Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas For Big Families

For many, the holidays are some of the happiest days of the year. Whether you and your family celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else, the holidays are a time to spend with the ones you love and create cherished memories. Of course, gifts aren’t the reason for the season.

However, they can be a fantastic way to show someone you have been thinking about them. You can also provide a tangible item to show them how special they are to you.

If you are celebrating the holidays with a large group of family or friends, though, gifts can quickly become overwhelming. Financially, it can put a serious strain on our bank account to buy several gifts for each member of the group.

Logistically, it can be a nightmare to make lists, not accidentally leave anyone out, come up with a unique idea for each person based on their likes and dislikes, and go shopping during the hustle and bustle of a crazy holiday season.

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, the holiday season is meant for family, joy, and making happy memories.

Gift-Giving causes much undue stress to so many friends and family members every season. The solution? A gift exchanges! Read on for some awesome gift exchange ideas that will make your holiday season jolly and bright.

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17 Of The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Mom-To-Be In 2018

If you’re attending a baby shower anytime soon, you might want to consider some of the best baby shower gifts in 2018. Whether you’re celebrating the soon-to-arrive little one of a friend, co-worker, sister or daughter, a baby shower is a wonderful and joyful time — especially when you bring a gift that the expectant mom loves.

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4 Ways That Giving Gifts Benefits You

Giving gifts is a wonderful practice. It’s always fun to see someone react to the perfect present. You can’t help smiling when a gift has been a success. Yet, more than that, a generous spirit is good for the soul.

The truth is, there are many reasons to give gifts: Generosity lifts your spirit, your mind and your relationships. It forges bonds and improves connections. When investing in meaningful gifts for friends and family, you not only help them, but you also help yourself. To prove it, here are a few key advantages this practice offers you:

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Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect housewarming gift can be challenging. You want to celebrate your friend or relative’s new address, but aren’t sure what he or she would like. If you can relate, here’s an idea to help your search: create a personalized memento! Everyone appreciates the extra thought and care that goes into a custom-made gift. With that in mind, at ArtPix 3D, we create all kinds of unique housewarming gifts, from 2D and 3D engraved crystals to photo-focused key chains. Choose from our selection of new home gifts to find the perfect option to delight the people you love.

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Unique Photo Gifts That Aren’t Actually Photos

Some moments are so precious that they’re worth commemorating in a special way. That’s exactly why creating custom crystal photo gifts for someone you love is so meaningful. With these personalized photo gifts, you offer long-lasting, creative mementos that help mark life’s most wonderful memories. These unique photo gifts make it possible to celebrate a favorite wedding portrait, a baby picture of a child, a photo of grandchildren, a pet portrait or a reminder of last summer’s family vacation in style. Whether you create a personalized crystal keychain or a 3D photo crystal, you’re sure to warm the recipient’s heart with a crystal photo gift.

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Gifts For Pet Lovers

The unique bond that a pet owner has with a faithful animal is something special. Who can forget the dog that stood by your side for decades or the cat that watched your kids grow up with you? When you’re looking for a way to mark that relationship, what better commemoration than with mesmerizing crystal? Can you picture your favorite animal’s image engraved onto a stunning, sparkling, personalized necklace or key chain? Would someone in your life be honored to receive a custom crystal engraved with a picture of his or her pet? The beauty of personalized crystal is that it allows you to create a memento of a treasured pet relationship! With that in mind, at ArtPix 3D, we’re proud to offer the unique software and laser-etching capabilities that can turn your treasured pet portraits into beautiful 2D and 3D crystal gifts.

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