Engraved Gifts – The Best Way to Show that You Care

People have been giving engraved gifts to one another for centuries. It’s the perfect way to give someone a personalized gift that will last. There are plenty of other types of personalized gifts that you can buy. You can get a personal message printed on almost anything these days.

Even so, some personalized gifts don’t have the same look of quality that engraved gifts do. An engraved gift shows that someone has put a lot more thought into what they have bought.

After all, anyone can buy a personalized coffee mug. A high-quality engraved gift, though, shows that you took some care choosing your gift.

Why Everyone Loves Engraved Gifts

When people buy gifts, it’s the thought and care that has gone into the gift that matters the most. Most people aren’t interested in the value of the gift. It’s the message behind the gift that is important.

When you give someone a personalized gift, it speaks to them personally. It’s not only an engraved necklace, for example. It is their engraved necklace that is special to them. It’s something that will remind them of the giver of the gift for years to come.

There are plenty of places to look for gift ideas. There are lots of websites on which you can buy personalized gifts. But an engraved gift is still something that is a bit special. It’s not something you simply grabbed off a shelf. It’s something that you have put some thought into.

Today, there are lots of different types of engraved gifts that you can buy. New technologies, such as laser engraving, have helped to make this possible. You are no longer restricted to only engraved words, either.

You can now buy gifts engraved with the image from a photo as well. 3D engraved crystals are a good example of the use of this new technology.

How to Choose an Engraved Gift

It is traditional to buy gifts for lots of different occasions. Weddings, birthdays, and Christmas are only three of those occasions. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to choose a gift for a loved one. Especially as there are so many types of gifts to choose from.

A good way to show that you care is to buy the person a customized gift. And, engraved gifts are probably the best type of customized gift. Personalized engraved gifts come in many shapes and sizes. There are engraved glass gifts, such as engraved glassware, which are great for weddings and anniversaries.

There are engraved metal gifts, such as engraved hip flasks, jewellery, and tankards. You can also buy gifts that reflect a person’s hobbies or pastimes. Personalized golf sets, for example, or engraved sewing kits.

When you are choosing a gift, the most important thing to think about is the gift receiver’s personality. If you can select a gift that reflects the person’s personality and interests, it will be much better received than a generic gift. 

You also need to try to be original when you are choosing a gift. An unusual gift will create an element of surprise. And, it will help to ensure that you don’t buy something the person already has.

Engraving helps to add to the uniqueness of a gift. The person that you are giving the gift to may already have a set of wine goblets, for example. But they may not have a set of engraved wine goblets.

Engraved gifts are also a good way of making a gift special without spending lots of money. Often, a personalized gift will be more appreciated than an expensive one. Modern technology has made engraving a lot less expensive than it used to be.

Finally, whatever type of gift you choose, think carefully about the words or the image that you will use for an engraved gift. If you are having words engraved on an item, you can choose words that are very meaningful to the recipient of the gift. If you are buying a photo engraved gift, you can choose a photo that is very special to the person.

Types of Engraving

Engraving has evolved over the centuries. The earliest evidence of humans engraving objects dates back approximately 500,000 years. Engraving leaves a permanent record, and that has always been attractive to people.

People use engraving when the message is important. Today, there are several techniques used to engrave gifts. Here are the main types of modern engraving:


Etching is one of the techniques that is used to engrave glass and stone. It is used to mark words and graphics on hard materials. Etching is the process of cutting an image into a material with a corrosive liquid. The corrosive used to be a strong acid. There are other chemicals used today as well.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving is the method used to engrave metals. This is how gifts such as pens, trophies, and jewellery are engraved. Rotary engraving uses a spinning cutting head to cut into the material. It used to be a very skilled job carried out by craftsmen. Today, most engraved metal gifts are engraved by machines.


Photoengraving has been around for far longer than you may have realized. The earliest photo engraving process was invented by a man named Nicéphore Niépce in the 1820s. Early photoengraving was a type of etching. First, a light-sensitive photoresist was applied to the surface of the material.

When exposed to light, the light-sensitive material degrades. It becomes thinner in the areas where the light is brightest, creating an image of the photo. Then, when a corrosive substance is applied over the photoresist, the image is etched into the harder material. That leaves an engraved image of the original photo.

Photoengraving was used to make the printing plates used to print photos in newspapers and books. It is the same process that is used today to make microchips.

Laser Engraving

Modern laser engraving has revolutionized the gift industry. It provides clean, precise engraving and it is suitable for use on most types of materials. The heat generated by a laser can be precisely controlled. As can the depth of the lines that laser cuts.

It is also possible to engrave inside an object with a laser. One of the most exciting developments in laser-technology has been the ability to engrave images inside crystals.

2D and 3D Crystal Photo Engraving

2D and 3D crystal photo engraving is a modern way to engrave photographic images. This is the method that is used to create 3D photo crystals. Concentrated beams are light are focussed at a point beneath the surface of a crystal.

Heat is generated at the point at which the beams of light come together. This leaves a mark etched inside the crystal. When you see all the etched points inside the crystal, you see a 2D or 3D image of the original photo.

Engraved Gifts – Perfect for All Occasions

3D photo engraved crystal gifts make lovely gifts for any occasion. Having a photo displayed in this unique way is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or any event. 3D photo crystals are also very versatile. They can be displayed as ornaments, put into jewellery, or used as a key chain.

Whatever type of engraved gift you choose, it’s the engraving that makes it special. Photoengraving makes a gift even more personal. Any photograph can be used. So, for an anniversary, for example, you could use an original wedding photo.

For someone’s retirement gift, you could use a photo of their first day at work. And, for a graduation gift, you could use a photo of the person receiving their diploma. The possibilities are almost endless.

Engraved Gifts for Men & Women

Because you can use the photo of your choice, 3D photo crystal gifts are suitable for both men and women. The personal photo makes every gift special to the individual. 

Photo crystals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The larger shapes include 3D crystal diamonds, 3D crystal icebergs, and 3D crystal rectangles. These types of crystals are great for displaying photos in the home. There are also 3D crystal hearts. A heart-shaped photo crystal would be ideal for a Valentine’s Day gift or a wedding anniversary gift. 

Engraved photo crystals can be mounted on a base for display. The bases have LED lights inside, which illuminates the photo crystal. The LED light bases turn the crystal into a beautiful display. They make great night lights, too.

Smaller 3D photo crystals can be mounted on items of jewellery. These make beautiful engraved gifts that people can keep with them always. For men, there are things like key chains and wine stoppers. For the ladies, there are necklaces and heart-shaped keychains.

ArtPix 3D Engraved Gifts

At ArtPix 3D, we use the latest laser engraving technology to create stunning 2D or 3D photo crystals from your photographs. We have a large range of crystal shapes, and we have a selection of engraved photo crystal gifts. 

Crystal photo gifts are the perfect way to give someone a unique engraved gift that will last forever. The engraved image will never fade or tarnish. Whatever the occasion or celebration, there’s always and ArtPix 3D photo crystal gift to mark it with.

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