gifts. Crafted from only the highest-quality crystal, each item is made to last forever.


Browse our selection of shapes and sizes, and learn more about how to order your anniversary gift!

Gifts For Pet Lovers

The unique bond that a pet owner has with a faithful animal is something special. Who can forget the dog that stood by your side for decades or the cat that watched your kids grow up with you? When you’re looking for a way to mark that relationship, what better commemoration than with mesmerizing crystal? Can you picture your favorite animal’s image engraved onto a stunning, sparkling, personalized necklace or key chain? Would someone in your life be honored to receive a custom crystal engraved with a picture of his or her pet? The beauty of personalized crystal is that it allows you to create a memento of a treasured pet relationship! With that in mind, at ArtPix 3D, we’re proud to offer the unique software and laser-etching capabilities that can turn your treasured pet portraits into beautiful 2D and 3D crystal gifts.

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