Dog Lovers Perfect Gifts

Dogs are one of the sweetest beings in our lives and almost all of us is a dog lover anyway. But almost always we have a friend who is a die-hard fan of dogs and nothing can take that love away from them. These are the people who keep ranting about what their dog did the whole day, how they look like, what they ate and a lot of other stories. So, when you think about gifting them something for a particular occasion, certain gifts would surely make them happy and elated.

Considering their utmost love for dogs, here is a list of the 15 best gifts for dog lovers.

Dog Meme Prints

Thanks to all social media and the funky people around us, memes have become an all-time favourite for every person. If you are looking for some fashionable gifts for dog lovers, select a dog meme from the internet or a personal joke that you and your dog lover friend share.

Once a meme has been chosen, you can customize that meme on T-shirts, mugs, pillows, blankets, or any other accessories where it can be printed. The accessories can range from stuff which might be utilized well, or a showpiece could work too.

Memory Clays

Memory clays have become a new trend for gifting purposes since, as the name suggests, it stays as a memory frame. Memory clays are soft molded clays where a particular print like footprint or handprint, is pressed on it, and then the clay is left to be hardened. Once it solidifies, the print stays and it is usually framed on the wall or kept as a showpiece in the house.

Things like memory clays can be the right choice of gifts for dog owners. Either you can secretly take their dog paw prints and then gift it once it has hardened or present it to them and celebrate the occasion by watching as the dog leaves an impression on the clay.

Photo Frames

Photo frames might sound some cliched choice for dog lover gifts, but if one is creative enough, then it can turn out to be the best gift. For some people, it is one of the most easily available products in the market and also an easy choice of gift. For this gift, the choice of photos matters a lot, because you cannot just hand over a frame.

If you are one of those people who wish to be creative with photo frames, then you can make DIY frames. Collage takes much effort if it’s DIY and you can play around with your creativity. Choose photographs of the dog lover with his/her dog and frame them all together.

Just in case you do not wish to make DIY, then look for the right frame and add the best photograph of the dog owner along with his/her dog. A note, in the end it would be appreciated along with the frame.

Photo Album

Photo albums are also everyday gift items, but it always holds emotional value. While we are so engrossed with digitalization, we tend to forget how much value a hard copy of a photograph can hold in our lives. Unlike photo frames, a photo album gives you much greater options and a wide variety of choices for you. You can put the ugly as well as the best pictures within it.

Photo albums make much more sense if it’s in chronological order. If the dog owner has a dog for a long time, then select photos from the time the person got the dog to the current ones. If you feel that there are fewer photographs, then add personalized notes in between to make it more personal. If someone wants to, then they can even make a DIY border for the photo album to make it much better than commercialized products.

Funky Doormats

Doormats might not sound like a right gifting item, but when it is funky, everyone would like it. Every person needs a doormat in the house, and it is also a gift which can be utilized positively by the person. Some stores also give the choice to customize doormats and write whatever you wish to.

Some lines like “Keep Paws Away” or “Doggo house” or “Only Paws Allowed” are highly demandable in the market and any dog lover would appreciate that kind of a thing in their house. If not lines, then you can get any dog-related or shaped doormat for the person.

Pet Mattress or Bed

If you have the budget for it, then a pet mattress or a bed would be a fantastic idea for any dog lover. It is not necessary to buy a gift which can only be used by the owner. Buying some gifts for the dog is also a great sign of gesture and love.

Since dog lovers share an intimate relationship with their dogs, buying a bed or mattress for the dog shows how much you care for the person as well. Moreover, if the dog is happy with the new gift, then the owner would be satisfied with it.

Pet Blanket

Pet blankets are also a great gifting idea for the pet instead of the person itself. Pet blankets are widely available in any market. Moreover, one can also find several themed blankets which are right for the dog or the person.

If you consider yourself as a creative person, then you can stitch a blanket by hand and present it as a gift. It is not always necessary to buy new products to make the blankets. Instead, you can use the stuff available in your own house itself and make a wonderful gift.

One of the easiest and creative ideas for making blankets is of colorful patches. Patches use different fabrics and colors, therefore, making it more creative and aesthetic.

Dog Collars

It is not possible that a dog owner can have enough dog collars.

Dog collars are one of the most common but sweet gift for any dog lovers. Just like we like to own different accessories, dog owners can be GAGA about buying accessories for their dogs, and one of them is a dog collar. Dog collars are available in a varying number of ranges, beginning from the regular ones, to moderate good and to the extra fancy collars that can be worn for a special occasion or a dog show.

If you are going for a dog collar, make sure you know the breed well and what kind would suit the dog. Dog owners would surely not appreciate a collar which doesn’t go with the fur color or the type of their dog.

Earrings, Bracelet and Pendant

If the dog lover is a female, then earrings, bracelets and pendants are the right choice. When we are talking about these jewelry accessories, it’s not the general stuff we are talking about. You must have come across jewelry with paws, dog ears or dog face made on it.

This jewelry and accessories can even be custom made and molded into gold, silver or platinum. All these factors might vary considering the budget, availability of the product and the kind of jewelry the person likes.

If the dog lover is your wife, partner, girlfriend or best friend, then gifting these accessories would be more appropriate.


This might be considered more like a high culture norm, but the paintings are an aesthetic that holds value in our hearts. If you find yourself as an artist or a good painter, then making a portrait of the word would be one clever idea. It would require a great deal of time and you would have to plan it, but the product is sure to touch the heart of the person you are gifting it.

If you are creative enough, portraits are not the end of options. You can either have a doodle art in a large canvas or create a caricature of the dog lover and his/her dog. Cartoons and doodles can add a fun twist to any paintings, which is also considered as modern art. If hung on a frame, it can create a modern, yet aesthetic space on the wall for the dog lover’s house.

Dog Hoodies

It is not always necessary that we humans can only wear clothes. Dog hoodies are a new fashion statement, designed specifically for dogs. These hoodies can be worn in general during winters or cold seasons and for any dog competitions.

Moreover, these clothes are not just limited to hoodies, but fancy stuff is also available in the market which can be worn on some special occasion. Though not every person prefers their dogs to wear clothes, it can surely depend on the kind the temperature it is around the dog. If it’s usually too cold around the dog, then getting a dog hoodie would be a smart idea. Sometimes, similar dress sets are available for both the dog and the owner as a matching pair.

For example – Dog hoodie and a similar, matching night pajama for the owner can be available in the market as a set.

Bake a Cake

What can be better than a cake on a special occasion?

Moreover, nothing can beat two separate cakes – one for the doggo and the other one for the owner. If you consider yourself to be good in the kitchen or can bake amazing cakes, then gifting issues are already solved for you. All you need to do is to bake a cake and the person you are gifting would be in awe for your efforts and skills.

We all got to admit the fact that nothing beats food, even when it comes to gifts. For the good cooks out there, make sure to make a similar cake for both the pet and the owner to make it look uniform and special. One can also try their baking skills by making it in a fancier cake. But make sure you don’t ruin anything extra in that process.

Dog Bathing Set

The bathing set is one of the most critical and essential kits for a dog owner. Just like bathroom kit can become a prized and valued possession for us in our lives, imagine how much importance it would hold for a dog lover. These sets or kits can be available as gifting sets in the market. If you have a low budget, then you can also go for buying separate products and then making them all in a kit of your own. Bathing sets becomes more special for dog lovers since it lets them try new varieties of brands or products on their pets.

Dog Bows, Ties or Pendants

Does it look cute and gorgeous when dogs wear bow ties or pendants?

These dog accessories are more special than collars since they can be worn on incredibly special occasions. For male canines, bows and ties are the most options, while a collar pendant would be much more suitable for a female canine.

These accessories can be bought for those dog owners who fancy taking their dogs in dog shows or always takes extra care to make them look fancy. Moreover, these accessories are largely available in the market with a wide variety.

Fridge Magnets

Not every person likes or appreciates the idea of a fridge magnet as a gift, but this can turn out to be a great gift to enhance the kitchen easily. Collecting fridge magnets is also a hobby for many people around the world, and if your dog lover acquaintance likes to collect them, then you are a lucky person to consider this way as a gift.

Dog lovers might like a kind of fridge magnet, which is related to dogs. These magnets can be easily found in the market as well. Customized PU magnets can be made in the face or name of the dog as well. Make sure you take 3-5 magnets for the gift.


Gifting dog lovers might seem to be a tough job at first, but considering these options makes things easy for us. If the above list does not convince you, then you can buy anything which is dog-related or has a dog reference to it.

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